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I believe our desire to win is very important. Today's event still angers me alot, not simply about what this person said, but also how I responded.

As a ex-addict, I know I was weakened morally and mentally for a long time. My addiction made me look down on myself, doubt myself. This is wrong and must be changed.

If I am to succeed, I must believe in my ability to do so. To do so, I must believe in myself.

For me to succeed, i must be strong.
When we are filled with so much self belief, the only outcome we will ever come to see will always be the good one, because the strong will always strive for the best. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


When faced with a doubter, and there are so many doubters that we don't need 1 more (ourself), don't take on their doubt.
Push it away.
Push it back at them
Turn it around.

Doubters are weaklings.
They only use words, and never make any physical effort.
They try to sound like they are helping, when all they do is shaming and putting people down, to make themselves look good. Scums of this earth.

Remember that a doubt is only an opinion, and never a truth. A waste of energy that would have been far better spent had it been offered as help instead.

Be strong in the face of doubters.
Turn the shame back at them.
Dare me? I dare you back.
Talk is cheap. If you're so good, do it.


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I use this as a reminder for how I need to debate with my mind.

1. Process.
There is a process that should be used to handle a thought. It is structured and rational, orderly and coherent.
History, rational, reasoning.

2. Prepare
Always have good logic ready when irrational illogical mind hit.
Why is PMO wrong? It objectifies women, turns our brains into mash, and turns grown men in wimpy whiny needy children.

3. Identify a flawed thought early.
Recognize it's characteristics.
Selfish, self centered, egotistical, arrogant.

4. Shut a flawed thought down, fast.
Hit back at it before the thought is complete.
Question it's validity early
Do not give space to a flawed thought, for once it is complete and taken hold, it would be harder to tear down.

5. Be gentlemanly.
Nothing like letting the other know they are dealing with a smart, well prepared and well armed person. I know what you're up to and I'm not gonna let you fuck around with me. Smile. Alot 😁


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I give thanks to this ignorant person for giving me this lesson on strength today.

After the exchange I am more fiercely determined to defend my right as a father to choose what I know and believe is best for my child.
I have and will always give the best to my child, and I will beat down anyone who dares to challenge me.
I vow that it will be my eternal mission to continue and make every effort I can to ensure my child is well loved and cared for.
I will give no fucks about anyone telling me what to do in my home, or telling me what I am lacking.

I pray they are wise to learn their lesson quickly before I rip them apart.


Anger is energy.
It is to enable action.
Undirected and left on its own, the owner will get burned badly.
I have channelled this energy into thought and plan. I will now let this energy go and return back to my tranquil life.
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ayo man, you good bro?? come back brother, you posts and reflections were mindblowing as hell. we could really use your help.

it's hard to win againt this filth alone, together we stand divided we fall.

looking forward to hearing from you.