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Addiction taught me to indulge.
I forget the goal and get carried away.
Consequently I do too much of unnecessary things and too little of necessary ones.

I need to remember
1. Don't complicate my life. Simplify
2. Minimum viable product. Don't perfect excessively
3. Remember the aim. Don't add more.
4. Enjoy the process. Learn from it.

If I've done mvp, do I need to perfect?
If necessary, yes
If can do, no, or park it until I have reserve time for amendments.

What is necessary?
The current is unacceptable.

What is can do?
The current is adequate and further improvements may not be appreciated.

Need to learn to manage my time and focus better.


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years of addiction and dependency made us creatures of habit: not questioning, not testing.

We become devote followers without checking the purpose or validity of our devotion, nor the quality and suitability of the people or values we follow.

The nice thing about reboot is a reclamation of sanity. You could say that addiction makes us insane. So what is insane?
1. Spending hours on end on unimproving material and following people with little character and value, teaching us meaningless behavior and impossible lifestyles
2. Turning our brains and behavior soft and mushy
3. Believing we are enabled, entitled and empowered

However, when we free ourselves form this delusion, and face the force of reality, we find ourselves challenged.
And then we have to try.
And face our fears

And we find that in facing fears,
1. It actually is never as bad as we think
2. In repeating and embracing, we improve and find it easier and easier
3. We learn to depend on ourselves more and more
4. We start to see more clearly who are making the effort and who are not.
5. We aspire to work harder and be associated with better quality people.
6. Our lives naturally improve.
7. We put our thoughts and beliefs to the test.

It's a dynamic shift,
Like moving from being religious to atheist
Like shifting from the left to the right
Like 3 meals a day to just 1
Like Nikes to barefoot shoes
Like big cars to cycling

Don't believe everything we see, hear or do.
Put it to the test, and find the real truth


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2000 posts.
Hard to believe that I've written so many.
But through writing, through giving virtual thoughts a physical visual presence, we breath life into our intentions and guide ideas towards reality.

I wished I journalled since young.
My dad did.
A very smart ex gf did
And now I do.

The mind is a roaring river full of uncoordinated ideas and repetition. Journalling picks the best and put them front and center for me to focus on. And so my life simplifies and is made more pleasent and successful.

Journalling is absolutely necessary in order to have a good life.
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we all know and have experienced scams. Calls, texts, email. These are traditional ones. Fuckers calling me up for PC virus or job offers. They use purely emotions and all feed on fantasy or fear.

Can you see the porn performers as scammers too? They scam us of our money, time and attention.

Scammers are all hit and run. They care not one iota of their victims, and only want to suck every last cent from them. Their *skill" has zero benefit to society.

Are they happy to see us?
No, they are happy to land another sucker.

Are they concerned about our wellbeing?
No, they are concerned how much money they are going to get this time round

If you despise the traditional scammers, then despise the modern ones too.
Chat, streamers, instagramers, attention seekers, influenzars. < Yes, correct spelling

All one and the same
All for the same purpose, cheat you of everything.
It's practically an industry!

Platforms that purport they they are giving the masses what they want?
No, they are the same scam compounds that churn scam operators by the thousands, profiting from each scam. Don't be suckered into believing their falsehood. Just like the Marlboro man, dead from lung cancer. Anyone who still smokes today is seriously dumb.

If you're feeling moody or depressed, and need to jerk off badly, yes, not only have you been scammed, you are now it's willing victim.

You are the sucker still sending money over to scam DHL/govt/iras for some fake penalty.
Yes. That's you. Not one bit aware that you've been suckered so badly you even blame yourself for fake fuckups.
The sucker that keeps on giving. The sucker that every scammer dreams of having. Are you that fool?

Don't PMO because you think you know that's what you need.
Wake from your dream and get out of the scam.
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Find the pig = you
Fatten the pig = feed your fantasy
Slaughter the pig = suck you dry

They are a dine a dozen, all trying to make it rich off sucker followers who don't have a life.

Any Kevin Samuels show featuring women thinking she "deserves" a millionaire

Any yt discussion shows featuring young scantly clad woke woman commonly found in internet chat and subscription rooms, with all looks, zero value and 100% entitlement.
Who even wants a real relationship with them?

The more you know the more you realize
1. It's a massive scam industry
2. They ain't the people you want in your life
3. You are the sucker, not them
4. It's all a fantasy created for you to pay with your life

Once you know, you know.
It's the red pill.
And you'll never want to go back.

Take the blue pill and loneliness, depression and despair will be your eternal companion.

Stop this nonsense now and go out and find yourself real and decent people and relationships.
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For the addict, the distance between effort and reward is infinite.
This is because there is no correlation in daily effort with pleasures of addiction.
Thus, the addict gets no pleasure from effort, and suffers infinitely while working.
And he gets no sustainability from pleasure, because he knows he has not put any effort into it.
Thus he has neither, and is an empty man.

