Delayed Ejaculation - Cured, almost completely!!!


I never thought I would be one of the ones writing a success story.  It has been one year.  Slowly but surely first my ED went away and could get and stay erect without ever needing any pills.  Then I stopped masturbating and looking at porn.  Not always 100% but also not every day either.  Slowly I started to have orgasms from sex with my girlfriend.  Each time seemed like a miracle but they built on each other, the confidence and the expectation.  The pressure to perform slowly evaporating as performance started to happen.

Then about a month ago I had my first ever orgasm from a blowjob.  Has not happened again, and it took quite a long time, but it HAPPENED!!!!!  My last wish was to have one from a handjob.  My GF is amazing at both HJ and BJ but I just never could finish.  Kind of embarrassing and also very frustrating.  I could only imagine how past mates of hers would most likely orgasm from her amazing technique. Well last night while watching TV she slowly worked on me with HJ and after about 30 minutes I came!!!  There is no reason that all of you can't experience the same.  I promise, I promise!!!