6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy


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Hi everyone! First of all, I have not stayed clean for this many years, instead, I?m referring to a guy that I?ve come across in the Chinese rebooting community. This guy (internet name ??) has managed to stay clean for almost 7 years and counting. Furthermore, he has shared his experiences and continues to share them to this day (over 73 000 forum posts in one online forum alone). He has diligently studied many topics related to rebooting and has written extensively in this field. I discovered great value upon reading his material and felt compelled to share it with the English speaking community. Therefore I have started the project to translate his work into English. I will refer to this author as Soaring Eagle going forward which is similar to his Chinese pen name.

The reason to why I find Soaring Eagle?s work compelling is because he approaches rebooting from two unique angles: TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Buddhism. 

It is my hope that the English speaking community will benefit from Soaring Eagle?s knowledge as the Chinese community has.

Going forward I intend to upload translations on a weekly basis on 3 different websites (NoFap, reddit, and rebootnation) in order to reach a large audience.

If you are a Chinese speaker and would like to correct any errors in my translation please feel free to do so, I welcome constructive criticism.

Regarding the translation
I will try to preserve the meaning and intention of Soaring Eagle ( the pseudonym I?ve given to the original author) to the best of my ability. My goal will be to achieve maximum retention of the original thought/communication while at the same time making the English translation flow naturally as if spoken by the author himself.

I do not know Soaring Eagle personally nor have I spoken with him and I?m not affiliated with the author in any way.

Regarding the contents
While I do not agree with everything that the author has to say there is nevertheless a great deal of information that I do find useful. If something does not resonate with your beliefs please don?t be too quick to disregard the whole body of the material. His success in staying clean should speak for itself. I only ask the reader to read with an open mind and apply whatever he finds to be useful.

Brothers = all people on the road of rebooting
TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine


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Can't wait to read it! I live in a nearby country where both porn and Buddhism are deeply entrenched parts of the local culture, so using one to fight the other would be a very useful thing to be able to do. haha  :)


Apologize for the delay as I'm translating a little each day after work. Ok guys here goes:

Short intro
?Rebooting as Best Remedy? is a book dedicated to rebooting, currently there is no such book on the market. Yet in China there a large number of people in need of rebooting as many people are suffering from the physical symptoms from excessive masturbation. Many people can be compared with the frog in the boiling pot, oblivious of the fate to what masturbation would lead them.

This book serves to point out a clear path towards rebooting, in helping to help people to quit masturbation in a professional manner, quitting the habit of masturbation and restoring purity to the individual.

The author has suffered from the symptoms of excessive fapping for well over a decade and has talked with over ten thousand brothers. After having read over 10000 individual cases and seriously studied the topic of rebooting for over 3 years the author has established a thorough understanding of the harmful effects of masturbation and have accumulated vast experiences on how to successfully quit masturbation. With the help of this book, the reader will be able to quit masturbation and rediscover that vital self!

Masturbation is undoubtedly harmful to the individual, this can be established by reading the numerous cases/testimonies from the sufferers. If one only reads about the harmlessness of masturbation, then one will become mislead by this false notion of its harmlessness theories. The truth lies in the many discussion threads and the individual testimonies. Do not believe in the so-called experts in their harmlessness theories, let us realize the truth by ourselves and let us cut masturbation out of our lives forever!

Every day I return to the rebooting forums (Chinese forums) in order to answer questions, many brothers are familiar with me by now, understandably many people have expressed interest towards my rebooting experiences. Today I will share with everyone of my experiences in detail. Hopefully, this will be of help to you all.

I started off on this journey like many people which was partly due to the deterioration of my health as a result of masturbation but also due to the guilt that I felt; how could I engage in such a filthy act?

How it started
It first started out from when I first felt pleasure caused by friction movement and it was followed by what is best described as ?once you pop you can?t stop?, I became addicted and was unable to pull myself out, the addiction has taken hold of me. The analogy of ?Once you pop you can?t stop? is something that I see fairly often in the rebooting forums and is comparable to the bursting of a dam. Therefore the saying that no harm is caused from moderation is very much BS due to the fact that once you start it?s no longer possible to quit, just like the opening of the Pandora?s box.

Physical symptoms
My history of masturbation goes back for 15 years. At the time I loved sports, aside from prostatitis I hadn?t really experienced any discomfort in other areas of my body, although the need to pee frequently caused me great agony for a long time. In addition, there was a great change to my appearance in that I had severe acne, my complexion also gave me a decadent look, my eyes were dull, eye bags started to appear below my eyes despite my youth. At the time I also suffered from rhinitis, given the fragile state of my body and add on top the endless exhaustion of my essence (kidney essence), my body was never fully healthy. I?ve always felt greatly weakened after I have masturbated and felt the need to quit, after a couple weeks of abstinence and regular exercise my body would have recovered somewhat, following the recovery of my essence the degeneration started off anew with greater intensity. I would often have consecutive sessions and my health took a turn for the worse.

Masturbation ruins a person in two ways; bodily and psychologically. After I?ve started to masturbate my emotional state changed greatly, I was easily agitated, I lacked patience, memory, concentration, and willpower all took a hit for the worse. The scary part at the time is that I was totally unaware of the harm that masturbation was causing. I had read about the harmlessness theory of masturbation on the magazines, this combined with the lack of willpower to quit masturbation only served to exacerbate my confusion. I had struggled a lot in the evil spiral of addiction but was unable to get out, the addiction carried with it a seemingly magical power that held me firm. At the time my record of rebooting was 28 days, rebooting was a topic that didn?t exist at the time in the media, instead, the media was filled with degenerative material. Young people at the time lacked the proper guidance with regards to rebooting.

Because masturbation had contributed to a decline in my mental faculties, my grades suffered as a result, after high school I was only able to get into a regular college. My decline did not halt when I entered college but because I was sharing accommodation with other people at the time my masturbation became less frequent. In college I frequently played basketball, there was a period of time when my body was recovering very well, I no longer needed to pee frequently, my complexion improved and so did my temperament, I was once again self-confident. After college I started working and met a girl, in my proximity nobody told me that masturbation was harmful, nobody told me about the bad karma from sex before marriage. Everything people talked about was of a filthy nature which was reflected in the overall degenerative state of the society. The voice of rebooting could not be heard anywhere. If you would talk to the young people today about rebooting he would question your sanity and tell you the most important thing at hand is to enjoy life. This is a basic weakness of people; the fact that people would not quit a bad habit until they have hit rock bottom. At the time I was also likeminded to my peers, I didn?t think anything was wrong about premarital sex. Now looking back I had been very ignorant and shallow which was the very reason that I was unable to escape from my evil habit, up until my healthy took a nosedive for the worse.

Illness precedes understanding
After I started working my life lacked rhythm both in terms of diet and in terms of rest, I would often stay up during the nights. The pressure from work was immense and the masturbation did not cease, this is when my state of health completely collapsed. I was diagnosed with neurasthenia and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). For those who haven?t suffered from these illnesses it is impossible to comprehend what it?s like to live under these conditions; it is a feeling of total collapse where death is preferable to life, nobody is able to understand you except for you and those suffering from the same illness, not even the doctor knows what you?re going through. Ever since I was diagnosed with the above I came to understand why some people prefer to choose the route of suicide. This is because suicide is a means of escape. At the time I also had thoughts of suicide, luckily I didn?t put those thoughts into action. I would like to make something clear here, and that is the difference between the emotional state of anxiety the symptoms from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Any normal person may feel anxiety but GAD is like a having combination of a myriad of strangely bodily symptoms coming at you incessantly, this is hell on earth where death is preferable to life.

After having been diagnosed with GAD I quit my job, I would spend my days chatting with people suffering from the same conditions. Around the same time is when I started to study TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) on my own, I listened to a variety of gurus and read huge volumes of books, I also came into contact with Buddhism. Through the countless conversations, I?ve had with my fellow patients I?ve come to reach an understanding: this illness (GAD) share an intricate connection with masturbation and the habit of frequently staying up at night. I started to gather case material/testimonies from fellow sufferers numbering in the thousands, afterwards I started to gather material from sufferers with a history of masturbation, also numbering in the thousands, I?ve studied the material for several years and was able to find answers in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). Answers could also be found in Western medicine. The harmlessness theory on masturbation is no longer up to date, the newest research in Western medicine is consistent with TCM. For example, when Beckham broke his bones, his physician recommended him to not engage in any sexual activities for a period of 3 months. According to TCM: ?Kidneys govern the bones, from bones, arises marrow?. Modern science has also observed that the life expectancy of an animal is connected with the times that the animal engages in procreational activities. This is consistent with the TCM view that a low essence precedes illness and the relationship between essence and longevity. When our bodies are healthy we are not hit by regrets, that?s why when we talk to a healthy person the message will not register with the person. But once the health has failed the view of that person would naturally change and agree with your views regarding rebooting. Many brothers (Chinese brothers) suffer from hair loss, when hair is plentiful one will not think about rebooting, but once hair is lost it?s already late because the person will need several years to recover. I have also suffered from hair loss, the condition ceased and my hair density gradually improved once I?ve started rebooting.

It was suffering that started my journey towards rebooting. I?m now a believer of Buddhism and I study/research Buddhism on my own. I now realize that having a faith gives one tremendous spiritual strength. In my former self, I would brush spirituality it off as superstition because it?s not science. However, I no longer think that way. To my knowledge, Isaac Newton and Einstein both had religious beliefs. Einstein was very fond of Buddhism. Many scientists have a religious faith. At the moment I?m not only a believer of Buddhism, but also a believer of TCM, Qigong and healthy living in general. Qigong is a learning in itself and helps greatly in the recovering process, especially when it comes to practices such as holding the horse stance and meditation and thus helping to recover the essence of the body. I would also recommend Taichi boxing.

Recovery status
Many people are interested in knowing the degree to which I have recovered. Therefore I will try to be more detailed in my response. The most popular question that I receive on the internet forums is the question of whether it?s possible to recover and how long it will take.

My answer is this: recovery is certainly possible. As to the time it takes it will vary from person to person because we all have different physiology. Normally the person who practices healthy living and who loves physical exercise will enjoy a speedier recovery.

Masturbation causes injury to both the both and the mind. According to TCM if the mind is not healthy the body will not be healthy and vice versa. Therefore if you masturbation your mind is sure to suffer, as your mind will not find a relieve this will in turn cause injury to the body, this then leads to a vicious circle. Learning rebooting is an experience and metamorphosis, it is a promotion of one?s overall state. In mastering rebooting, one will be in control of their own fate and not bound by the shackles of desire and thus unable to free oneself until the total deterioration of one?s health. I have encountered countless brothers that are suffering from neurasthenia, incredibly many, I myself was an example. Many brothers are also suffering from the obsessive-compulsion disorder as well as generalized anxiety disorder. Actually these problems are all quite similar where the difference only lies in their orientation. What?s in common is the amount of agony causing physical symptoms. Let?s now talk about my recovery process.

Physical recovery:
After having gone through rebooting for 1 year my GAD generalized anxiety disorder) symptoms disappeared. During this year I have exercised regularly and paid attention to my body while at the same time stayed away from any forms of medication. During a previous half year period, I was dependent on a form of medication and it was a painful experience. Once a medicine loses its potency the doctor would give you another one to replace it. Normally a patient suffering from generalized anxiety disorder is skeptical of the doctor because many people have had the experience of being falsely diagnosed; the doctor treating the sufferer as a client instead of a patient with the first priority of making money instead of prioritizing the well being of the patient. After rebooting, my experience with frequent urination and waist/lower back pain also disappeared along with a large variety of physical symptoms. From my studies in TCM I?ve come to realize that a low kidney essence is the cause of many a disease. When your kidney essence is strong, illnesses will naturally be repelled. Previous when I suffered from hair loss I would lose a handful of hair every day. According to TCM: the level of essence present in the five viscera and six bowels is reflected through the eyes. One can therefore gauge a person?s overall health by just looking into his eyes. The essence is stored in the kidneys and the five visceras and six bowels transform that essence into qi (energy). If the kidneys are weakened the five viscera will naturally become weakened, the effect of which will be visible in the lifelessness of the person?s eyes. Another thing is that the strength of my grip also become firmer, the strength of the grip is often a reflection of the state of the liver, TCM: the strength of the liver is in the grip, the stronger the grip the stronger the liver qi. The liver and the kidneys share the same source, meaning when the kidney water element is insufficient, the wood element of the liver will become dry, and the symptom is that the person will become easily irritated and angered, another symptom is revealed by the weakness of the person?s grip. Previously I suffered from poor sleep in the form of insomnia and excessive dreams. After having quitted masturbation for over 2 years my sleep quality had vast improved. The usual symptoms of the GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) such as muscle twitching and bodily convulsions have disappeared completely. My tinnitus also healed itself. TCM: kidneys revitalizes the ears. Many brothers suffer from tinnitus, after half a year of rebooting tinnitus naturally disappeared. Today I feel as if I?m a whole new person reborn into this world. Previously I was bounded up by my masturbation habits, it?s only now that I?ve come to experience the real feeling of freedom which is not to be confused with the freedom in indulgence, for the freedom to indulgence will only lead to one result and that is suffering.

Psychological recovery:
Because I engaged in masturbation I felt inferior and become more autistic and even had tendencies to self-inflict injuries. Because I was unable to quit masturbation I hated myself for being useless and had the urge to self-slander. Because of masturbation, my physical appearance became uglier, many brothers relate to the same opinion that their physical appearance became uglier after they started to masturbation. This kind of feeling is not false. If your vital essence is lost, how can one not turn ugly? This is comparable with a deflated ball, once it?s deflected it is no longer able to bounce and is rendered useless. The same concept is applicable to us as people, once the vital essence of the body is depleted, the physical appearance will immediately take a hit and as a result, we will feel inferior and decadent. This types of changes to the appearance have been thoroughly studied in the discipline of face consultation in TCM. The face is like a mirror for the five vital organs of the body. When the organs become weakened this will naturally be reflected on the face. One that understands this discipline of TCM this will immediately be able to tell a person?s state of health by looking into his eyes. Ever since I?ve quit masturbation I began to practice body strengthening Qigong, I learned to take care of my body and exercised frequently and in the process build up my vital essences, today my complexion has completely been restored to a healthy state. Previously one could describe my appearance with one word: dim. Today I?m once again lit up as a person. The earlier tendencies I had towards feeling inferior, self-inflicting injuries and autism have naturally disappeared. I feel like a new person and completely fearless. Oftentimes a person that is deficient in kidney essence is fearful and is easily angered, this is because kidneys govern anger and anger injure the kidneys. In my case studies, I?ve noticed that many brothers have become more fearful of life, this is a common phenomenon with those people who frequently masturbation. When I now come face to face with a mirror all I see is a confident, joyful and healthy person, the old me which was decadent, wretched and ugly has all but disappeared, the type of ugliness that I?m describing is an ugliness reflected in the flesh and the soul, this is the fruit of the evil deed brought about by masturbation.

