Alternative access to reboot nation videos (other than youtube)?


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I blocked my access to youtube on account of needing to avoid access to porn substitute videos.  Unfortunately it means I can't watch helpful videos such as the ones published by reboot nation , your brain on porn, etc. 

Are these videos hosted anywhere else such as on one of these sites, so that I can access them?

I have tried content blockers / filters etc but found them ineffective in blocking undesirable content.  The act of even just trying to break though them seems part of the addictive process. So far the best thing which has worked for me us just maintaining a white list of websites and having the admin password held by a friend. 

Any suggestions / ideas are much appreciated.


Gabe Deem

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Hey boneymaroney,

I've had people let me know they've uploaded them on other platforms. Here are 3 vids on Vimeo and I believe I've seen others on Vimeo as well. Hope this helps. Much Love


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Thanks Gabe! Much appreciated.  I don't have access to vimeo either... :-[ 

perhaps my solution for the time being is to get temporary access, download the videos I want, then block again.