Guys..... This works.

I've honestly lost count with how far along I am with my reboot - I think it's around 100 days.  I just wanted to share some thoughts and experiences.

- I'm 29 years old, heavy porn user since about the age of 15, suffered from frequent ED since the age of 20.

- Back in April, ED was on its way to ruining a relationship with a girl I was crazy about and in a desperate attempt to find answers, I found YBOP and this forum. 

- I cut out PMO immediately.  Surprisingly, it was much easier than I anticipated to avoid P.  Although I did have one relapse around week 3. 

- As easy as it was to give up PMO, it has been very difficult for me to give up M and O altogether. 

- The longest I have went without MO has been around two weeks.  For the most part, I'm averaging 2-3 MOs per week.
- When I do MO, it's to sensation only.  No pixels of course, and no fantasy.

- Morning wood has just been too tempting for me to pass up.  Waking up with a full-on is a great feeling, I just don't have the will power to keep my hands off of it. 

- I flatlined for a couple of weeks in the beginning, but after that, flatline for me has been pretty consistent.  2-3 days after O.  After that, libido slowly builds to the point to where it consumes me.

- First female experience came 10 weeks in.  Brought a girl home whom I had just met and received an excellent BJ.  I only got to about a 6 or 7 out of 10 and came very quickly.  She came back a week later and I was able to get to about an 8 before coming quickly again.  She wanted to have sex, but I was not able to achieve an erection.  I attribute this mostly to the fact that I insisted on wearing a condom, and every ED sufferer knows that condoms are your worst enemy. 

- Next female experience was a few weeks later.  I had exchanged numbers with this chick at a bar and we had been texting off and on for weeks.  One day, she basically was like "I'm coming over on my way to work, and I'm going to (have sex) with you." 

- Firstly, she was not even remotely as attractive as I thought (thank you booze).  Secondly, she had like 20 minutes and she meant business.  That pressure to perform on the spot combined with my lack of attraction meant limp as overcooked pasta.  She tried to give me a BJ - nothing.  She left unsatisfied and I haven't heard from her since. 

- The next week came girl number 3.  (No, I am not accustomed to this level of success - not even close.  Maybe it's the increased confidence or drive from no PMO?)  I am very into this girl.  Attractive, great personality, and very assertive physically - I love that.  The first time we hung out, we spent hours messing around - very slowly getting further and further around the bases.  It all culminated in a BJ.  For the first time in YEARS, I achieved a full blown 10 and it was the best BJ of my entire life.  Three nights later, she's back.  Two more BJs.  First I only got to about an 8, second I got to another 10 - amazing.  Last night (a week later), another BJ and another 10 which lasted for quite some time.  Incredible. 

- Something to note:  I was up front with this girl before we even met in person for the first time about my history of ED.  Granted, this is unusual to bring that up so soon, but I strongly believe that it was a major factor in my ability to achieve a full erection.  There was no pressure.  If I failed, she knew why.  If I succeeded, she would be pleasantly surprised. 

- Another note:  I won't get into details, but the most recent BJ was sort of spontaneous.  This typically would be trouble for me due performance anxiety being a big factor in my ED.  I didn't get it up right away, but was able to recognize that I was falling back into negative thought patterns.  I focused on just breathing and enjoying the sensation, then boom - magic. 

- I have not had sex yet, but I'm very confident that it will not be an issue once I get the opportunity with this girl.

- I've got a ways to go to completely overcome the mental side of all this, but the progress I'm seeing has been so encouraging.  My confidence and overall state of mind now compared to when I was PMOing every day is just night and day.  PORN SUCKS!

- Thank you to Gabe and everyone else who make YBOP and this forum possible, it has made a hugely positive impact on my life. 

- Fight the good fight brothers.  It is so worth it.  I'm looking forward to posting further progress!
An inspiring read, thank you brother.  I so badly want to be in your position.  :'( When you were receiving the BJ's that did nothing, did you also experience no sensation or feeling down there? I had that quite a bit with BJ's and sex.