Thanks for reading this far guys. There will be lots more material coming up as the original text is over 1000 pages in A4. Written Chinese is very dense and will take up more space when translated into English. I expect this translation project to last for at least half a year so please bear with me.


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Thank you for the tremendous effort of translating !
Its a very kind and generous effort of yours.
Can you share the link to the original page please?


You're welcome. I have uploaded the file to the following link:


Experience with success

I?ve now stayed clean for over 2 years, this is owing thanks to the increased understanding. Previously I?ve failed countless times in trying to stay clean, at the time nobody was guiding me. Nobody was guiding me because I was unable to receive the guidance; I was ignorant in the knowledge of quitting masturbation, of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and of Buddhist teachings, All I knew was the brute force way. I thought that I could rely solely on willpower to stay clean. In reality, success is very hard to come by through relying on willpower alone. Instead, one must start by purifying the heart/mind, this will then tackle the root of the issue because the mind controls the hands as well as the action of masturbation. If there is a lot of filthy thoughts floating around in your subconscious mind, you will naturally gravitate towards masturbation. Therefore we must work on purifying our thoughts, through the repeated study of rebooting material, the repeated study will strengthen our virtue and over time the habit of masturbation will cease to exist.

The first step of quitting masturbation: to change one?s thoughts. This is like quitting a drug addiction, upon entering a drug rehab center the first step is to introduce the patient with correct knowledge in understanding the harmful effect of drugs and cleansing the mind with all erroneous thoughts and beliefs. Many brothers have repeatedly failed to stay clean due to the failure to recondition their minds, relying on willpower alone to stay clean will only work in the short run which is quickly followed by failure. We must therefore always stay vigilant in our study of rebooting material. Although I?ve stayed clean for over 2 years, I still study rebooting material daily as well as TCM. This knowledge will act as a firewall and barrier towards masturbation, with the firewall in place we don?t have to be as fearful. Previously I had relied purely on my willpower to quit masturbation, my head was filled with dirty images. Nowadays through changing my thoughts, I would not harbor a dirty thought throughout the entire day, without the thought there can be no masturbation. Therefore I wish to point out a path for everyone so as to minimize the number of detours. I have studied many successful brothers, without except all of these people were adept at cleansing their thoughts. When you are conversing with these people, they will have lots of knowledge to share with you; while they are sharing this knowledge with you they are simultaneous reinforcing their own understanding which helps them in the process of staying clean. Final word: in order to become successful in quitting masturbation one must completely rewire the thoughts, otherwise failure is to follow.

I have studied the process of masturbation addiction as well as in other areas such as addiction towards drugs, quitting drugs, smoking, gaming, shopping. The process of addiction is similar to that of being allergic in that there can be many stimulants, this is why it?s so important to surround oneself with a clean environment. Addiction can be grouped into two categories, physical addiction, and psychological addiction. The human addiction mechanism is closely related to dopamine. Dopamine being a neurotransmitter is responsible for communicating information between the cells, it is one of the fountainheads for the pleasure center of the brain. Because dopamine is mainly responsible for transmitting pleasure related signals, the secretion of dopamine is often out of balance for masturbation sufferers. rebooting must correct this imbalance by getting rid of the addiction towards sex. Many people have a hard to stay clean because the psychological addiction is too deep where the subconscious is filled with filthy material. The only way to rid these filthy material is by a complete rewiring of our thoughts and deny that material which causes the addiction. If our first reaction by looking at a beautiful woman is arousal then we are finished. If our first reaction is indifference then that would be correct, in time our determination will strengthen. Beautiful women is like electricity, we must transform ourselves into insulators, beautiful women is like a magnet, we must turn ourselves into a wood. Remember, you are in control of your desires and not the other way around, you will not become the slave to your desires.

The formula

In my years of research I?ve arrived at the following formula: staying up at night + long time spent sitting down + masturbation = health is finished. If one only masturbation without the other elements one could end up with a waist pain and frequent urination at most. However, if we stay late throughout the night and throw long period of sitting into the equation we will be sure to catch neurasthenia related diseases. Another thing, if you love to exercise the physical symptoms will not be that serious and the time of recovery will be fairly quick. Staying up at night combined with debauchery is the two most essence hurting ways according to TCM. Long sitting damages the kidneys, the three mentioned factors combined will wreck havoc to a person?s health. I hope that everybody will commit the above formula into memories as it has been exchanged for with the painful experiences from both myself and my fellow brothers, not to mention the medical expenses in the tens of thousands that was spent in the process.

Ways to recover

From the above reading, everybody has probably gotten an idea of the ways to recover; regular exercise, healthy lifestyle. We need to choose a physical routine that fits our interests. In my research into neurasthenia, many brothers have found meditation and horse-stance (a Kungfu stance) to be helpful in their recovery, I have had personal experiences with this, the difficult part is to find the proper technique and persistence in training.

Furthermore, replenishment via diet is also very important. The recommendations by doctor Peng Xin is good. One of the most important topics is how to replenish the health via diet. For the people that are aware of their weakened state of health, it is natural to inquire into the hows when it comes to dietary replenishments. I can make it very clear to everyone that the best replenishment is not to waste the essences, the best medicine is abstinence from masturbation. The scale of effectiveness for replenishment follows medicine < diet < exercise. We should therefore exercise regularly but take care not to overstrain ourselves.

There is a general misunderstanding among brothers and that is to depend on the doctor, they think that by seeing a doctor everything will be fine. In reality this is a false notion; 30% treatment, 70% maintenance, if you are unaware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the effectiveness of medical treatment will be severely limited. Suppose that you are taking medicine for replenishing the kidneys but at the same time you still masturbation, this will only have the opposite of the intended effect. Medicine will help you to recover the kidney vitality, but if you start to fool around as you recover your kidney vitality will never become full, we must therefore stop the ?leakage? so to speak. For those brothers suffering from neurasthenia, if your symptoms are serious I would still recommend you to seek the doctor. However, take care to not become dependent on the medication because that is an evil spiral in itself, instead, focus on quitting masturbation and taking care of your body.

Regarding nocturnal emissions

Nocturnal emission does not count as masturbation, frequent nocturnal emission deserves attention however as it?s a sign that our ?essence gate? is not secure, if that happens I would recommend seeking a Chinese traditional physician. I would recommend a stretching exercise found in the Eight Brocades yoga movements called ?hands reaching feets strengthen kidney/waist?, you can Google it. The exercise is very simple and effective. Every day I would perform it several hundred times which helps to greatly reduce the number of nocturnal emissions. This exercise is mentioned in many Taoist health maintaining manuals and is known under many different names, however the principle remains the same; by stretching the bladder
meridian line found at the back of the thigh, also the bladder line and the kidney affect one another.

Methods in reducing nocturnal emissions:

    Do not have too thick blankets
    Avoid diet that is too fatty or too meaty
    Do not stay up at night
    Do not overstrain yourself during the day
    Before bed, don?t drink too much water
    Don?t take alcohol
    Don?t meditate immediately prior to bed

Regarding wet dreams

Many brothers are bothered by wet dreams, this is due to filthy material in the subconscious. Sigmund Freud once said, dreams are the window to the subconscious. If your subconscious is not clean, this will then show up in the dreams and we will be unable to control ourselves. Therefore, the thorough cleansing of the subconscious is the key. We achieve this by the repeated reading of the rebooting material, this needs to be repeated incessantly until we flood our brain with it. The degree of purification will not be enough if we do not reach the mentioned level of saturation which will create opportunities for relapses.

Regarding erectile difficulties

Due to the deterioration of one?s sexual performance, many brothers have joined rebooting in hopes to recover quickly. First of all we must interpret and understand the signals that our bodies are sending to us, only be doing so will we make the correct choices. Erectile difficulties is a self-protection mechanism of the body, this is the body telling us to stop what we are doing and begin the process of recuperation. The mechanism is similar to when we are exposed to cold and our skin pores close. Erectile difficulties are the body telling us to stop the sexual debauchery. Many brothers do not understand this concept, instead, they go look for filthier material hoping for their bodies to respond, this will only make matters worse. According to my research, people suffering from impotence and premature ejaculation share a common experience; forceful masturbation or masturbation multiple times in close succession. It has been mentioned in the records of TCM and I will mention it in my own words, the most important reason for the decline of kidney essence; do not indulge too much, the more the indulgence the heavier the price. masturbation is like shopping, we spend our health in exchange for fleeting moments of pleasure. Many people due to their greed of indulgence have become impotent, due to their ignorance in medicine. I hope these words is able to strike a note with the reader.

The final destination of rebooting

The purpose of rebooting is not to make you into a monk but to make you in control of your own desires and increase the cultivation of ethics for the individual. The (Chinese) rebooting community promotes the view of no sex before marriage, sex in moderation after marriage, this is the correct path. This point of view is in line with the thoughts of TCM.

The 10 stages of rebooting

Stage 1: This is when we realize that masturbation is affecting our healthy negatively and we have a thought about quitting. However, after reading about the harmlessness theories of masturbation we are not so determined anymore, we think that masturbation in moderation should do us no harm. This is the very initial stage of rebooting which is characterized by ignorance and naivety. The result: failure!

Stage 2: We gain a small understanding of the harmful effects of masturbation, but not a thorough understanding. The result: failure!

Stage 3: We begin to study other peoples? experience of rebooting and we try to break our rebooting record. Although we have managed to set a new record on the number of rebooting days we are still unable to break out of the vicious cycle. The result: failure!

Stage 4: This is the confusion stage, after numerous failures, we start to doubt ourselves. At this stage, we are not putting in enough of a fight, no fight no victory! The result: failure.

Stage 5: Our body gives out signals once again and it?s clear that our health has deteriorated. Once again we make up our minds to quit and rely helplessly on the brute force method without learning about the correct methods. The result: failure.

Stage 6: We begin to see the harmlessness theory for what it is, that it only works to trick the ?children?. This is when we experience a breakthrough in our way of thinking but we still fail to understand why we are unable to quit masturbation. The result: failure.

Stage 7: This is the stage of understanding, gained from reading vast amounts of rebooting articles, we begin to acknowledge spiritual teachings (such as Buddhism) which helps to increase our determination tremendously, we break the 100-day streak. The result: still failure.

Stage 8: The thorough cleansing stage, we are starting to cleanse ourselves both consciously and unconsciously. Once this idea has entered our subconscious we easily break the 200-day barrier. There may come one day when we are browsing the internet and have our guard down or we have been slack in our rebooting studies, we therefore stumble near the finishing line. The result: still failure.

Stage 9: We are almost there now and have become even more careful, our understanding takes on another level. We are no longer affected by dirty thoughts, what we see do not enter our intentions, what other people sees and like we react with caution. We are steady in our heart even amidst rough winds of thoughts. We have discarded the habit of masturbation altogether.

Stage 10: ?Nothing to begin with, how can nothing stir the dust?. We have come to the highest stage where all things returns to simplicity, just as the ?sweeping monk? from Jin Yong?s martial art novels. Great skill is hidden in plain site, this is only achieved by the Master.

Tips: Everyone should be able to find their current stage in rebooting, just like in video games we have our levels, once we have reached that level success will come. If our level of understanding is not there we will have a hard time to quit masturbation, for a master there is no difficulty, while mastery is difficult to achieve for a layman. Hopefully, everyone will continue to study rebooting articles, the day when we find our ?aha? moment is the day when we can walk away from masturbation for good. For the few bright people with keen minds, they are able to skip over stages just as a bright student is able to skip grades and the poor student will need to remain in the same grade.


Thanks everyone for keeping up with the material this far and also for your encouraging comments! Before continuing with the translations I would like to point out a few things.

It came to my attention that the author tends to repeat things every once in awhile. This makes the material rather tedious to read at times but I think it is the author?s intention to emphasize these passages in order to make them stick. In light of this, I will honor my original promise to translate the entire message regardless of how often things are being repeated.

Now that we?ve moved passed the intro chapter the rest of the book will be divided into ?seasons? or chapters. The chapters number to a total of 110 in the edition of the book that I own. New chapters are still being added on a regular basis to this day by the original author. It is therefore not a surprise that the oldest chapters were written years ago.

Season 2 that you will find below is a chapter that I find to be especially useful, it deals with Why we chose to reboot. I hope you guys will benefit from it as I have. Now onto the translations!


Season 1 [Soaring Eagle experience: the reason to repeated defeat - slack in cleansing the mind]

I?ve seen many cases of failure during my year in the rebooting community, many brothers vow to reboot and not long afterward they would fail in their attempt. People that relapse becomes despondent, self-doubting and even decadent, some people may also give up. Many brothers choose to flee, believing that rebooting is not possible for them.

The reason for rebooting is almost always due to deteriorating health, however, the attraction towards masturbation is strong and it binds us firmly. We are the puppet controlled by a puppet master, masturbation is like the enemy to which we suffer great casualties every time we fight him.

After a relapse, many brothers would blame it on the lack of willpower and self-restraint, this reveals an inadequacy in our understanding. According to my experiences, relying solely on willpower and perseverance is extremely difficult, unless the person is some kind of rebooting hero who would rather die than to masturbate, these people are very few in number.

Seeing people failing time and again, I?d like to point out a clear way for everyone, this method has helped me to free myself of the control that masturbation had over my life. There is a good saying: ?Success has its ways, lest you have not yet found one.? When you fail it?s important to consider in depth on why we fail and not to carelessly blame it on the lack of willpower, if we act this way we will fail again in the future and thus being unable to free ourselves from this vicious cycle.

I would like to spread a very important concept for everybody: brainwash! Everybody has probably heard of this term before. Those brothers who managed to stay clean were all thoroughly brainwashed.

