The longer I do NoFap, the more straight I become...?


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Hey all,

So I have posted here before about my struggle and now things are a little different..

In my latest streak, I noticed that I became viscerally attracted to women again, just like I remembered I was when I was a young kid before I discovered porn and gay porn at 12. It came around day 60 when I got these flood of my hetero attractions again and it's like I was ONLY attracted to women, not even bisexual... it became difficult not to fap to images and videos featuring hot women

Well naturally, I thought it was too good to be true and HOCD came creeping back and I kept looking at bi-coming out stories and stuff and checking and reassuring that I really was straight and I got anxious again, making me think "oh but I am still bi..." although my attractions to women came back WITHOUT investing in looking at porn featuring women, etc.

Well I actually relapsed at day 91 because I had kept having this fantasies about women that were overwhelming to me and I loved that the attraction came back so I went ahead and stroked until ejaculation..

Of course this left a chaser and I was by my computer and I felt like looking up gay porn just to test myself again and long story short, it aroused me after looking for a while and I relapsed again) and now I have the flood of HOCD again and feeling attracted to guys and arousal again that wasn't there

I know the answer seems simple - stop watching the porn, stop PMO-ing but I just hate how all it takes is one little drop to ruin my progress and return of what i feel are my natural desires... any thoughts?
Congratulations! Now you are becoming real man. And the more you'll move in the right direction, the more natural you'll become.

I have the similar experience to you (well, not quite similar, but can understand your feelings), and should say to you: keep on knocking and the door will be opened! After relapse it's usually just a matter of few days to get back in the norm and to be attracted to women again. The more you think about women, the less you think about... other unpleasing alternative, so the your mind and the thoughts will change to the good. So don't give up.


Suggest you check out this page before you analyze your situation further:



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During this reboot I had like 7 accidental encounters with porn in one form or other and when I chose not to PMO I felt even stronger will and more positive about everything every time. It keeps getting better