Rebooting Journal

Day 1:

I just feel like i need to keep up a daily journal to motivate me. I've been trying no fap for the past half a year but i can only get to two week streaks before giving up. I start off determined but then i have withdrawals and eventually give in. But this time is going to be different.  I know i have PIED and hopefully with time and staying PMO free i'll be able to cure myself. My main goal is to hit 90 days so here we go!


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Hey there, and welcome to the forum.

You can definitely quit. If you find that you're relapsing every two weeks, it can help to put up some roadblocks, so you can make it harder to watch porn again. Try something like K9 web protection to block porn completely or switch your computer/smartphone/tablet to OpenDNS so you can no longer access porn. It's well worth the effort.
By doing this, you'll make it more difficult for yourself to reach porn when you want to. This can give the rational part of your brain a chance to take control again and stop you.

You got this. Keep posting to this forum with your experiences and a lot of our more experienced members will be able to help you if you run into trouble, I'm sure of it.
Well i relapsed again. It's like a continuous cycle, i get to a two week streak, relapse and then relapse a few more times and then get back onto a two week streak. I'm stuck in the mentality that i have to keep checking my EQ and obviously when it doesn't turn out to be a 10/10 erection which gets rock hard and stands up by itself, i get disheartened and then i end up relapsing a few more times in the coming days.

I guess i've understood that it's not just gonna fix itself overnight. Nor is it going to fix itself in two weeks. Maybe it'll it take 3 months since i've slowly been reducing my porn intake for the past 6 months but who knows. I have to be in it for the long run. It took Gabe ages and he went through a shitstorm before he finally recovered so i've got to adopt the same mentality. After reading all his and other people success stories i know that i want those benefits both physiological (curing my PIED completely and regaining my libido 100%) and psychological.

This is going to be the streak that changes me. No more relapses. I'm promising to my self that by the end of the year, i will have 3 + months of rebooting under my belt :)
@M- Exactly! That'll be massive achievement but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves :)

Day 2:
Second day almost done. Really easy day. Barely any urges and just feeling good. Probably because i had super chilled day and no pressure. I've just got to make sure that when im not having the best day, i keep away from PMO. I and probably so many people out there have gotten accustomed to the -Stressed--> Pmo--> Relaxed cycle which we all need to snap out of.I will try to check in everyday for the first few months until i start getting a really solid streak going on where i feel like i've truly changed my ways.
Day 4-

Another day almost over. Again an easy day with no urges. This kind of loop has happened for a while now. I get into a streak and the first week to two weeks is kind of easy but then i end up relapsing. Lets not go down that track this time.
Day 7:

Day 7 done. Fair few urges today but wasn't close to relapsing. I need to ensure that i don't peak at material which might make me PMO when i have urges. Time to sleep
Day 8:

Kind of hard day today. Can feel the withdrawal symptoms kicking in. Had a lot of urges today but didn?t give into them nor did I peak at nsfw content. I NEED to not peak at all. From past experience, just one peak and it eventually leads to a relapse. Hopefully tomorrow is an easier day.
Day 9:

Today was fucking difficult. I peaked a little bit but it was only for a few seconds. I had strong urges to just relapse since i'm under a lot of stress (work), but i was able to not give in. Please get easier
Day 10:

Well day 10 was easier. Was able to be busy all day which was good. Have been having a few urges in the past few hours but gonna sleep it off.
Day 11

Well I was busy pretty much all day so pretty much no urges at all. Feel disconnected with my dick a bit; possibly entered a flatline. We'll see how things go
Day 12-

Day 12 is almost done and it was super easy. I had a wet dream in the morning which is a sign of some progress. And i kind of felt super good and relaxed the whole day. More days like this are welcome :)
Day 13-

Early post today. Today was easy too. Did a lot of exercise which wore me out. I think its important to continuously do exercise daily so you're using up your energy.  Plus it's obviously very good for you too. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks which will equal my highest no PMO streak so far.
Day 14-

Day 14 almost done. Easy day because i had work all day and was knackered. Get through tomorrow and i'll have my highest streak so far :) No going back to old habits now. Gotta bear through the thick and thing and i'll be rebooted soon
Day 15-

So today I have my highest streak and I'm going to make sure this streak continues on forever now. I should have the mental strength to stop me from relapsing again. Anyway, into day 16.