Many people may be biased towards the term brainwash and think that it?s no good. Actually brainwash is a neutral term that is faultless by itself, what matters is to apply it correctly. Depending on your own understanding, brainwashing can be understood as the purification of thoughts or the rewiring of thoughts. Many people have been looking at lots of porn, some people have been doing this for over a decade, these people are actually brainwashing themselves with filthy material and turning their minds into x-rated minds. Many people have read about the harmlessness theories with regards to masturbation, this is also a form of brainwashing where we allow erroneous beliefs to occupy our brain and render ourselves unable to distinguish right from wrong.

Through brainwashing, a person may be totally transformed to another person, we need to make good use of this ?brainwashing? tool in order to systematically cleanse the dirt from our minds and restore purity. People may have questions as to how to brainwash and with what. In our daily lives, we are subjected to many forms of brainwashing regularly, only this happens without us being aware of it; where we are fed with notions and values. According to principles in psychologies, when we are being fed a notion for long enough, we will naturally come to accept it. This is seen in advertising where we might dislike a certain advertisement from the beginning but as time passes we come to dislike it less and slowly to accept it over time. This process is a process of brainwashing.

We need to apply brainwashing upon ourselves, as for materials we need to look no further than the rebooting material is posted by myself and other brothers, this will serve the basis for the material used for brainwashing. We must purposely engage in brainwashing by constant repetition, again and again until our brain is completely filled with brainwashing material. We need to do this from the moment we wake up in the morning, during our spare time during the day and in the evening. After a while, you will notice that your thoughts and ideology will undergo certain changes where the old filthy you have already vanished and it is replaced by a brand new sense of you. Having only a ?brainwashing awareness? is not enough, we also need the intensity. Many brothers are aware of rebooting knowledge, what they lack is ?brainwashing intensity?, if the intensity is inadequate the dosage will come out short and the results cannot be guaranteed. The reason to why the author is able to stay clean is because he is collecting rebooting material and thinking about rebooting every day. His mind is saturated with rebooting material and these material act as a firewall which separates PMO from himself.

Everybody have washed their clothes before, the principle of clothes washing and brain washing is very similar, when the thoughts are dirty our actions become tainted. Since the brain controls the hands we should therefore not chop off our hands, we need to recognize that our thoughts have become contaminated, the only way to become clean again is through brainwashing. High dosage brainwashing, repeated brainwashing, and thorough brainwashing! We must thoroughly rinse away the x-rated material and return the brain to its former state similar to a filthy shirt that needs washing. To achieve a thorough result we must increase the intensity through repeated efforts when the intensity has been reached the results will surely follow. By then we will have conquered PMO and reached a stage of complete transformation, forever departing from that vile self.

For those brothers who repeatedly fail, I hope that you can pick up the psychological weapon of ?brainwashing? to thoroughly cleanse your minds. When your minds are clean your patterns of behavior will change naturally and victory will be assured. After you have used rebooting material to brainwash yourselves, you should also take what you have learned and impart it to other brothers, in doing this your own process of brainwashing will strengthen. The more you repeat this process the clearer will the results become and with time PMO will naturally disappear.

Season 2 [Soaring Eagle experience: the misconception in repeated failure lies with the incorrect motive of restoring one?s sexual performance]

Here we will talk about motives behind rebooting. When I logged on today to answer questions I met 2 brothers that are unable to escape from their vicious cycles due to incorrect motives in rebooting. Previously I would run into similar cases every day. This is a serious question that deserves its own topic.

To reboot in order to recover one?s sexual performance seems quite natural when first hearing about it. Many brothers have suffered a decline in their sexual function due to long-term masturbation, some even have developed premature ejaculation symptoms and impotence, others are on their way to the said symptoms. The worst part is that these people have not realized the seriousness of the problem and act like those frogs in a boiling pot, swimming at ease in the slowly heated up pot.

According to the [Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor]: ?Illness is due to overuse!? Our body is like a piece of machinery if we only use it and ignore maintenance, the parts will quickly wear out and even become useless. Our body is capable of a certain degree of self-repair, this is why after a period of rebooting we will experience certain improvement in our sexual functions. This is the stage that is most susceptible to breaking our reboot; as our kidney essence recovers there will certainly be reactions down there, evil thought will begin to flourish, those brothers undergoing reboot with the desire to recover their sexual function will begin to feel restless, the thought to ?test? will arise in wanting to see the degree of recovery. It is this thought that sinks them once again into the vicious cycle of PMO, once released it?s released and we may even see a deterioration in our condition.

This is a typical case of incorrect motives, the root is incorrect and therefore the fruit is also incorrect. This motive is incorrect from the very beginning and must result in failure. This is because the reason for rebooting is to enjoy further indulgences in the future, to further satisfy their own cravings, this motive is wrong from the very beginning. The wrong cause will surely result in the wrong result, this will aggravate the vicious cycle making us incapable of escaping from it.

Therefore, to establish the correct rebooting motive is the key and also the foundation. This is comparable to the foundations of a skyscraper, the foundations must be solid and correct or else we are building castles of sand, prone to collapse at any moment.

I advocate the following motives:

1) To restore health to the body and mind: This is the very first motive for many brothers due to the deterioration of their health.
2) To maintain a healthy way of living according to TCM: in TCM it is recommended to protect and cherish the essence. Studying a little TCM will further benefit our rebooting process.
3) Religious beliefs: for example, Buddhism is against sexual debauchery and premarital sex as well as moderation of sex post marriage.

Naturally, there are other commendable motives, such as to not let one?s family down and to realize one?s dreams in life.

We must not adopt the motive of ?reboot in order to recovery sexual functions?. Once we have adopted the correct motive our sexual function will naturally recover. But if your motive is to merely improve the sexual functions you will once again fall into the trap, this will happen by default and has been made known from the experiences of thousands of brothers.

Hopefully, through these writings I have brought everybody beneficial food for thought, and also a clearer understanding towards rebooting.

Feel free to contact me for any questions and I will answer them with the backing of extensive experiences. I hope to have helped brothers to overcome their vicious cycles and in rediscovering that bright and healthy self.



Season 3 [Soaring Eagle experience: teach you how to rid the problem of frequent nocturnal emissions]

In this article, we will discuss the topic of nocturnal emission in depth in hopes to point out a clear path for everyone. For those readers with a keen understanding, I believe they will no longer be bothered with the worry of nocturnal emission after reading this article. Please read the following passages thoroughly.

Out of all the hundreds of questions that I have answered, the topic of nocturnal emission makes up a big share of the count. As long as you have begun to reboot, you will likely have been troubled by nocturnal emissions. I come across this topic daily from fellow brothers, no fewer than 3 per day, the most I have received 10 per day on this issue. It could even be said that large portions of brothers are deeply troubled by nocturnal emissions, they have searched far and wide to no avail and are unable to reduce the frequency of nocturnal emissions. To have built up the kidney essence only to have them dispelled one night via nocturnal emissions is very disheartening and troubling.

Like everyone else I?ve once made up my mind to reboot, yet I was deeply troubled by nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emission itself does not count as breaking the reboot, but my body would noticeably feel weakened. This especially applies to those brothers whose had their kidney essences greatly weakened, if you add nocturnal emission to their already weakened state is like adding frost on top of the snow. The day after nocturnal emission is when the body will feel not up to par, some people even describes the experience of their bodies falling apart. Although the manner that we lose our essences and qi through nocturnal emission differs from that of masturbation, the results are more or less the same, once essences and qi have been lost the body will feel weakened. If your body is very healthy and your kidney qi is plentiful, an occasional nocturnal emission will not be felt. However, if the kidney qi has already been weakened, once we have a nocturnal emission, the effect will become very apparent. As we age the discomfort we feel following nocturnal emission will become more apparent. Furthermore, nocturnal emission will adversely impact our determination in rebooting, although it does not count as breaking the reboot, following nocturnal emission our stamina will noticeably decrease like an inflated ball. TCM (Chinese Traditional Medicine) advocates ?accumulation of essence and qi? where the leakage of essence and qi is frowned upon.

In Taoism the leakage of essence is called ?the leaving of the pellet?, if we take away the essence how are we to transform it into qi? There is a saying that it takes 100 days in order to build up the foundation during which time there can be no leakage of essences. 100 day without leakage is a feat that is achieved by extremely few people, only those that have acquired the way of the Tao is able to achieve this feat. Actually, breaking the 100 days is like breaking the paper on papered tapered windows, if you know the method it is very easy, but if you don?t know the method, it?s very hard to decrease the frequency of essence leakage, let alone the excessive expectation of breaking the 100-day barrier. According to my research, many people due to that they have masturbated long-term suffers from a great deficiency in their kidney qi. It would take from half a year to 8 months before they experience nocturnal emission during their reboot. The 100-day barrier that I had mentioned is addressed towards the second stage of the reboot.

I was once troubled by nocturnal emission for the better part of a year, during that time I would experience nocturnal emission about 3-5 times each month, sometimes I would experience it two nights in a row. Although the number of times is not that great, it is, however, a great deal for an already weakened body where we simply cannot afford to leak so to speak. I remember a time when I had been recovering very well only to experience a marked decline in my physical well being after a nocturnal emission. During this time period, I took care to record the times of my leakages, the dates, the time, whether or not dreams were present, I had it recorded down in detail. After a nocturnal emission, I would go on the internet to look for ways to combat it. I?ve come across a countless number of articles and posts; medicine was mentioned as well as different forms of physical exercise, also suggestive healing was mentioned, however, there were no ways to decrease the frequency of the leakage. There was a time when I perplexed over the question of whether or not the leakage is due to the ?overflowing of essences?, this was then dismissed after I discovered that there are people who are able to greatly decrease or even to halt altogether, nocturnal emission through meditation. At the time I was thinking of how wonderful it would be to have a master to guide me into this matter. According to my understanding, those who have opened their small circulatory cycles according to Qigong are able to stop the leakage. However this requires the guidance of a proper tutor, one should not attempt this on their own due to the risk running into issues, therefore I didn?t attempt this exercise on my own. In Qigong, by holding the horse stance one is also able to decrease the frequency of nocturnal emissions, but to achieve 100 days of no leakage is very difficult. Nocturnal emission in Taoism is a ?hard threshold?, many people have difficulty in passing this barrier. If this barrier cannot be passed, a substantial improvement (Translator?s note: I believe the author isn?t referring to a normal improvement upon an already weakened body, instead, it is the total transformation above and beyond a normal constitution, like becoming a superman in terms of health. Therefore, the 100 days threshold should not be viewed as a prerequisite to improving one?s health, it?s the threshold towards unlocking one?s latent powers) in one?s constitution is very difficult, because whatever we put in is leaked away like a leaking water tank where the tank is never to be full.

I?ve now finally fumbled my way to the method, one can also say that I?ve reached an understanding (Translator?s note: in Chinese, understanding literally translates to ?knowing the Tao?. In this context, understanding should be interpreted as having the defining ?aha moment? and piercing into the truth) . Previously I came across articles dealing with similar topics but was unable to comprehend them, this is also owing the complexity of the articles where the contents becomes more difficult the more you read them, and if I did what was prescribed in those articles it was easy to miss the essence and not hit the mark, and so the issue of nocturnal emission was not resolved. An article with several thousands of words in it can often be summarized in the last sentence. The saying goes ?Falseness may spread across a thousand books, the truth is contained in one sentence?, if we are able to truly comprehend this then there is no need to read many articles lest we become even more confused. If we are not able to reach the understanding then the paper thin veil becomes like a mountain, if understanding is reached, breaking the veil is like breaking through a sheet of paper.

Ever since I have arrived at the understanding, I have not had a nocturnal emission for 3 months. I could feel that my kidney qi is becoming ever more abundant and my overall vitality is very good. Today I will pierce this paper thin veil, hopefully, everybody could pay close attention to the below writings.

Listen, understand, and you will save money, there will be no need to take medicine and hospital expenses could be saved.

First of all, let?s familiarize us with the concept of the ?essence gate?. The essence gate is like a dam if the dam is sturdy enough it will not become overwhelmed by the flood of water. If not, nocturnal emissions will be frequent. If your gate is very sturdy, even if you have Ying deficiency in the kidney & liver, the dam will still hold firm. The relationship can be described the analogy of the spear and the shield if your shield is strong the spear will not be able to penetrate it despite its sharpness. Therefore, the question of how to reinforce the essence gate, to reinforce the ?shield? is the problem that we must solve. I was able to cast off the trouble of nocturnal emission thanks to a rhyme that I have discovered which originated from the Eight Brocade exercise, called ?Hands climbing feet sturdies the kidney and the waist?. This movement has a very simple form, stand with both legs straight and use the hands to touch the ground. In broadcast gymnastics (Translator?s note: kids in Chinese schools do simple gymnastics movements during school, these movements are basically like stretching and is guided by broadcasts from loud speakers) there is a similar movement, actually, these movements are born out of the traditional Chinese Eight Brocade Qigong exercises. Whatever you do, do not underestimate these movements as they contain ?great mysterious principles?. The said movement, through stretching the bladder meridian line found at the backside of the thighs have the function of strengthening the essence gates. The principle is the following: the kidney meridian line and the bladder meridian line is reflected off each other, their functions are connected together, qi and blood are interconnected, therefore by stretching the bladder meridian line we are also working the kidney meridian line. Thus we are able to reinforce our essence gate, executing the said movement is like tightening screws to the gate, once the gate is secured, the issue of nocturnal emission is resolved. In the past I?ve encountered numerous articles, the Eight Brocade is also mentioned in them but at the time the contents did not stick in my mind due to my lack of understanding, I didn?t comprehend the essence of the teachings and hence did not fully grasp the power of the movement. Now I?ve come to fully understand the battle-tested effectiveness of the movement which far surpasses the efficiency of any medicine! Furthermore, the exercise is very easy to execute and to repeat over time. Those with an adequate understanding will come to treasure the movement as the most valuable asset while those with an inadequate understanding will tend to ignore and dismiss it.

