My first 15 months Rebooting


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My life has changed!

While I can't say I haven't 'fallen' a few times, things have radically changed for me. Where once, I watched porn at least once a day, and 3-4 times on weekends or when I was not working, I have radically changed my life.

First, thing I have noticed. Things do not bother me so much anymore. I find I lose my temper huge amounts less than I use too. I recently lost my gainful employment job, but I started working on comics and writing more for the past two months. I was just told I couldn't get unemployment insurance, and that's okay too. I know things will work out, and my family's finances aren't that bad.

Second, I am much more assertive. I tell people how I feel much more often. If it moves my life forward, I tell a person if they bother me, or if something was awesome that inspired me.

Third, I have much more energy to do things. Right now, I'm focusing on my channel -!

I usually have a blog up every day. I blog about the forbidden stuff - politics, political correctness, spirituality/religion, and NoFap. If you're interested in reading my stuff, you can register and just search for my tag - TheWhiteDnPurpleH.

It would be great to see my fellow rebooters on I feel like I'm the only one!

Don't forget it is International Men's Day, if you're reading this on 11/19. Seventy-one percent of people using homeless shelters and seventy-five percent of suicides are men! Tell all your male friends how much you appreciate them today, because it could save a life!


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That's awesome mate. congrats and keep on trucking. I'm looking forward to higher energy levels. As I've entered my 30s, the drained, exhausted feeling P addiction gives me has been a big motivator to get this monkey off my back. Can't wait to have 15 months behind me!