Absolute happiness happens when we narrow the distance between effort and pleasure until there is no gap, where effort is pleasure.

I have narrowed my gap when I disassociated pmo with pleasure. I need to narrow some more by reducing other non effortful pleasures, such as media consumption, while raising pleasure in effort, through self recognition and reward.

I have increased my pleasure with my daily life when I engage it more. The more present I am with myself, my family and my pursuits, the happier and more sustainable I become.
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DOING - physical discomfort
Heavy weights
Running interval or distance

NOT DOING - mental discomfort
Absence after breakup

We train different things when we do by doing or not doing. But 1 thing is consistent: there are no results without discomfort, no results without struggle.

Therefore struggle is good
Challenge is good
Discomfort is good
It tells us we are trying, we are improving, we are going somewhere better.

Anything that is too easy is bad.
It teaches us that life should be easy, which it is absolutely not.
It teaches us to give up early without struggle, to be unable to face the challenge, to not overcome.

Be the stronger man, not the weak soft one.
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Fantasy = another, avoidance, alternative, away, wishing, dreaming

Commitment = here, staying, remembering, dealing, doing

Be committed
Be here
Be positive
Be optimistic
Be engaged
Be involved
Be committed
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Whether you like or trust him, or not, this here is the truth.

Since you've already decided on reboot, go in with a smile, and not grumpy, unhappy, unwilling, or uninterested.

Look forward to doing reboot 1 day more than before, because every day more gets you 1 step closer to turning the vision into reality.
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There are generally 2 groups of rebooters:
1. Those who progressively get better and better
2. Those who progressively got worse and eventually give in or give up (lack of belief)

Those who fail usually have only enthusiasm and brute force, both founded on emotion, not awareness. They don't learn from the challenge, rely only on willpower, and when that runs out, in comes negativity like a tsunami. The cycle repeats because life in a pleasure vacuum is unbearable.

Those who improve do a lot more :
0. Learn from relapse (cause, remedy, prevention)
1. Repeated and continuous material study
2. Personal analysis and correction
3. Repair and replacement strategies
4. Environment modification
5. Journalling for reflection, redirection and reinforcement
6. Community involvement and contribution
7. Positive self encouragement! Most important!!!

I am beginning to think how I can reapply reboot diploma methodology into other aspects of my life:
1. Relationship reboot
2. Financial reboot
3. Career reboot
Either I have been brute forcing them, or I did little in terms of diploma coursework.

I am sure there are many areas in my life that can benefit.

Not everything we learn, read about or come into contact with is correct.
Not everything we feel, know, behave or believe in is correct.
We must test and assess them so as to determine what is appropriate.

Essentially I am finally taking a full and personal interest in myself. The benefit of this is an overall better, easier and happier life.
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I attest the reboot life is a better life.

I am present.
I am not evading, I am not escaping.
I deal with issues as it happens
I have no madness of how badly it will turn out, how much I want to be somewhere else.
I have no extreme ideas of how terrible or incompetent I am, or how much I need someone else to solve my problems.

I can live every day as it is
I can enjoy everyday as it is
I am calm and collected
I am contented.

I am thankful my environment is not a hostile one
I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been presented.
I am glad not to be selfish, self centered, greedy and insatiable.
I am glad for the gift that is this life.


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Another good Arnie short.
Who's your reboot partner?
Is he urging you on?
Is he making you work harder?

Whatever we want, we can only get it if we work for it!
Let's get to it!


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One tough cookie to crack is the instinctive self blame when things go wrong instead of focusing on attending to and solving the problem without any attention to self.

This self blame is a subconscious practice of self centeredness, self pity and learned weakness, and invites indulgence in self pleasure later as a means of relief.

It transforms a factual issue into an emotional one, is rooted in fantasy thinking of distancing the self away from the problem, and obviously does not solve the problem.

The only way is to
Catch it as before it takes hold
Remind the self to engage in the problem without the self
Reward the self for achievements, not self pity.
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I grew up in a loving but extremely protective and neurotic family that
1. I stop making any effort to take care of myself,
2. I bought into all the worries and concerns (doubts) about me.
3. I became very attached and concerned about others opinion of me

We don't pick our parents, and I'm still grateful that I had them and not someone else, and we inherit all the strengths and defects that will last our lifetime, and probably more.

So I rather address #1 now :
How to take better care of myself.

The first is to know where I stand.
That means paying more attention to what I do, and assessing myself if it was sufficient and desired.
Progressively I will be more clear and certain about myself, and be less influenced by what others say or do.
I will become my own agency.


I have recently found that helping sometimes never pays, and instead of being grateful, this person's insecurities passed comments about me being an insufficient father in what can only be described as a shaming process. That got me really worked up. But believing the words of an ignorant makes me an ignorant. An ignorant doesn't know what they are talking about. So I remember and I learn. There shall be no more kindness from me.
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