Detailed how-to

The method that I would teach everyone is: just do one of the movement from the Eight Brocade exercises, the one that targets nocturnal emissions ?Hands climbing feet sturdies the kidney and the waist?. Persist in executing this movement properly, which means to find that stretchy feeling, it?s important to have that correct feeling. When we are doing this movement we should feel the bladder meridian line being stretched tighter, straightened and lengthened like a rubber band. Once we have found this feeling we need to intensify it like tightening the screws of the essence gate. Every day I would perform this movement 500 times before I go to bed I would do it 200 times. I would strongly recommend doing this exercise before bed which is likened to putting a lock on the essence gate. If you do not do this before going to bed then we might experience nocturnal emissions, this is because the essence gate might not be properly secured which can only be secured by performing this movement. However we must take care to not overstrain ourselves while doing this exercise, otherwise, the overtraining may lead to nocturnal emission, we should pay close attention to this. In the beginning, many people lack the foundations, other people may have a poor physical condition, therefore we do not need to do many repetitions in the beginning. We could, for example, start from 30 repetitions, or do them in sets, 60 repetitions may be divided into 3 sets with 20 per set and a minute of rest between the sets. The second day we do this we may experience pain or discomfort in the body, we only need to rest for a couple days to return to normal and then continue from where we left off and we will not experience further discomfort in the body.


Lastly, I would like to elaborate on the characteristics of the essence. Essence is a mysterious substance, if given is able to grant life and if saved is able to preserve life. There is one characteristic of the essence and that is essence is able to become ?internalized?, through meditational practices the essence may be transformed into qi, essence can then be returned to nourish the brain. (Translator?s note: in English, this may be called sexual transmutation and has been expounded upon by authors such as Napoleon Hill). The saying that ?Once essences are full it will overflow? is a theory that is only applicable to the layman. Because the layman is not cultivated in meditational practices he will be limited on the plane of ?Once essences are full it will overflow?. This is like a person believing there are only white swans in the world just because he has only seen white swans, in reality, there are black swans as well only that they have not yet been seen by that person.


Once a brother has reached a certain stage in the rebooting process he will likely be bothered with the issue of nocturnal emissions. We must learn to control the frequency of these leakages and try to limit the frequency to no more than 3 times per month. Hopefully, I have been able to provide guidance for those who are deeply troubled by nocturnal emissions, I hope one day the issue will no longer come to bother you.

Success case feedback

Case 1: Previously I saw in your thread the ?Hands climbing feet sturdies the kidney and the waist? movement, this is truly a remarkable move! I have kept doing this exercise for 200 times before bed every day and I have not experienced nocturnal emission for over 40 days. Before I learned about this exercise I would experience nocturnal emission twice a week, what a powerful exercise this is. However, I did fall short and broke the reboot after 44 days. I can now guarantee to quit PMO completely and I?m full confidence.

Case 2: The first month of reboot I had nocturnal emissions 8 times which almost frightened me to death, after reading Soaring Eagle?s article my determination is renewed. In addition, I?ve started to practice the Eight Brocade exercises, in the second month I?ve yet to experience a single nocturnal emission. My state of mind is pretty good now! I?m very grateful for Soaring Eagle and the rebooting forums. I hope everybody can do as I did and walk on the path of righteousness, together we will build a bright future.

Case 3: Masturbated for 8 years! Short, ugly and poor (Translator?s note: Chinese slang for loser basically). The girl of my dreams sleeps in the arms of another man, very hurtful indeed. After having read Soaring Eagle?s posts I?ve come to realize that I have wasted valuable years. Today is the 31st day of my reboot, at day 7 I had a nocturnal emission, afterward, I did in according to Soaring Eagle?s methods and successfully controlled by leakage. Ever since the 7th day until today I have yet to have another nocturnal emission, my dreams are peaceful and I no longer have erotic dreams. My body clearly feels more vital, my legs are no longer soft, waist and back ache have disappeared. My appearance has become clearer and no longer carry the wretched look! My thoughts are clear now and my courage has returned. Now I do the things I enjoy doing and make money towards my freedom. I finally understand this is what is called real living. The sad and inferior days of self-rubbing is now forever behind me.

Case 4: I began rebooting after reading in rebooting forums. Afterwards, I often had nocturnal emissions which irritated me a lot. I remember when it was the most serious, I leaked 7 times within a month. When it was cold on the night I would have an emission. My body was very irritated and felt week overall. Even during my midday naps, I experienced emission. At that time I just wanted to die, but the will to live was very strong, so I gathered my courage and told my mom about rebooting and the frequent nocturnal emissions. I told her that I felt very week so my mom took me to see an old traditional Chinese doctor. I knew that doctor from a very young age, now he is maybe 80 years old but is still working. The head of the clinic told him to come by and sit for a while and treat some patients every day until noon. I told the old doctor about my condition and was given medicine, the doctor told me not to be nervous and that I would recover. Just like that, after taking his medicine I felt much better. I would have nocturnal emission twice every month and so I no longer felt the need to do any kidney strengthening exercises and stopped taking the medicine. After stopping the medicine the symptoms rebounded and once again I experienced frequent nocturnal emissions. At the time I was thinking to myself how nice it would be to no longer take any medicine and so I continued to do the exercises provided by Soaring Eagle. Now I do it every day whereas before I was not persistent and would have nocturnal emission every couple of days. Now I do them every day and have not leaked for about a month or two. Hehe. Though I feel that I have a small advantage which allowed my body to start recovery and that is ever since I started rebooting I have not broken the reboot. The physical as well as the mental act of masturbation no longer exist in my head. That brother who experience frequent nocturnal emissions please hold out, your bodies will be able to sense it. If you are good to your body it will know it. Please continue with the kidney strengthening exercise forever.


Season 4 [Soaring Eagle experience: be vigilant during the flatline period and of the fed up mood]

Every day we have many brothers breaking their reboot, the annoyance and the disappointment that we experience following a relapse is not hard to understand, I believe every brother have had this experience repeatedly. From vowing to stay clean to being defeated time and again to finally staying clean for good is a long and slow process. To change our awareness is a process of learning, it?s a process of ever-increasing our level of awareness. In this season we will elaborate on the flatlining period and of the fed up mood during the rebooting process.

For the brothers that repeatedly relapse, if you are familiar with TCM you will notice that there is a pattern to the relapses. The pattern of the relapse and the ?value of kidney qi? is intricately interconnected. When you feel that your body is weak you will instinctively want to reboot. Once you have been rebooting for a while and kidney qi will have started to recover somewhat, this is when it?s very easy to relapse. In the beginning of the reboot, we will experience a period of flatlining with regards to our desires, many people during this stage do not experience strong cravings and are able to control themselves. But during the flatlining period, it?s very easy to let our guard down and think that we have succeeded, in reality, our desires are only temporarily in dormant. Once our kidney qi has recovered to a certain degree that is when the desires are awakened. During this stage the relapse is often accompanied by vigorous masturbation, all our previous efforts have gone down the drain. The period of flatline varies from person to person, for some people that period is 3 days, for others, it can be 20 days or 60 days. According to my understanding, the average duration of the flatline period is around 3 weeks or 21 days. Following the flatlining period is the peak period for relapses after the relapse is the period of regret, the feeling of doubt and regret will be quite strong at this stage.

The purpose of this article is to let everyone become aware of the flatline period. During this period we need to increase our alertness and maintain our vigilance, we must not slack in our rebooting studies. Only through the unceasing study of rebooting material can we increase our understanding and our level of determination. The level of determination is comparable to when we grind for levels in an internet game, in the beginning, our level is low and succumbs to the temptations of the heart, once we have continuously studied rebooting material and our level of determination have risen, the heart can no longer tempt us. If you don?t study rebooting knowledge, no understanding will take place, the level of determination will forever remain at a low level. And when we encounter a temptation the result is obvious; every encounter will result in failure, when we see x-rated material we will not have any determination, once we see it our heart begins to flutter and we click on the material, without immunity and resistance we are finished.

[Vow to reboot] -> [flatline period] -> [kidney qi recovers somewhat] -> [peak period for relapse] -> [period for regret]

This is the process of relapse, also known as the vicious circle. Many people cannot escape from this circle for years or even decades. Once I was stuck in this vicious circle for well over a decade because at the time I didn?t reach understanding, I didn?t study rebooting material nor was I aware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I only knew the brute force way and the blind way. With regards to the brute force way, I thought that I will be able to quit masturbation by relying on willpower. In reality, the brute force way will surely result in failure because we have not raised our state of awareness. The blind way is trying to reboot without the knowledge of rebooting, the blind way will also surely fail for the same reason.

The contamination of the brain by x-rated material is similar to when a computer is infected by a virus. When a computer is struck by a virus it will affect how the systems operate, similarly, when the human brain is contaminated our health will have problems. Normally the areas where problems first appear is in the urinary system, mainly in the form of prostatitis. Afterwards once the kidneys are weakened, many illnesses will result from weakened kidneys, any illness might appear, the decrease in our mental faculties is also very common. TCM: in the above, kidneys are connected to the brain. Masturbation injures the kidneys and hence must also injure our mental power, memory and concentration will both decrease. If our mental power is lacking our studies and career will invariably suffer.

Let?s now talk about the fed up mood with regards to rebooting.

The mood of being fed up is very common during reboot, this is like being fed up with a piece of clothing, a food dish or a cell phone. Studying rebooting material a lot can also make us feel fed up, once we experience this state our rebooting efforts will be halved, this is why it?s important to learn to adjust our attitude and state of mind. We need to manage our mood well, as soon as we begin to feel fed up we need to make adjustments. Cultivate the habit of reading and studying, study rebooting material daily without slacking, once the habit is established we will not easily become fed up anymore. This is like a toothbrush, once a habit forms it becomes natural if we don?t brush our teeth one day we might feel uncomfortable. Similarly, we need to find this state of mind with our rebooting studies. Of course, we don?t have to study the topic of rebooting exclusively, cultivating a healthy lifestyle can also be a good topic due to the similarity it shares with rebooting. In addition, a rebooting article can be read numerous times, through reinforcement comes new learning, the more you read the deeper the understanding will become as opposed to dabbling into something and then stopping and forgetting.

Concluding remarks: Sun Tzu - If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. To reboot we need to understand how to the reboot is broken and why we cannot escape the vicious circle, every brother should think deeply about these questions. When you have understood our state of awareness will be raised. If we remain in our initial level of understanding, the brute force way and the blind way till both lead to failure. Only through continuous efforts in our studies can we arrive at that ?aha moment?, once there our state of awareness will be different, our level of determination will be raised, the distance to ridding PMO for good will be within reach. Keep on fighting brothers!

Season 5 [Soaring Eagle experience: how to supplement the health the right way]

Today let?s discuss the topic of ?supplementing? (Translator?s note: the word supplementation in this context can also be interpreted as to repair or to mend). Just like the question of how to quit PMO, supplementing is a popular question that many brothers pay a great deal of attention to. There is a good amount of misconceptions surrounding this topic, this article will now dig into the issue in detail, hopefully, it?s of help to everyone.

Supplementing is a big topic with a deep depth of knowledge, it is not as simple as one would think it to be. Many brothers due to their long-term habit of PMO, has their bodies greatly weakened, their first reaction is naturally to take supplements. They tend to want to ingest something as a supplement but because they do not know what to ingest, they will go to a traditional Chinese doctor and then take herbal medicine to supplement their kidney qi. To supplement is necessary, but one has to learn how to supplement with high efficiency and not with low efficiency, it requires careful attention. No matter if we look for dietary or medical supplementation on our own, or have a doctor prescribe medicine for us, the foremost prerequisite to supplementing is this: the cultivation of heart/mind must be in place. This is because once you have taken the supplements your kidney qi will start to recover, once it has recovered then desires will appear, this is when it?s very easy to relapse. Relapsing is equivalent to losing kidney qi, this will greater hamper the results of the supplements. Therefore, if you are not aware of the importance in cultivating the heart/mind and go ahead with the supplements anyway, the result will be sporadic with a mix of both good and bad periods, the body will not have greatly recovered. We may even experience adverse side effects due to a large number of supplements we have taken, making us worse off. Furthermore, there will be diminishing returns in taking supplements, this is apparent once we have taken lots of supplements where the effect is most noticeable in the beginning. And so this is the first misconception of the topic of the supplement: only knowing how to supplement but not the cultivation of heart/mind. Everyone should, therefore, emphasize the cultivation of the heart/mind and the study of rebooting material. Raise the effort in heart/mind cultivation, only through reboot studies may we increase the level of determination, with the determination we will naturally fantasize less and even achieve no fantasizing. If we apply supplements on top of this state of mind we will multiply the efficiency. Otherwise what we put in from above will only be leaked from below thus preventing kidney qi from ever becoming full.

The second misconception regarding supplementation: ignoring the importance of rice in the diet

Actually the most beneficial supplements for the essence and qi is not ginseng, deer antlers, yam, black beans or any of the supplemental medicines, instead, we find in rice! If we imagine the supplementation process to building a house, rice is then the foundation. If you don?t properly eat your rice, then no matter how much other supplements you take you will not see great results, this is because the foundation is not solid.

There are many ways to prepare rice, I would approve congee.

A masterpiece within the topic of health maintenance [Lao Lao Heng Yan] states: ?Ingesting a diluted bowl of congee every day on empty stomach is able to rejuvenate, give birth to saliva and quicken digestion, the benefits is not trifling? In [Shi Zhou], the great Song dynasty poet Lou You (1125-1210) wrote: ?People far and wide studies longevity, not knowing what they study lies right before their eyes, to obtain longevity one has only to offer congee to the Gods?. The benefit of congee is clearly observed in the fact that Lou You has lived for over 80 years. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that congee is able to make semen flourish, cultivate the stomach qi, help with the digestion and nourish the entire existence.

The Tang dynasty doctor Sun Simiao (581?682) suffered from many ailments as a child and hence took up to study medicine, combines Buddhism and Taoism wisdom in health maintenance and lived to be over 100 years. He also advocated the intake of congee in the morning. In addition, use Chinese medicine in making congee, using the ?rice qi? and water moisture as ?medicine enhancers? and administer according to the ?biological timing? of the five viscera and six bowels to nurse one?s body and cure diseases.

Therefore, do not focus on the trees and lose sight of the forest, in other words, do not ignore the importance of congee as the most effective means of supplementing the essence. Eat your rice is more important than anything else.

