boner issues...


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i am almost 20 years old and have been masterbating close to 1-2 times a day for probably 6 years now. when i jerk off i never use lube and aggressively tug it. when i watch porn i can achieve my full boner for seconds at time, then stay at like 80% hard when im jerking, and when i stop touching myself it dies down quickly. i had recently gotten a fleshlight as a gift and used it for the fist time the other day and i was like at 50% the whole time without porn, i did cum though. now i am really worried. should i give up everything and reboot? or maybe can the fleshlight help bring me back since its a different sensation?   


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Porn affects your brain, not your dick, so I don't think the fleshlight will help you at all. It's a novelty, that's why you feel more excited. Eventually you'll get the same results: PIED. Stop PMO!


there is no question that you should quit porn. porn being any artificial stimulation. in other words, if the girl dont make you going, dont do it.