Married|Age 29|Proned since Age 14|PIED|Frenulum Breve|Semi-Phimosis

Hi all,

This is the second time I am starting a Journal. Last time I did was 2 years before. Now I am married for the last 8 months.

Yes and it happened. I couldn't get it hard in bed. I experienced the bitter truth of Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. The fun fact (sarcastically) is that I has all the information regarding the "Brain on Porn" for the last 2 years, but still couldn't quit it, because I never thought that it will be so seriously affecting my life.

Now just to give an idea about me, I am going to explain this. I started Masturbation when I was around 13 or 14 years old. Now I am 29. 15 years of my life. And that too in prone position. (Google it, if y'all dont know). It fucked up my penis sensations. And as if it was not enough, I have a short frenulum condition (frenulum breve),also a semi-Phimosis (my skin doesnt retract over the tip when I am hard) with an uncircumcised penis. Now you all must have got an idea of how fucked up my condition is.

Since I was on prone masturbation in the starting days after marriage what I did was I grinded my wife and I ejaculated (not inside). So my wife thought there was no problem with my penis getting an erection with her (But in my mind, I knew it was due to prone masturbation, and that I could get it done with an empty bed). But later when I got an erection by grinding and I was getting ready to penetrate, the erection died out. So she began to understand that there was something wrong with me. I has seen the fear in my wife's eyes.

So in order to get a succesful sexual life with my wife, I tried to start a streak of NoFap. But I relapsed several times and I binged many times. So I got a little worried that this may eventually break my marriage life. I talked with my wife about this condition that I have and told her that I am on my way to get rid of this. The intermediate flatlines of no sexual drive was so frustrating for me and wife.

Since I couldn't get a hard on, I approached doctor. He said it was a very common condition among newly married. So he prescribed me Caverta 25 mg tablets (A generic Viagra). I tested it. I tried to grind with my wife in bed to get an erection and I got one and Yup, the tablet sustained the erection. But my wife was a little bit tensed that time. So we couldnt do it. But now I felt a little bit comforted since I have an escape route. But to start the erection I still need to grind or look at porn, and I know deep inside, that its not the way to do it.

This is me now. Just started writing this after 3 hours of youtube bingewatching and masturbating 2 times to hardcore porn.

So help me out guys. I am starting afresh to beat this for once and for all. I will keep posting.


Marriage in this westernized "modern" feminist government invaded society is in my opinion an insane mistake. 1 out of 4 or 5 married man stay married, but it doesn't mean that man is truly happy independent strong healthy etc., on the contrary it would appear that very same man is the one that submitted the most into giving up his real manhood under the scam pervert contract he signed that is targetting him and his life for the sake of a sick unbalanced economy. Asset, finances, income, health, joy, you lose it most of the time when it comes to westernized corrupted feminazi marriage. Go MGTOW, go semen retention, go NOLust/NOporn/NOmasturbation, go abundance living. Why did you marry in the first place ? Because if you had "sex" (lust/fornication) before it, it doesn't mean anything. If you acted upon your emotional instinct reptilian brain primitive nature ignoring the logical thinking when you married, then you're in danger I think. Take heed for your vital essence and spiritual connection to the LORD. Do not fall in the corrupted marriage trap. Plus, you're under 30, under 40 years old. That means you didn't accumulate enough wealth and experience in life to get a pure genuine loving authentic wife. And I bet you had sex in the conventionnal promotted way that wants you to deplete your energy vital essence (orgasms, lust) and shames and mocks the karezza bonding synchro nurturing mutual lifestyle. I saw "married 29" I wanted to share some serious reality warning with you. Because to set up things clearly: women live in the "bell curve" when it comes to careers, finances, health and attractiveness; that is to say they start up fresh and young and attractive but right after they reach 30 or 40 years old, they decrease in value (sexual value, working value, partnership value, etc.) so they depend on a specific feminist sneaky agenda aid that is incentively robbing from you without your consent because you never really saw the big long term picture and obviously don't have enough wealth or experience at life for even thinking about that as you're just 29yo. But a man on the contrary, his value increases exponentially as he ages in all fields of life. That is why WiseMGTOW, WiSE-MEN Going Their Own Way is crucial for your wellbeing as a man. It will allow you to focus, get in deep connection with the LORD, get rich and free from the feminist social security scam game. But hey, you can also do it even married after all, I don't want to crush your spirit. Just be aware of the psychological operations medias programming that conditionned us from birth (cartoons, movies, advertisings, music, etc.). This is a serious matter, it is about survival and wellbeing of the individual human being. And your "sexual performance" with your wife is completely ridiculously pointless, it's about energy growing, not energy teasing or depleting. But it's OK to stumble as long as you're in the Ark of graceful correctness. You'll get better.


Hey man im suffering from same. Im 26 probably getting married next year. I don't want to destroy girl's life just because my parents forcing me to marry. But how long i can avoid them? Did u do any progress? Please keep in touch im so much worried and scared
Nofap4515 said:
Hey man im suffering from same. Im 26 probably getting married next year. I don't want to destroy girl's life just because my parents forcing me to marry. But how long i can avoid them? Did u do any progress? Please keep in touch im so much worried and scared

Rebooting or Rewiring our brain is proven concept. So are the flatlines and no-libido stages associated with it. So don't worry. It can be done.