The third misconception regarding the supplementation: blindly supplement without consulting a traditional Chinese doctor

This misconception is very common among brothers. Some people think it?s a hassle to go to the doctor, others are afraid of embarrassment and so on and so forth. These people may end up looking up supplements on the internet by comparing their own symptoms against a suitable supplement, they then go to the drugstore to buy the supplement. In reality, this method is biased, kidney deficiency is not like catching the flu where one can just solve the problem by picking up flu medicine at the drugstore. Kidney deficiency requires correct diagnosis, according to TCM: Same disease, different treatment. Different treatment, same disease. Even with the same symptoms, because we all have different physiology, the recipe might not be the same, only after the four diagnostic methods (Translator?s note: as in looking, listening, asking and feeling the pulse) may a correct judgment be made. Therefore, the preferred way is to go to a well-known clinic and seek an old and experienced Chinese traditional doctor. Also, do not put all hope in the doctor and the medicine, 30% treatment, 70% maintenance (Translator?s note: 70% of the recovery consists of maintaining a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. This is much more gradual compared to taking medicines). If you do not study how to maintain a good health and have not mastered the way of good health maintenance, the effectiveness of medicine will be severely limited. For example, if you are taking supplemental medicine but at the same time stays up at nights and have a long period of sitting, then the effectiveness of the medicine will be very low. In addition, strong supplementation is not suitable for many people in the weakened state. This is because a weakened body cannot handle a strong tonic. For example, if we administer a strong tonic for kidney and spleen yang deficiency, the body will not be able to absorb the tonic which will result in extra burden for the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is best to seek an experienced traditional Chinese doctor for diagnosis and not blindly supplement on one?s own initiative.

The fourth misconception regarding the supplementation: no exercise.

When talking about supplementing the first reaction is what to ingest. Actually, the most brilliant supplement is not in eating but in moving! Medicine supplement is not as good as a dietary supplement, a dietary supplement is not as good as moving supplement. Moving supplement is a very good word, exercise may help your body to recover which surpasses the healing effect of a medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine states that 3 Yang opens up good fortune; kindness, delight, and exercise. Also stated is that strong yang leads to longevity, ?The one strong with Yang energy is like the sky and the sun, to lose it results in discounted longevity and brightness is lost?. Therefore, exercise as a supplement is very effective, as long as we do not overstrain ourselves, exercise is very beneficial for the recovery of the body. The misconception that people have is not to exercise, people complain about their slow pace of their recovery, you only need to ask yourself if you are exercising and whether or not you have learned how to maintain the health? To cut out PMO alone is far from enough, exercise must be added, we must learn the way to maintain a good health if we do all this recovery will be quick. The 3 Yang includes ?kindness raises Yang? in this is contained deep health maintaining philosophy. By doing deeds of kindness including the release of wild animals according to Buddhism, is very beneficial to the body?s recovery. Do kind deeds and have a merciful heart, the Yang energy will naturally supplement itself to fullness.

The optimal supplemental method that I recommend: to sit in meditation and doing standing exercise.

I have previously tried out many supplemental medicines, none of them equals to sitting in meditation and doing standing exercises. Sitting meditation and standing exercises not only replenishes vital energy and benefits the cultivation of the heart, two birds in one stone. It doesn?t cost money nor has any side effects. Many people may think that one can run into issues (Translator?s notes: by issues the author is referring to the adverse side effects that a Qigong practitioner may encounter during meditation. These side effects may manifest physically or psychologically and is not a part of the normal manifestations that occur with regards to Qigong practice) by practicing Qigong, this does indeed occur, however, the form that I advocate is not the form that is likely to run into issues. I?m talking about the sitting meditation and standing exercise that is related to health maintenance, in this no issues will occur.

The biggest supplemental medicine: no PMO! This is the best way of supplementation. If you take strong tonics for a few fortnights, two consecutive nights of nocturnal emissions will bring you back to square one. Therefore, having the proper supplement in place involves working towards reducing the number of nocturnal emissions to a minimum, put an end to all factors that may contribute towards having these emissions, combine this with proactive physical exercises and the body will enjoy a rather quick recovery. For brothers with a long history of PMO whose kidney qi have been overdrafted and are showing many physical symptoms, the question of how to reduce the frequency of nocturnal emission is of paramount importance. One must take this question into consideration and research into it.

Lastly, I would like to fill in on the problem of prostatitis, this is one of the most commonly occurring issues with brothers, almost everyone has encountered it. Many brothers carry misconceptions in their minds thinking that having prostatitis is like catching a cold, that one can simply take some medicine and hope to get well. In reality, this is completely false, there are many brothers who has visited countless doctors and spent tens of thousands in medical bills but are still not cured, what is the reason? In fact, if one is familiar with TCM then it is understood that masturbation hurts kidney qi and when kidney qi has been injured then prostatitis will appear. The doctor may heal you and help you to recover your kidney qi, prostatitis might go away temporarily, but you continue to masturbation and hurt your kidney qi once more, therefore, prostatitis is very likely to return. The relapse rate for prostatitis is over 90%. This happens because we have not grasped medical knowledge, the problem is in our understanding. Only if we cut off PMO completely is there the hope of making a full recovery from prostatitis. This form of full recovery corresponds to a leap in understanding where the root of the problem has been understood. In paying attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using the kidney qi sparingly, prostatitis is unlikely to relapse. If we have not deeply understood the problem we will have to visit the hospital frequently and spend ever more money in diagnosing and medical expenses.


Season 6 [Soaring Eagle experience: prostatitis, varicocele, premature ejaculation and impotence recovery]

Prostatitis and varicocele are relatively common illnesses for brothers, especially prostatitis. Plenty of brothers suffer from frequent urination due to that PMO damages the kidneys qi. In fact, many people also suffer from varicocele but they are unaware of it; varicocele may not have any uncomfortable symptoms. One can find out if one has the illness by taking an ultrasonic test in the hospital. Normally, varicocele will occur on the left side in 99% of the cases, in other words above the left testicles. In serious cases, the varicose veins clump together in an earthworm-like shape and can be felt by the fingers with the addition of a bulging feeling. In lighter cases there may not be any uncomfortable symptoms present which is the form that I had, I have had it for over a decade without knowing it myself. I found out by taking an ultrasonic test at the hospital. Some people may have it on the left side, others may have it on both sides with the left side taking up the majority of the cases. Today we will discuss prostatitis and varicocele according to my experiences and research. Do not underestimate these two illnesses by any means.

I contracted prostatitis very early on, within a year of when I started to masturbate. The symptoms of frequent and urgent urination appeared, at most I would go to the toilet over 10 times during the span of a night. During the day I would need to pee shortly after drinking water, holding it back was impossible. Later on, I learned that the inability to hold back urine is very common among elderly people, this is because elderly people have greatly weakened kidney qi and hence they have lost the ability to withhold urine. Children, by contrast, have an abundance of kidney qi, enabling them to withhold peeing even on a full bladder for over an hour. Therefore, frequent urination is the sign that your kidney qi is on the decline and that PMO needs to cease, this is your body sending you warnings. If you do not heed the warning and continue what you were doing, this will result in the more serious form of prostatitis. The problem does not stop at prostatitis, the whole body might experience symptoms. Many diseases arise from weakened kidneys, prostatitis is only one the earliest appearing symptoms.

Normally, when we encounter the symptom of frequent urination, we should know that it is caused by PMO. This is because before we engaged in PMO the symptoms were absent. During this time most people would rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice so to speak and start to curb masturbation on their own initiative. After a couple weeks, kidney qi have started to recover, masturbation resumes and frequent urination again makes its presence known. Usually, we would be given two forms of medicine at the hospital, one specifically treats prostatitis and the other treats inflammation. The more ethical doctors will advise you to stop masturbation and long sittings. The actual situation is that many doctors have not realized the danger of masturbation, many doctors subscribe by the harmlessness theory of masturbation, this is very sad indeed.

Now that I have completely cut out PMO, frequent urination have not resurfaced anymore. After studying TCM I came to realize that abundant kidney qi wards off many forms of unhealthy influences, weak kidney qi will invite onto itself any possible illness. Many brothers have spent tens of thousands on medical expenses in order to treat prostatitis but the illness remains and is not cured over an extended period of time. Often, prostatitis would temporarily heal only to reappear again after masturbation is resumed, the relapse rate is very high. Actually the root reason for the relapses is due to misconceptions in understanding. Many brothers treat prostatitis as a cold, they think that by eating a few pills the problem would resolve itself and to never appear again, this is a grave misunderstanding. The outbreak of prostatitis is precisely due to that kidney qi have been weakened as a result of masturbation, the purpose of taking medicine is to recover kidney qi. If you continue to masturbate once kidney qi has recovered you will injure it again and prostatitis will relapse. If you still have not recognized the seriousness of kidney qi and treat prostatitis as the common flu, then you will never treat the illness from its roots in your lifetime, after the age of 40 the illness may proliferate or develop into more serious forms. Therefore, there is only one way to completely cure prostatitis, and that is to completely quit PMO and also sexual fantasizing, exercise proactively, not staying up late during the nights and not sitting in long periods at a time. Cultivate favorable lifestyle and dietary habits. For those married brothers, if your prostatitis is serious, I would advise you to exercise self-restraint for a while until you have accumulated abundant kidney qi. Once kidney qi is plentiful, use it sparingly which means to practice moderation in the sex life. In this way, relapses in prostatitis can be avoided. [Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor]: illness is due to overuse! Therefore, the practice of moderation is a learning in itself, to overdo is the same as to underdo.

Many people ask the question of whether asceticism is harmful. Rookies especially would ask this question. My answer is the asceticism is harmless, if it is harmful then wouldn?t that mean all monks are unhealthy? The reality is that many monks live up to 100 years and beyond. Master Hsu Yun lived 120 years, Master Benhuan reached the age of 106 years, in the Buddhist school, there are many cases of longevity. Therefore, the notion that asceticism is harmful to the body is sheer nonsense. There is only one scenario that would make asceticism harmful, and that is when the cultivation of heart/mind is inadequate and sexual fantasizing occurs daily with the urge to masturbate but one does not dare to act upon it, the continuous restrainment in this manner would possibly give rise to problems. If the cultivation is adequate then self-restraint is harmless.

I would like to add a point and that is the harmfulness of sexual fantasizing. Many rookies would ask: if fantasizing without masturbation count as breaking the reboot and whether or not it?s harmful? Actually, sexual fantasizing seriously depletes the body, even more serious than masturbation itself. This is clearly treated in TCM. Many brothers discover that their spirit/manner is depressed after looking themselves in the mirror following sexual fantasies. In TCM this is called: essence leaves when the mind wanders. As long as we engage in sexual fantasization, essence will automatically leave us. Masturbation is the visible form of depletion while sexual fantasization is the invisible form, the invisible being the more serious form. Hopefully all brothers would deeply recognize what has been said and increase their rebooting studies, intensify the heart/mind cultivation and cut out all sexual fantasies; cut out the thought once it has arisen, an arisen thought should not be followed, the mind being immediately aware of new thoughts and the ceasing of the thought once the mind is aware of it.

Below we will be entering the core material:

Prostatitis will lead to infertility. Every person with prostatitis will of course not become infertile, specifically, it will depend on the seriousness of your condition. Prostatitis will also result in the decline of sperm quality, if the quality is poor the offspring will not live up to an excellent standard. It?s possible that your future child will suffer from health problems the moment it is born, with inadequate prenatal conditions. Many brothers are skeptical to the notion of karma because you have indulged yourself in ignorance during your youthful years, it is very possible that fertility will be lost in the future, this, in reality, is karma. During this day and age of indulgence, infertility is ever more common and troubles many people. In this stage you are possibly troubled by the symptoms caused by masturbation, once you are married, the worry will be on the inadequate sperm quality which is unable to cause pregnancy. Moreover, according to TCM: kidneys are connected to the brain in the above! Masturbation hurts the kidney and brain power, a decrease in the brain power will adversely affect studies and career to a large degree. Therefore, it would be wise to put a stop to pre-marital sex and take good care in building up the kidney qi so that in the future, one might give birth to a healthy child. Every day I answer questions in the forums, up until now I estimate to have answered a thousand questions. Among those that have engaged in premarital sex and let loose their indulgence, many brothers have lost their sexual function. The emergence of pre-ejaculation and impotence among brothers is incredibly many. Suppose that your body is not working properly when you are single, after marriage how do you suppose to keep a healthy sex life? If your wife is not understanding then it divorce is a big possibility. To discard the health before marriage, how does one cope with the future? This is a very serious and realistic question, therefore, the recommendation to abolishing pre-marital sex is very very important, not only does it affect the quality of your married life but also the future generation.

Let?s return to the topic of varicocele, this is also one of the main culprits behind infertility. Varicocele greatly affects the quality of the sperm. The basic reason for developing this illness is due to long-term masturbating and long-term sitting, this is also karma.

Many brothers are unaware that they have caught varicocele which is why it?s easily neglected. I have had it for over a decade without being aware of it, this is because my illness was not serious and the feelings of discomfort were absent. I discovered that I had varicocele when I went to the hospital for a checkup, during the time I was suffering from prostatitis and varicocele simultaneously, one could imagine the low sperm quality at the time which was not up to the standard of causing pregnancy. Now that I have cut out masturbation for good and accumulated plenty of kidney qi, sperm quality has returned to normal. Although my case of varicocele was mild, the doctor still advised me to undergo an operation, he said something that was very discouraging; even if I had an operation it would not guarantee that I would regain my fertility, luck is also involved! Afterwards, from studying TCM I came to understood that an operation would only help to resolve ligation and not the recovery of kidney qi. If your kidney qi is weakened, even an operation would not help. Therefore, take care in accumulating kidney qi is the key to recovery, or else you might undergo an operation and recover temporarily, only to masturbate again and deplete the kidney qi, varicocele relapses and all the crying in the world would be of no use.

