Masturbation addiction


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Hi everyone,
I am new on here. Stumbled across this forum as I was searching google to confirm my speculations of masturbation withdrawal. I am a 22 year old virgin who has been addicted to masturbation for as long as I can remember. I have distinct memories of masturbating at 4 years old. I first saw porn at 11 years old and have since struggled with pornography. The past few years I became seriously addicted to porn but find it easier to stay away from then stopping myself from masturbating. It has been 3 weeks since I last masturbated and I feel like I'm going insane... Will these urges to give in stop??? I need to break free from this addiction but my body is screaming no! I could really use some encouragement and words of advice for what helps others refrain from masturbation.  I would also like to know if there are any withdrawal symptoms from suddenly stopping... Any help is greatly appreciated :)


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I guess you can expect mood swings, irritability, the infamous flatline and at the same time the urges you're writing about. After 3 weeks you should have sampled all the best of it! :) How's it going now?


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Boyfriend/girlfriend does not solve any sexual issues.
You have to understand, masturbation & porn are bad for your health.
You might relapse, but you are getting good days, you are stretching.
We look for progress not perfection.
Keep engaged in this fight against porn & masturbation.
Keep yourself busy.
If you are depressed & anxious, antidepressants can help you with your depression,anxiety & as a side effect kill your sex drive.
Ssri antidepressants kill my sex drive up to 95%


If you read the "your brain on porn" site or watch the video for an hour then seeing how the artificial stimulation effects the brain,  making it hard to see sex in the real world compared to the easy and thrills of the porn world.

Lead me to prefer wanking off to porn rather that having sex with the wife .. how rubbish is that?

Rebooting your brain does not mean no masturbation, just means no artificial stimulation from pron / chat rooms etc.

I stopped using porn / chat rooms 6 weeks ago and have wanked just twice .. because I to was going insane and my balls ached so much. But no porn / chat rooms.

If you need to masturbate, do so in moderation and without external stimulation.

Remember its that "urge" which you want to go and get a real mate :)

Good luck!