Do real memories count as a relapse?


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After going 7-8 without PMO I fapped before going asleep. But instead of doing it to porn or a picture I thought about a real sexual encounter I had a couple years ago. Does fapping to memories count as as relapse?


Yes, if you are addict, and at rebooting.  During the reboot, you must avoid not only P, but P substitutes, and sexual thought, as much as possible.  This includes PMO, MO, and even O during sex.  Why?  Because those things give you a dopamine rush.  You are not addicted to P even though we call it porn addiction.  You are addicted to a dopamine rush.  A big part of the reboot is desensitizing to all artificial sexual stimulation, by avoiding artificial sexual stimulation as much as possible.

Reboot 101.

Hope this helps.

Much Love.

Will I AM.