Lastly, let?s talk about the tendency of premature ejaculation and impotence and their recovery. Actually, I have already discussed this in detail in my previous Season 1; the tendency of premature ejaculation and impotence are manifestations of the body?s own protection mechanism. The concept is similar to the closing of skin pores when exposed to cold air. Premature ejaculation and impotence occur when the body is self-preserving, many brothers are unaware of this fact, they instead go on to look for filthy material and overdraft their kidney qi. In this way, the tendency of premature ejaculation and impotence becomes more severe. When many brothers encounter premature ejaculation and impotence tendencies for the first time, their initial reaction is not to quit masturbation but to supplement the body via diet, or to visit the doctor and in hopes to recover. Dietary supplements do indeed help in the recovery of kidney qi, but once kidney qi is recovered and you continue to masturbate and deplete it, the aforementioned tendencies will return. By taking the same supplements again the effects will not be very apparent because the effect of medicines tends to diminish over time. Therefore, dietary supplements are incapable of solving the root issue, one must cut out PMO, exercise proactively, have the correct lifestyle habits to assist the accumulation of kidney qi. Once the kidney qi is abundant, do not engage in testing (Translator?s note: we have talked about this in Season 2, masturbate in order to find out if one has recovered is called testing), by testing, we again fall into the trap of PMO and into the vicious circle. Furthermore, the recovery of premature ejaculation and impotence is very slow, 3 months in the fast cases and over a year or more for slower cases. Therefore, make preparations for a long and drawn out battle, slowly accumulate kidney qi little by little and do not resort to doing anything that will injure kidney qi. Many people only knows sex to be the sole cause to deplete kidney qi, in reality there are many ways of depletion: indulgences, staying up during the night, anger, long sittings, cold beverages, overly fatigue, over-strenuous exertion, exposure to AC, all of the mentioned will have a wear on the kidney qi. When your kidney qi is plentiful we will not feel much discomfort like just we won?t feel poor if we spend a little money out of a bulging wallet, but when your kidney is not plentiful this will be like adding frost on top of the snow. TCM treats kidney qi like currency for the health, during normal times we need to save it and not blindly waste it, we need to understand how to cultivate the health and kidney qi and to nurture it. This way, we will be able to keep a healthy spirit.

After having answered so many questions, I feel that many brothers are not only affected by physical symptoms, more importantly, there is a problem in the understanding. When misconceptions exist in the understanding, it is very difficult to cut out PMO, as long as the misconceptions are present one can forget about recovering from prostatitis, premature ejaculation, and impotence. Therefore, we must all study rebooting knowledge, including health maintenance knowledge from TCM, in order to correct the misconceptions in our thoughts. When the correct understanding and thoughts have been formed in your brain, you will know what to do instead of putting all hope on medicine and on doctors, that would be equivalent to seeking fish on a tree. Diseases that arise from kidney qi deficiency cannot be cured by medicine or doctors alone, it is a process of 30% treatment and 70% maintenance. Importance is placed on maintenance, once we?ve learned how to cultivate kidney qi and it becomes plentiful, the evil of all shapes and forms is warded off. Whatever you do, do not treat kidney qi deficiency as mere flu and hope to resolve it with medicine, kidney deficiency requires maintenance and not on medication.

Conclusion: Nowadays the younger generation is walking the same winding path of falseness that I have once trodden, this is because Chinese education is lacking in this area. This knowledge cannot be learned in schools, therefore there is much misunderstanding in the thoughts among brothers. Misconceptions in the understanding will cause one to sink ever deeper into the trap of PMO unable extricate ourselves from it. Many people once addicted resembles walking zombies, the power of the pink opium is not to be underestimated. Plenty of brothers that I have conversed with wanted to take their lives. Because masturbation in combination with staying up during the night has brought upon them even more serious forms of mental and anxiety disorder; autonomic disorders, OCD, depression. These disorders are unimaginable among those that suffer from frequent urination. I now write this article in hopes that the younger generation does not have to repeat my mistakes. I hope that this article has brought everybody beneficial inspiration. Comrades in the trenches of rebooting, keep on fighting!


Season 7 [Soaring Eagle experience: 3 stages in rebooting and deep analysis regarding staying up during the night and long sittings]

Before we head over to the main texts let?s revisit the issue of nocturnal emissions once again. I have written an article about this in Season 3 where I had recommended a movement from the Eight Brocade qigong, many brothers have tried this exercise and I have received two types of feedback: The first type is from people who had not experienced noticeable benefit and the other type is from people who have benefited greatly from the said exercise. Many people have broken their records in the number of days without nocturnal emissions, some have gone on for 20 days without any emissions while others have only had one emission in well over a month, which is a vast improvement compared to their previous 3 times per month.

Why have some people not noticed much of a difference after practicing the Eight Brocade movement? Actually, the reason lies with the individual, many people have not found the feeling while doing this movement, they sloppily get it over with and after having performed 200 of them without finding the strong stretching sensation and then they head to the bed, how can the benefit be guaranteed in this case? One must find the correct sensation by finding the stretching feeling and intensify the feeling of stretching, elongating and straightening. One must carry this strong sensation to bed and in doing so there will be results. Moreover, there are many other causes that may bring about nocturnal emission: sexual fantasizing during the day, fatigue during the day, alcohol consumption, too much meat consumption, sleeping facing down, sleeping nude, sun drying blankets, too thick blankets, meditation prior to bed, too tight underwear, one must try to avoid all these factors.

Reducing the number of nocturnal emissions to a minimum is very beneficial for the recovery of the body. Otherwise, it doesn?t matter how much supplements you take because they will all leak away during those frequent episodes of nocturnal emissions. Therefore, the question of how to reduce the number of emissions is something that all brothers must face and consider. The movement I have recommended for the Eight Brocade exercise if done correctly is very effective for securing the essence gate, the key is to find the correct sensation. I cannot guarantee that you would not experience nocturnal emissions by doing the said exercise. I can guarantee, however, given that you have found the correct sensation and have avoided the aforementioned contributing factors towards nocturnal emissions, that one is able to bring down the number of emissions to 1 per month or 12 times/year. By bringing down the number of emissions to these figures it will greatly benefit the recovery of the body.

When one first start to perform this movement, there will be soreness in the muscles, in physiology, this is called ?delayed muscle soreness?. Normally the soreness will automatically vanish after 1-3 weeks if we then repeat the same movement there will be no more soreness. This process requires time, as long as one is persistent the soreness will

disappear by itself, so do not worry if the soreness appears. In addition, those people who have practiced ligament exercises and are able to touch the ground with their palms, one can try to increase the intensity; for example by raising the tip of the foot, touching one foot with both hands or by doing the exercise while standing on a small bench. Take care to not perform the movement too quickly or else one will be prone to feel dizzy, try to find your own pace and rhythm and combine it with the right sensation, this will form the correct exercise.

The above kidney strengthening exercise is the distillation of my own experiences and experiments. I am able to, therefore, share my most direct experience with everybody and hope that everyone will have ample opportunities to try it out. Persist in doing this movement and in time one will find the sensation. For some talented people, they will find the sensation very quickly, for others it will take longer until they find the feeling.

Below we will enter the main topic of Season 7   

I have talked about the 3 stages of rebooting in Season 4, these are:

Beginner?s stage: blind way and the brute force way of rebooting, no studies.

Intermediate stage: studies rebooting, one begins to understand the importance of learning about rebooting.

Advanced stage: understands, studies combined with realization, the possibility of successful reboot becomes a reality.

Everybody can compare their own progress with the above stages, many brothers have been rebooting for many years but still remain in the beginner?s stage. When they break their reboot the blame is placed on the lack of willpower, in fact, by relying on willpower in the brute force manner will surely result in failure. To be successful one must study rebooting knowledge and read articles about rebooting in order to raise one?s awareness and the level of determination. With determination we are able to defeat the temptations of the mind, without it we will lack the resistance and surrender ourselves to it. Rebooting and failing for numerous years is likened to you going to school if you do not study you will forever remain in grade 1. But you if you study constantly you will be able to progress into middle school, high school and onto college. Rebooting works, in the same way, one must constantly study in order to
raise the determination, when your determination is like a little tree sapling, heavy winds are able to topple it. But when your determination is sturdy as a mountain, not even typhoons or hurricanes will be able to shift you, not even a nuclear blast will move you. Do not blame, therefore, on external circumstances when we break our reboot although it is true that the temptation in this indulgence grounded society is very great. However, if your determination is strong enough, no amount of temptation will be able to sway you; seeing is as not seeing, thoughts fail to enter our intention. In order to raise the level of determination we must study vast amounts of rebooting articles and knowledge, the more we read and study the more we will understand. These studies are the kind that we must carry out everyday and not one of those articles about the harmfulness of masturbation where you read through once and then stop studying. One must study rebooting articles every day, if you have religious beliefs then all the better because having a belief will greatly aid your rebooting efforts, people with religious beliefs have an easier time to successfully reboot.

Once you have realized the importance of studying rebooting knowledge, then you will search for rebooting articles on your own initiative. The more effort in studying the higher the level of our determination until we reach a stage of natural understanding, once there, our level of awareness vastly increases and the record of rebooting days will greatly increase. Naturally, the speed of progress will depend on the perception of the reader, readers with keen perceptions will be able to skip grades while others will have to remain in grades. Some people are able to reboot for over 200 days and still fail, this is owing to slack in studying or being weary of studying, as soon as we relax our vigilance the temptations will seize the opportunity to enter our mind, if your understanding hasn't reached a masterly level, it is very easy to slip and before we know it we have relapsed. Actually, we don?t need to look for new articles once we have reached a certain stage in our studies and have come to an adequate level of understanding. In this case, it will be enough to find a few articles that we are fond of and re-read them daily, thus learning by repetition similar to the morning and evening sessions in Buddhism.

After having answered a thousand questions I deeply feel that the majority of the brothers are still in the beginner?s stage. This especially applies to newcomers, without studying it is hard to avoid failure. This is the reason to why I have recommended to study more rebooting knowledge and read reboot articles in my answers. Understanding can only be obtained through learning. There was a time when I didn?t study
and my rebooting record was 28 days, I believe that many brothers are able to beat me. However, once when I gained the understanding, my determination greatly increases and success was to be had. Right now I?m still in the stage of studying and gaining more understanding with newly founded insights every day. I have come to complete understanding, once you are there you will be able to cut out PMO forever. In my current stage, there is no more sexual fantasization, because fantasizing is an invisible way of expensing kidney qi. When you have understood this from studying TCM, I believe that many brothers will fantasize as little as possible. Through the continuous studies and the accumulation of knowledge, the reboot will become more professional and wider in scope, we will no longer stay on the level of blind and brute force reboot.

Let?s now discuss the body recovery following rebooting, this chapter mainly deals with the harmfulness of staying up late and long sitting.

Many brothers comment that they have experienced little improvement or a very slow speed of recovery during their reboot. There are several factors to this; frequent nocturnal emissions, unhealthy lifestyle and also the lack of habit to exercise.

According to my research, those who frequently exercise while rebooting recover faster and better compared to those who don?t exercise. This is what is mentioned in TCM: movement raises the Yang energy, strong Yang energy contributes to longevity. Of course, I?m talking about moderate exercise and not over-exercising, over-exercising is just as bad as under-exercising.

Although lots of brothers are undergoing rebooting, they are still staying up late at nights and sitting for long stretches of time. Either they are lacking a deep understanding towards these two issues, or they do it out of habit. The power of habit is very strong and is difficult to correct immediately, however difficult, we must still change the habit with the courage that a warrior possesses. We must correct it or the negative consequences will not be light.

The notion of staying up during the night, many brothers thinks that this means to stay up during the entire night. Actually, when I refer to staying up during the night I mean sleeping later than 23:00. If you go to bed past 23:00 then the body will have a hard time recovering, this is because what is mentioned in TCM: 23:00 is the time when Yang energy begins to rise, during this time one must be asleep for the body to recovery better, if
past this time the body will have a harder time to recover. We can compare this to the analogy of missing the last bus at night, we can only resort to waiting for the bus on the following day. According to TCM, if we staying up during one night, a long period of time is required for us to recover from it. The latent harm in staying up a single night might require 100 days for the body to fully recover. Many brothers don?t understand this medical knowledge and treat staying up as regular snacks. Oftentimes it is the combination of staying up, long sitting and masturbation that quickly wrecks the health and they may see the onset of neurasthenia and psychological problems. This is a vicious circle and the necessary karma that the mentioned bad habits will surely result in. While on reboot one must also cut out staying up during the night since it is very damaging to our essences, we must be aware of this medical knowledge. If your understanding is not deep enough then you will continue to stay up during the nights. Do not under any circumstance underestimate the effect of this habit, it?s like the frog in the boiling pot where slowly and surely we are making our bodies useless. Optimally, one should go to bed at around 21:30. Many brothers have difficulty in doing this, what I want to say is to avoid staying up during the night at all cost, or else the damage will be on you. Of the brothers that I have conversed with, those that do not staying up during the night recover faster than those that do.

Let?s talk about long sitting. This is maybe the first time that many brothers have heard about the harmful theory in long sitting. In reality, the long sitting is very harmful to the body and may cause lumbar spondylosis and cervical spondylosis. Sitting for long periods at a time hurts the kidney as well as the spleen, it injures the transportation function of the spleen and affects the digestion, the bladder meridian is also being compressed, the damage is substantial. One will also have an easier time to catch prostatitis and varicocele. Furthermore, the Yang energy is found in movement while the Ying energy is in stillness, long sitting belongs to the Ying. The place that we as living people inhabit is called the Yang room. Long sitting causes the Ying energy to proliferate in the body. It is mentioned in the classic TCM texts that long sitting discounts longevity, as the Ying energy grows this will ultimately lead to the belonging of Ying which means moving towards the Ying room, to death. Therefore, we need to get moving. Every 40 minutes of sitting should be accompanied by 10 minutes of exercising. Don?t sit down for hours at a time, this is very harmful. The harm from long sitting and staying up during the night are the kind of harm that slowly accumulates over time, we might not feel it at once but once the time is ripe the negative karma will take on an apparent form. Therefore, everyone must gain the proper understanding with regards to the aforementioned issues, or else it is very hurtful towards our recovery, remember this at all cost!

Concluding words: the recovery status for those that love to exercise, do not stay up during the night nor sit for long periods at a time is quite optimistic. Merely rebooting is not enough, one must also adopt a healthy lifestyle. I hope to have brought about positive inspiration through this article, keep on fighting everyone!


