Strategies for scouting out folks interested in forming a phone group?


I am trying to create a nice long list of forums/online places where people discuss issues around recovering from internet porn and abstaining from PMO. I'm particularly interested in sites without strict "anonymous online support only" rules in place, as I am trying to find people who might be interested in supporting each other over the phone. I have already started this convo on this forum (, but I am discovering I will likely need to branch out... where do you think would be some good places to do this/what do you think would be some good ways to scout around for something like this?

I appreciate you.


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I would try to work out the logistics first. The forum is loaded with people from all over the world. The other thing I would think would be age appropriateness of the callers. I wouldn't want to be on a call with teens, I would prefer other married men similar in circumstances. Just my two cents.