I need a coach, PLEASE.


Ok, I know I'm posting this in the wrong place. But you know what, I need to post it here because this is where all the successful rebooters come to.

I'm 28, and I have been addicted to PMO for a very long time now. PIED didn't start settling in until my 3rd year of college, THAT WAS IN 2010! This whole thing has completely RUINED so much of my life and I cannot, for the life of me, get over this. I try and I try and I try and I keep LOSING. Yes, I tell myself I can keep fighting, I still have a lot of time, BUT THAT TIME DWINDLES and I'm not getting ANYWHERE. I need HELP. I am not afraid to admit this. I've tried finding rehab centers near me for this but IT'S ALL FOR DRUGS! I can't win this fight by myself because I don't have the emotional support surrounding me. The good news is that I'm building that up and this past January has been one of my best months in AGES. 2017 has a VERY BRIGHT outlook for me, and BEATING PORN/MO WOULD BE THE SWEETEST MOST INCREDIBLE FEELING ON EARTH and once I've done that I KNOW I CAN DO ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD WITHOUT FEAR. Because this has been the single most depressing and fear-inducing problem I have, and have had it now for YEARS. I became aware of porn addiction long after I had PIED, but I was so relieved I knew what I was going through. The longest streak I've ever done is 90 days. But when that relapse hit, it became SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to pull that off again. Its as if my brain trained itself to be wary of me going hard mode for long periods of time and now I get headaches and head spins and adrenaline like I've never felt before. It HURTS! Like I just took a hit of some real drug! I can literally feel the addiction IN MY BRAIN. It's come to the point where I'm desperate for help and I know that having a SUCCESSFUL REBOOTER COACHING ME will be extraordinarily beneficial!

Just so you know, I'm not a total dunce. I am in fact A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR with a line of credit for $1 million dollars with a lender, and my network is expansive which includes private money, contractors, realtors, attorneys, escrow and title companies, so on and so forth. I've invested a lot of money in my professional career. I am a true entrepreneur. So I come with a VERY STRONG MINDSET and I love nothing more than to instill courage and motivation into people who want to be the best version of themselves.

I am seeking an ideal COACH who can literally get on the phone with me and talk to me. I have all my mentors, teachers, coaches, mentors for Real Estate.... BUT NOT THIS! This is on an entirely different level. Real Estate is nowhere near as frighting as PMO to me.

If you are OPEN enough to this, if you would like to (as my friend Dale Carnegie would say.... one of the greatest men to ever live) GENUINELY reach out and help someone, and make yourself feel good because you KNOW YOU'VE MADE A HUGE IMPACT ON SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE..... Then please, PM me. Guys, I've tried all that journaling stuff - nothing seems to be working for me. I'm looking for a friend here. This isn't a game. I'm genuinely asking for help and I am not afraid to admit that this is harder for me than it seems to be for others.

Thank you so much for reading this, you're all incredibly awesome. Someone.... anyone.... I'm not going to be a damn thorn in your ass. Let me know,

~ Mike


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My son just went through alcohol rehab at a rehab center.  They had drug abusers there.  They also had 3 porn addicts.  I asked him about that.  He said the motivation for addiction and self medicating is the same.  He could see that very clear when the guys talked.  I will say thatwhen I went to al anon for him I had to stop because I was seeing my husband's addiction to porn.  There are differences though.  They are finding that partners of PAs are not co-dependent.  But talk to the centers  there may be help for you.

I am an SO so I cannot be that person you need unless there are issues with a partner.



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have you seen the 'nofap academy videos'? lots of good advice, you can sign up to their membership site, and they offer personal coaching, going on the awesomeness of their content - i'm sure they'd be great. give them a google/ youtube search - and let me know if you cant find them


Thank you Gracie & Gazz for the kind replies,

Gazz I've seen this guy on YouTube before! I found the channel and am watching them RIGHT NOW!

A gentleman has already PM'd me volunteering to help me out a little and I cannot be more grateful to him. But the bigger the team I can create, the stronger my confidence grows and therefore my driving force to not let them down. You see, when people are genuinely helping/counting on me to do things, I tend to not let them down - so if I amass a small group of men (even women) who are all supporting me, that support alone will propel me to conquer this. It's how I flourish, and it's evident in my real estate business as well. Before I met my business partner I was just coasting along. But after meeting him, I was given way more direction and focus, and I've been more active in reading, analyzing, meeting realtors (I just met mine today and she found a decent lead!), making offers, and getting shit done!!! I can do precisely the same thing with porn recovery, if I create my power team!!

Now here's where my business mentality comes into play.......... Imagine this: I for one never build anything solely for my OWN BENEFIT ALONE. That's selfish, stupid, greedy, cocky, disgusting, morally and ethically wrong. What I BUILD is designed not just for ME but for OTHERS. Ideally, not only would I love to be coached/mentored by successful NoFappers and fully recovered PA's, I'd also love to help THEM and COACH THEM AS WELL! That's what I'm striving for.

So again, if you're interested in this... PM me! I'm over the solo-game of trying to master/beat something I know I can't beat alone. Instead of giving up and calling it quits, I want to RESIST and FORCEFULLY CREATE MY OWN DESTINY. No matter what. My life has so much more to give to others, and PMO has literally barred me from doing the things I truly want to do. I cannot allow this to continue. I CAN'T

~ Mike
Mike, its one day at a time. I have been free now for 2 and a half months, I hear you I want to help you because I know it will help me as well. I do belong to a 12 step program already and have for over 25 years. I am in recovery for alcoholism and have been sober for that long.
I go to AA meetings and it helps me with the porn too, but I don't share about it there.
I  do meditate and recently i have a counselor who specializes in porn addiction. Its not easy.
I'm not sure how to contact you but i want to help


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Hey Mike,

I've been struggling with this long time too, managed to go sober for almost 8 months, but then felt down again and starting the journey again.
This time stronger but still I'm not in the perfect spot to say I'm out.

I'd love to be part of this and help you out as well. Being an accountability partner or being there if you need advice or strength.

I think done this way we can all rely on each other to overcome this addiction and get the most out of our lives.

Message me if you want, I believe a group of motivated and driven people can make a huge difference all together.



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you have appreciated your problem, and thus its half solved,,
the best coach in this matter is yourself, no individual can help you through,, your determination will set the pace....

stay away from porn
stay away from masturbation
pick a healthy lifestyle ( less alcohol, enough water, eat healthy and organic and do more physical exercise)

in a matter of days you should bounce back
we all went through this
wish you the strength...