Season 8 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of height growth, going bald, acne and reactions to rebooting]

In this season we will talk about the four topics of height growth, baldness, acne, and reactions to rebooting. The first three questions are regarded with interest among brothers while the last question is a common one among brothers who have been rebooting for some time. Let us discuss them in detail below:

Many brothers would ask if masturbation would affect one?s growth in height. My answer is: masturbation indeed affects height, it will affect the development of the bones. TCM: kidneys govern the bone. Those that are born after the 90s would inquire on the issue of height, this is because these group of people is still growing. Those are born in the 80s would inquire less about this question due to that their bodies have basically already matured. Many people would wonder about the question: since everyone masturbates, why is it that some people still grow to become tall. Actually, this is an easy question to answers because of the number of factors that affects growth, masturbation being among one of them. Although many people masturbate frequently, they have managed to avoid the other factors that would negatively affect their growth, for these people the effect of masturbation on growth is not very obvious. Let?s take myself as an example, both my parents are not tall, my mother and dad being 160 cm and 170 cm tall respectively, but my height is 186cm despite that I frequently masturbated during puberty. Although my genetic conditions were not favorable, I did well in other areas so I was still able to reach a height of 186 cm. Though I managed to grow to 186cm, I can clearly feel that my bone density is not up to par and having a bit of osteoporosis, I would easily spring my ankle or break my bones during exercise. After studying TCM I came to understand, insufficient kidney qi will lead to osteoporosis, once injured, full recovery is not easily made. According to my understanding, after a period of careful cultivation, although not apparent on the outside, many people would measure themselves to weigh heavier on the scale, where does this extra weight come from? It actually comes from bone density, previously the bones were porous but through cultivation bone density increases and so weight increases, on the outside, there are no visible changes.

I have summarized the following factors that would affect the growth of height:

    Staying up and long sitting
    Sleep quality
    Digestion function
    Psychological reasons

The factors that influence height growth would typically be found in the above eight factors. A lot of articles only mentions 5 factors, some places genetics as the main driver while others put the emphasis on genetics at 30%. I lean more towards the 30% argument because I?m a living example of it. Although I have masturbated frequently during puberty, I did well in other areas. I scored low on the 1st and 7th factor, in other words on genetics and masturbation, but I did well in the other 6 areas. During puberty, I often played basketball outside and under the sun, more exposure to sunshine does help with growth because sunshine helps with the synthesis of vitamin D which favors the accumulation and settlement of calcium within the bones, this allows the bones to grow quickly and the body to rapidly gain in length. Frequent exercise is very beneficial for the development of bones which helps the bones to grow. I have never stayed up nor sat for long periods of time, I loved to move around and seldom sat for hours at a time. Normally I would sleep at 9 pm with a high quality of sleep, my digestion function was strong which enabled me to eat and sleep well. Many people are able to eat but their digestion cannot keep up, the nutrients would not be absorbed, this is why the digestion function is very important. In addition, psychological health is also very important. TCM states: seven emotional states causes illness, emotions will cause sickness and disorder of internal secretions, this will also affect height growth. For those of you that are born in the 90s and want to grow taller, it?s advised to put efforts into the aforementioned 8 factors. Naturally one should cut out masturbation as this will further benefit height growth, by cutting out masturbation bone density will be high.

Below we will discuss the issue of going bald

Brothers with a PMO history of over 10 years tend to run into the problem of going bald, those that were born in the 80s have a higher chance of running into this issue. Many factors lead to hair loss, the common reason is due to kidney deficiency induced by masturbation. Going bald causes much anxiety among people because hair is important to one?s physical appearance. The impression that baldness gives out is that of premature aging and the lack of spirit. Many brothers would lose 100 strands of hair or more each day. Looking at the hair in the comb and in the basin gives one the feeling of panic, the panic towards going bald is disconcerting and leads one to become abnormally sensitive towards hair loss, the loss of a strand of hair would cause nervousness for a hours. Living in a state of constant worry and panic causes additional hair loss. According to TCM: fear hurts the kidneys, the splendor of the hair lies in the kidneys. Therefore it is easy to fall into the vicious circle, one looks everywhere for an antidote. But no matter what the medicine is, the effect will not be satisfactory, thus the psychological pressure becomes greater and one cares a great deal about the opinions of other people. One may also be afraid to look into the mirror for fear of seeing diminished hair count, even the thought of suicide would crop up. The issue of going bald places a person in a predicament that the person is incapable of escaping from. Many people would channel this frustration into acts of masturbation which would cause even more hair loss. In the end, one may end up with a ?Mediterranean? style bald spot.

The hairline of many brothers have already begun to recede upwards, some people would begin to go bald from the crown of the head which is what happened to me. Some days I would lose several hundred strands of hair, after having combed my hair I would see all those hair on my shoulders, that is too scary! This went on for several months and the scalp at the crown of head started to become more visible. Fortunately at the time, I already recognized the true face of the harmlessness theories in masturbation, moreover, I had gained a relatively deep understanding about TCM. Consequently, I rebooted with haste, exercised regularly, slept early and slowly accumulated the kidney qi. Roughly half a year later I would lose around 5 strands of hair daily. If I comb my hair nowadays I would not see any hairs on the comb and very few hairs on the pillow.

I wouldn?t dare to masturbate anymore because I have realized the bitterness of its harm. Many brothers are still in the ignorance stage, ignorant people are not fearful, they have not fully comprehended the evil fruit brought forth by masturbation. Some brothers are even still mesmerized by the harmlessness theories, after losing hair they still don?t know the real reason and continues to masturbate, channeling the psychological pressure into the act of masturbation. In doing so one sinks ever deeper into the trap of the vicious circle which makes hair loss even more difficult to recover from. Because there are blind spots and misconceptions in the understanding, no matter what medicine we take we will not be able to solve the problem from its root. If kidney qi is not cultivated into abundance then the issue of losing hair will not find a solution. This is analogous with a pot of plant when the leaves have withered we think there?s a problem with the leaves and we thus remove them, but after a while, all leaves would wither away and the plant dies. An expert would spot the problem right away and would dig out the soil and apply for medicine onto the roots which enable the plant to live on. The hair follows the same principle, we must recognize the reason from its roots and not become mesmerized by outer appearances, relying on some overpromoted products in hopes to treat hair loss is not a realistic approach. Even if you have hair transplanted, as long as the kidney qi is not abundant the hair would still fall out unless you repeatedly undergo the same procedure which would be far too expensive for the average person.

The following factors lead to hair loss:

    Genetics (parents)
    Too high androgen production (male baldness)
    Staying up and long sitting (hurts the essences and kidneys)
    Overindulgence (kidney deficiency induced hair loss)
    Dietary habits (too much salt in the diet will induce hair loss)
    Psychological reasons (pressure-induced hair loss)
    Illness (many illnesses cause hair loss)
    Hygienic reasons (dandruff blocks off the hair pores)
    Seasonal hair loss (hair loss is more common during the summer season)
    Nutritious reasons (severe malnutrition induced hair loss)
    Physicochemical hair loss (hair loss under stimulant conditions)

Let?s talk about acne.

Many people think that acne would naturally vanish after puberty, actually, this view is incorrect. I have seen many 30 and 40-year-olds still with acne on their faces, in these cases we are no longer dealing with acne but a disorder in the internal secretions. Normal acne would heal very quickly given the conditions of being well rested and a light diet. However, the stubborn cases of acne brought upon by masturbation are difficult to heal from. This acne is very stubborn, the only hope of recovery is through cutting out masturbation, proactive exercise and through the accumulation of kidney qi. Otherwise, the disorder in the five internal organs may last indefinitely and accompany us throughout life, the result being a destroyed appearance, degraded spirit, feelings of self-inferiority, a face full of acne like an abomination, truly appalling. The contrast in skin texture compared to pre-puberty times is night and day. When one masturbates, the face becomes oily, in the hospital, they say it is acne seborrheic dermatitis and prescribes medicine which gives mixed results. As long as we continue to masturbate, medicine will have limited effect and only works in the short run, unable to solve the problem from its root. The majority of brothers have become uglier, this is the result of damaged kidney qi induced by masturbation, lost kidney qi makes it more likely for the functions of the five internal organs to become disorderly. When the five internal organs are thrown off balance this is reflected in the face because the face is a reflection of the organs, we feel dispirited and decadent which only aggravates our chances of getting acne.

In short, in order to completely cure the stubborn kind of acne, one must cut out masturbation and cultivate a good habit in working, resting, eating and active exercising, only through these means is there the hope of restoring healthy skin. Otherwise, all discussions are pointless.

Additionally, although some people may not have stubborn acne, their complexion resembles that of a ghost, without sunshine and completely dull. There may even be a hollowness look to their faces as if a layer of skin wrapped around a skeleton, their complexion lacks any form of liveliness and vitality and reminds one of premature aging. An overindulgent young person resembles neither man nor ghost, like that of a deflated ball. Such a person is like an opium addict from the old society that is addicted to smoking and sex, how can such a body be good? Therefore, to cut out the addiction is the best way going forward, fail to cut it out will only harm the person himself. Some people may have a strong body and so the karmic consequences may appear late. But as long as one indulgence in debauchery, sooner or later the results will show, nobody can escape from it. By not maintaining the body, issues will easily arise. The human body is like a machine that requires maintenance, without maintenance it will depreciate rapidly, like a new bike that manages to retain 90% of its value one year after purchase if properly maintained, if maintenance is neglected there will only be 50% value remaining if not already useless. This is the importance of maintenance awareness, by neglecting maintenance there will not be longevity.

Lastly, let?s talk about the reactions towards rebooting.

I have studied many forms of addictions, which includes drinking, smoking, drugs, internet, sex, shopping and etc. In every case of addiction, there will be withdrawal symptoms when we try to quit. The symptoms may vary in severity from person to person. Masturbation induced sexual addiction will also have its withdrawal symptoms. The majority of brothers will encounter symptoms when they are undergoing a reboot. However, during the period when they masturbate there will be no such symptoms present. From the messages that I have received, the majority of the symptoms are found in issues with the urinary system, with prostatitis being the main culprit, this is followed by sleeping difficulties, irritated mood and so on.

The reactions from cutting out an addiction can be understood in the TCM point of view, which is similar to when the body is shedding itself from a disease. Much traditional Chinese medicine once ingested, will lead to the reaction of shedding illnesses. When the reactions are severe this is, in fact, a good sign, battle between good and evil is taking place. As long as we continue to take the medicine, vital energy will win the upper hand and the illness will slowly heal. Many people do not understand these reactions, when the reactions are severe they think that they have taken the wrong medicine and stops taking it, this is, in fact, delaying the healing process. The ancients said: for the sake of the younger generation one has to understand medicine because if you understand it you are in a better position to cooperate with the physician.

The mechanism to withdrawal symptoms according to Western medicine: due to long time masturbation, a sudden stop brings about an adaptive rebounding reaction. For instance, when alcohol addiction is cut the following symptoms may appear excitement, insomnia or even epilepsy syndromes. Smokers quitting cold turkey may also experience restlessness, insomnia, increase in appetite, coughing up black/greyish phlegm, increase in blood pressure and arrhythmia reactions. Lots of pain will result from the mentioned reactions but the frequency of the symptoms will slowly decrease following the recovery of the constitution. Normally, after cutting out masturbation, withdrawal symptoms will appear within a month, for some, it might only take several days. When symptoms appear do not be frightened, by actively exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the symptoms will automatically disappear.


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Season 9 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of tinnitus, rebooting mentality, the importance of searching for study materials]

Tinnitus is a common problem among brothers. Naturally, there are many factors that may cause tinnitus. But normally, the kind of tinnitus that many brothers encounter arises out of kidney deficiency, due to overindulgence in debauchery, poor lifestyle habits, frequent staying up late, long sittings, all of the mentioned factors make it easier for the appearance of tinnitus.

TCM: kidneys enlightens the ears. When kidneys are weak, tinnitus will come knocking on the door. Many brothers are deeply troubled by tinnitus, their condition would not heal in the long term and so they put their hopes in medicines. As everyone knows by now, cutting out the addiction of masturbation is the basic prerequisite, how can you expect to get better if you continue to masturbate and engage in sexual fantasies? I was once a victim of tinnitus, of course, I was relatively ignorant at the time. Afterwards, as I learned to cultivate my health and having actively exercised for half a year, my kidney qi became abundant and my tinnitus vanished without needing to take any medicines! The best supplement is to not leak. In addition, nocturnal emissions do count as leakages and it will have adverse impacts on the body. If your kidney qi is in the abundance, an occasional emission will not be felt, however, if your kidney qi has sustained damage, further leakages will make things worse. Among the question that I have answered, numerous brothers are troubled by the issue of nocturnal emissions, their bodies get worse by the day through frequent emissions. TCM touches on the point: long-term emissions injures the eight extra meridians. (Translator?s note: a detailed explanation of the eight extra meridians is beyond the scope of this article, for those that are interested may consult Google using the terminology) Therefore, to recover from tinnitus, one should reduce the number of nocturnal emissions. I hope that everyone continues to perform the Eight Brocade kidney strengthening exercise from chapter 3, many brothers have reported excellent benefits from the exercise and have managed to greatly reduce the number of emissions. Of course, the precondition is that one has found the correct feeling when doing the exercise, as well as putting a stop to other factors that contribute towards nocturnal emissions.

The sound that one typically hears from kidney deficiency induced tinnitus sounds like the cicadas, a whistling or a hissing sound. The sound that I heard is the cicadas as if I had one living in my ears. The sound was sharp, drawn out and it was very irritating, sometimes it would make it difficult for me to sleep. I had this trouble since high school but it was not serious at the time, it becomes more serious after I started to stay up during the nights and sat for long periods at a time. Normally, when kidney deficiency induced tinnitus first makes its appearance it is accompanied by other symptoms. The 6 most commonly occurring symptoms can be found below:

Brainpower aspect: decreased memory, lack of focus, lack of energy, low efficiency in working.

Emotional aspect: poor emotions that are hard to control, dizziness, easily angered, irritability, anxiety, depression and so on.

Willpower aspect: lack of self-confidence, lack of passion in work, lack of passion in life, lack of goal and direction.

Sexual function aspect: lack of sexual appetite, impotence or softness, nocturnal emissions, semen leakage, premature ejaculation, decreased sperm count and less lively sperm activity, infertility.

Urinary function aspect: frequent urination, delay in urination, frequent urination in combination with greater volume, white dripping, prostatitis, varicocele.

Other aspects: premature aging, forgetfulness, insomnia, poor appetite, bone and joint pains, waist and knee soreness, easily fatigued, fatigue, a decrease in eyesight. hair loss, premature greying, loosening of teeth.

