90 Days!!!

I completed 90 days of no PMO hard mode!!! I feel incredibly proud and relieved. I read other success stories 90 days ago and could not wait to reach this milestone. I know that I am better than I was 90 days ago, but I also know that I am not fully recovered. I will continue to get better every day. I wish everyone else luck in their own journeys.


wow you the man. how are the urges after 90 days?

did you went to bed earlier? did you avoided social media? did you avoided internet as much as possible? went outside a lot more? how you managed to go 90 days hard mode?
For me, the urge to watch P began to subside after a couple weeks and is now almost completely gone, but I don't let my guard down. The urge to MO has been more difficult to resist. I'm beyond 90 days now, so I probably won't resist the next urge to MO. But it won't be to P or fantasy or any other artificial stimuli. My sleep schedule, time spent on my laptop, and time spent outside hasn't really changed. Will power, exercise, reading books, gaming, and reading success stories have helped me get to this point. So many people have great advice to help you along the way. I don't have an accountability partner or anything like that, but I'm sure that would be very helpful for anyone. Everyone will recover in their own ways. Its all about finding what works for you. Like I said, there are so many success stories and people with such great advice. Set your mind to it and it can be done.
The most challenging period of time was the first month. I have been fortunate in that I have not experienced the really bad withdrawal systems that other rebooters have mentioned. But it was still a challenge to resist viewing P... Now I'm on day 282. The random urges to view P still occur, but I continue to stick to the reboot.


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Hello, wow! Have u rlly made 282+ days without any PMO? How old are you and don't you consider yourself curried already?