Any interest in setting up a phone group?


I've been interested in the idea of a phone group for people actively recovering from the effects of internet porn use for a little while now.

Don't get me wrong, I think there is some value in these forums. I have used them before and I am glad they exist. But I also have a goal of spending LESS and not MORE time on the internet (in part due to my goal of PMO abstinence) and I have personally reached a point where I have real reason to believe that getting too involved in internet-based support could too easily become counter-productive.

In addition to being a form of support that isn't online, I think phone meetings could have the added benefit of just feeling more human and connected. I particularly like the idea of setting up a small support-cell that operates through phone. A support-cell in my mind would mean roughly 3-6 people who commit to coming together in a conference call once or twice a week for some predetermined period of time and checking in with and supporting each other. If others don't like this idea I am flexible, but I personally like the idea of a small group of people getting to know each other over a period of time, as well as the idea of keeping the groups small enough to be able to approach having natural conversations, as opposed to larger groups where things can feel more disconnected or there may even be a "no cross-talk" rule in place.

Granted, there may well be some initial awkwardness to work through, but personally I know I can handle it (have shared about these issues in groups of strangers before, in person) and I suspect there are others out there who could too. Actually I suspect most anyone could handle it... it's just a matter of having the willingness to work through uncomfortable feelings.

Is anyone else in a similar boat/interested in exploring this possibility with me? If so, let me know! It's not a good idea to post your contact info in the comments of course but you can respond below with general reactions and let me know if you would like to be kept in the loop. Sending a personal message is also an option.

Also, if something like this already exists, please do let me know about it!

I appreciate you.


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I would definitely be interested. Working out the different times zones would be an issue we would want to figure out early.


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js2004 said:
I would definitely be interested. Working out the different times zones would be an issue we would want to figure out early.

I would be interested. Skype as well and I would just need sound.


workingonit said:
I think it is a great idea, but would suggest Skype as I am in the UK? We do not need video, sound is just as good.

OK so I am not 100% sure if Skype will work for me as I currently am relying on relatively shitty, or at least inconsistent, solar-powered internet... it might be an option and I will experiment with it... does anyone know if it is possible to call into a Skype conference from a phone though?