Your New Year's Blueprint to a New You.

Hi, fellow rebooters and rebootees

I stumbled on this Tony Robbins video where he pretty much nails the number one reason people tend to fail their New Year's resolutions on average. He meant for it to last only 5 minutes, but the video is about half an hour and I think it's worth reading.

I know a lot of you are like I was before I stumbled on this video: don't make a resolution... because why bother? It's just going to lead to disappointment and more regret.

But, I really urge you to watch it and really evaluate what you feel you need to do to kick this struggle in the ass.

In short, it's about raising our standards and turning our "shoulds" into "musts."

Here is a related article:

Personally, if you're like me and I hate self-help garbage, I'm right there with you. But, Tony Robbins gets results. Everyone from congressman to multi millionaires have sought his help over the years so I really strongly urge anyone hoping to kick off the New Year right to check him out.

Happy New Year. :)

PS I meant to write "Blueprint FOR a New You." ): Otherwise, I should have said "Map TO a New You" and that doesn't make any sense, either. UGH.