Masturbation causes the weakening of the kidneys, when kidneys weaken many physical and psychological symptoms will appear. This is because masturbation destroys the body and the mind, tinnitus is but one of the symptoms of weakened kidneys. To completely heal tinnitus one must completely quit masturbation and sexual fantasization, actively exercise, regularize eating and resting habits and accumulate kidney qi. Abundant kidney qi wards off evil in all shapes and forms. Otherwise, all the medicine in the world is of no use, one might be fed up with taking all the medicine without curing tinnitus. Many brothers report that after 2-3 month of rebooting there is still no visible improvements in their health. What I want to say is that cutting out masturbation alone is not enough, one must learn to cultivate the health, actively exercise, only in this way will there be a quick recovery in the kidney qi. Furthermore, many brothers have sustained heavy injuries to their essences, subsequently, the recovery will be gradual. My feeling is that the pace of recovery is like the speed of hair growth, it is very slow indeed. But if you do not cut your hair for half a year you will notice your hair has become very long, 2-3 months is relatively short in comparison. Therefore, to recover from kidney deficiency one must make the mental preparation to engage in long-term battle and persist each and every day. In addition, effort must also be placed in reducing the frequency of nocturnal emissions, because night emissions are very unfavorable to the recovery process.

Let?s talk about the regulation of the rebooting mentality.

Because of masturbation many brothers have developed psychological problems such as a pessimistic view towards life and to give up on themselves, both are common occurrences. Once I had also experienced these mental disturbances; the loss of hope, lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence, feeling inferior and even self-mutilation.

To encounter the aforementioned issues is very normal because masturbation destroys the body and the mind. When the body runs into issues, the mind will also face problems. If the body runs into issues, we regulate the body, if the mind encounters problems we also need to learn to make timely adjustments.

Everybody should know that in this world there is always two side of ourselves, one side is the passive self and the other the active self. When the passive self-appears, we must make haste in adjusting the self into the active self. This is like when a clock is showing the wrong time, we must immediately correct it.

The ability to adjust the mental state can be categorized as EQ in Western psychology, or emotional intelligence. EQ is a rather new measure that psychologist has proposed that is the counterpart to IQ. Emotional intelligence mainly refers to our characteristics in the areas of mood, emotion, willpower, and how to handle setbacks. Overall, great differences in EQ is not significant between individuals but is more related to postnatal cultivation. In other words, EQ is a prenatal ?acquisition?, through studying it we may increase our emotional intelligence.

A while back, the book ?The Secret? which was recommended by the host of Tudou forums is a very good book with regards to how to increase EQ. In it the concept of the law of attraction deals with positive and proactive thinking, and by doing so increase the chance of success. If one always have pessimistic and dark thinking then it is the same as hypnotizing oneself and suggesting failure for oneself, in doing so the chances for failure becomes greater. This is similar to going to battle with a low morale which would greatly increase the chances of defeat.

EQ includes 5 main areas:

    1. To be aware of our own feelings, only through knowing ourselves are we able to take control of our lives.
    2. Capable to properly manage our feelings, able to regulate ourselves.
    3. Self-encouragement, which allows a person to walk away from the low ebbs in life and to begin anew.
    4. Able to recognize other people?s emotion, this is the basis for a normal exchange and the realization of successful communication.
    5. The management of personal relationships, leadership and management abilities.

All of the above abilities are obtainable through the effort of constant studying. I would recommend reading more books in this area as books are like the steps to which humanity may take in order to ascend upwards. Without studying there will be no understanding, without studying rebooting there will be no success.

Lastly, let?s talk about the importance of collecting first-hand material.

First hand refers to the experience and symptoms of brothers. These material and cases are very very valuable, many cases are very typical of their nature. Everybody would do well by establishing a folder and gather those typical cases within, this will help us to more thoroughly understand the harmfulness of masturbation. Many brothers collect porn videos, of course, I?ve also done it where I have gathered a few dozens of them. The more we collect, the more opportunities we have to indulge ourselves. On the other hand, the more case material we collect, the more warnings we will receive; the warning to not indulge or else we will end up like the people in the cases, by indulging we are harming ourselves. Every day when I log into the rebooting forums and run into good cases, I would collect them. I have reviewed countless cases and seen all kinds of symptoms, many of which I have personally experienced. The more cases we review the deeper will our understanding become.

Regardless the area of study, it is important to deepen the understanding. The first-hand material is matchless in its importance, whether masturbation is harmful does not require a debate. There was a sentence: Live battle produces real understanding. Whether or not there is harm and if a picture represents reality, one only need to look at what the brothers with ruined health have to say, from the mouth of these victims is the most real of the truths. The theory on the harmlessness in moderation is utter nonsense, from all the case material that I have reviewed, there are very few people who are able to practice moderation. Most of the cases resemble ?once you pop you can?t stop?, just like the opening of Pandora?s box, once you open it there is no going back. People that love to exercise and have healthy lifestyle habits experience mild symptoms. Those people that dislike exercise, stay up and sits for a long time have serious symptoms. One can say that as long as one has begun to indulge, there is no escape, all methods are rendered useless, karma is not empty; masturbation plants an evil cause, evil cause leads to evil fruit, whatever is sown will determine what will be reaped, whatever comes out from masturbation is an evil fruit.

No matter how healthy the body is, as the age increases, symptoms will become more apparent. Brothers that have suffered a collapse in health may see it as a blessing in disguise. How is that so? Because the symptoms are the best teacher, when symptoms emerge we know to quit PMO and we have recognized the reality. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to recover when one suffers a collapse in health at the age of 50. When the health collapses in the 20s, one may sooner recognize the seriousness of the harm. A young age allows for an easier recovery, if one suffers a great decline in health at the age of 50+, recovery will be very difficult. I have talked with a brother that is 50 years old, his has regular lifestyle habits with no staying up nor long sittings, every morning he would jog and has kept up with this regime for decades, he also had a very strong and able body. There was one weakness however and it?s his failure to recognize the harm in sexual indulgence; every day he would engage in sex 2 times which he kept on for several decades. According to him, after the age of 40, he clearly felt that his body was not what it used to be. He did not pay too much attention and continued to indulge, at the age of 50 many bodily symptoms suddenly emerged, diagnosis revealed autonomic disorders and anxiety. Every day was like living in hell with those symptoms, the suffering was immense. This case clearly shows that as long as one indulges, sooner or later the body will face issues. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, even if you love to exercise, symptoms will still show up. With the increase in age, the number of symptoms with only grow. Therefore, one must cut the evil habit of masturbation, even after marriage one needs to understand the importance of essence preservation, moderate the sex life or the body may still face problems.

To learn from the mistakes of our predecessors, these cases serve as the best warning, reality, and tutors. I hope that everybody lives as mindful people, by transforming their old vile interests in collecting porn movies to collection case materials. Every case serves as a reminder and warning: do not masturbate, do not indulge, or you will end up like the people in the cases.

In addition, 75 party (Translator?s note: most likely an internet user by the name of ?75 party?) is constantly spreading the theory of harmlessness. Because adolescents are lacking adequate discriminating power and are easily confused by harmlessness theories, unable to separate truth from falsehood, therefore, adolescents have even a greater need to look into the case material and learn from the mistakes of the predecessors. It is vital that they cleanse the harmlessness theories from their brains because those are toxic thoughts and must be cleared out.


Season 10 part 1/2 [Soaring Eagle experience: a detailed discussion on masturbation induced ugliness, and the recovery of neurasthenia, anxiety and social fear]

If you have been hanging around in the rebooting forums for awhile, you will notice that the phenomenon of turning ugly due to masturbation is extremely common. Basically, everybody has turned uglier but the severity of the ugliness differs between individuals.

The following factors affect the process of turning ugly:

1. Prenatal constitution (under good conditions, the degradation of appearance is mild)
2. Exercise factor (those who do not love to exercise will be more severely affected)
3. Staying up and long sitting (those without healthy life habits will be more severely affected)
4. PMO addiction level (those that are heavily addicted will be more severely affected)
5. The absorption of nutrients (Inadequate nutrients, inability to absorb nutrients all lead to more severe ugliness)
6. Other addictions (for example internet addiction, smoking addiction or alcohol addiction all leads to more severe ugliness)

Many people are unable to find the reason for why they have become uglier. Actually, if one masturbates, turning ugly is inevitable. Masturbation sheds the most valuable Spirit (Translator?s note: Spirit is the fusion of the ?three treasures? in TCM; these are jing - essence, qi - energy and shen - spirit) from our bodies, without Spirit we are listless. Everybody is familiar with beauty pageants, in these pageants they would firstly compare the body features, secondly the Spirit (Translator?s note: in this context, Spirit may be understood as the aura of the person) and thirdly the cultivation in speech. If a contestant has dark circles under the eyes, dull complexion and acne, will the judges pick this person as the winner? A person doesn?t have to look pretty, what?s more, important is the Spirit. Many people have a good constitution, loves to exercise and lives a life free from unhealthy habits, these people will not turn very ugly. But if you observe closely, you will still be able to spot problems. I had a friend who was very healthy but would masturbate regularly, although he has not turned ugly to a severe degree, you could spot a problem if you looked at his eyes; they were always sluggish and dull. TCM: The essence and qi in the five viscera and six bowels are all registered in the eyes. Essence resides in the kidneys which are where the most important qi is stored. After essence and qi have been expelled through masturbation, the eyes will easily dim and lack spirit.

After masturbation the skin is prone to run into problems, masturbation disrupts the internal secretions, the skin would become very oily and the outbreaks of acne is frequent. The acne would be of the stubborn form that would persist for years and even for over a decade, this is due to the habit of masturbation. Consulting the doctor and taking medicine cannot cure the problem of its root, this is because essence and qi are being leaked through the evil habit of masturbation. Skin pores also tend to enlarge, the skin texture would change from that smooth, clear and oil-free state to looking filthy, with the skin pores enlarged and disgusting looking. The facial complexion would also become very poor, without a hint of sunshine and always tinted with darkness, as if unable to be washed clean. Actually, one cannot wash such a face clean, because the filthy comes from within. One might temporarily remove the dirt from the outside but is left unable to do any cleaning on the inside, masturbation injures the kidney qi and kidneys have an important function: filtering the blood. More commonly we may call it the ?washing of blood?, people suffering from uremia have failed kidneys, they require blood dialysis. Each day the kidneys would filter through all the blood in the body over a couple dozen times in order to keep the blood clean and fresh. When you are sleeping the kidneys are still cleansing the blood for you. The evil habit of masturbation would also impact on the kidneys abilities to cleanse the blood, if the cleaning is not thorough enough, the effect will be visible on the face as uncleanness and dullness.

Many people disagree with that they have turned uglier, actually, the damage is already done; one can simply make a comparison with a photo that was been taken several years in the past. The ugliness that is induced by masturbation does not come from a significant change in the facial features, instead, it is a subtle change in the Spirit. Let me illustrate this with an example: suppose you go to the superstore to buy apples, you would typically pick your apples and go for the lustrous and full apples while leaving alone the dull and shrunken apples, because you know that the latter is not fresh and would not taste good. Similarly, after masturbation you are like that ?expired apple?, although your main features look more or less the same, one glance is enough to tell the difference, it is incomparable to that former spirited you. Naturally, when the Spirit has been depleted to a certain level, there will also be changes in the facial features. Many brothers report sunken eye sockets, more pronounced cheekbones, smaller eyes and similar conditions.

Modern makeup is truly magical, makeup is able to transform an ugly lady into a beautiful lady, it is truly the 8th wonder of mankind. Besides altering the contours of the eyes, lips, the eyebrows, makeup is even able to alter the shape of the face, it is very deceptive. Many women take on a whole new appearance after applying makeups, besides altering the form, makeup has another very important function and that is ?brightness raising?. What is brightness raising? It is actually ?supplementing blood? and ?supplementing Spirit?. Many women have sluggish Spirit and a poor complexion, after applying makeup, however, the Spirit is immediately uplifted, the dull and rough skin texture transformed into a smooth and bright texture like that of a newborn child. But upon removing the makeup, she is restored to her formal state. Therefore, we sometimes hear the story about women after marriage sleeping with their makeup on, for fear of their husbands seeing their true face. The best makeup for men is actually through rebooting and exercising, cultivating the health, not staying up nor sit for long durations, in 3 months time the Spirit will have recovered considerably, the effect of which far surpasses the application of powders on the face, this is the real Spirit and not some phony makeup.

I have already talked about the issue of balding in a previous chapter. Balding has a very big impact on the physical appearance of a person, when balding appears a person will appear to be old. The recovery from balding is a relatively slow process, furthermore, there are serious misconceptions in the understanding among brothers, this will make recovery even more difficult. Girls, in general, are not fond of bald men unless he is rich, in this case, it?s unsure whether she likes the man or his money, the question deserves suspicion. Also, after one is together with a woman, recovering from balding is a far-fetched dream. Sex life is a constant process of exhausting the kidney essence, without kidney essence, the hair will not return to its former lush state. Of course, besides balding, the issue of greying is also a troublesome one, lots of grey hair will also affect a person?s self-esteem.

All in all, ugliness is a sure byproduct of masturbation. As the age increases, this tendency of becoming ugly will become ever more apparent. Therefore, it?s important to avoid masturbation as much as possible, actively exercise, have timely daily schedules, learn to cultivate the health and accumulate the kidney qi. The cultivation of health and beauty is interconnected, always remember that beauty is not only a product of outer efforts, it is a projection from the inside. TCM: Face is a mirror to the five internal organs. Different areas on the face have their correspondent internal organs. In this season I will share 2 charts on TCM facial mapping, everybody may take a look. In TCM there are specialized areas of facial and color diagnosis. TCM: ?Through gazing the illness can be known, through listening the illness can be separated, through asking the cause can be determined, through feeling the organ can be traced.? The truly brilliant TCM physician may understand the state of your five internal organs by just looking at your face, the physician from the story of ?Bian Que sees Cai Huan? is such a person; by looking at the face the latent illnesses are made known.

Below I have gathered real cases pertaining to masturbation induced ugliness. Due to the vast number of cases I have selected 10 of them for your reference:

Case 1: Yes, masturbation induced ugliness is something I have deeply experienced. Physical appearance is not the most important thing to a man but it?s the Spirit of the man. I have average looks at best but I didn?t masturbate during my middle school years and so I looked very vital, my clear face had a brilliance to it and I never thought myself to be ugly. Since the third grade of middle school, I started to masturbate all the way through high school and until today, I have in fact become ugly gradually. My facial complexion is dull, my demeanor is wretched, I would feel a bit more handsome after a period of rebooting only to return to ugliness when I break the reboot.

Case 2: Started to masturbate since middle school and have done it for 4-5 years up until today. I masturbate almost every day, it is very harmful indeed! I had a very healthy body before, at home during the winter I would walk around without wearing sleeves. Now my hands and feet are always ice cold, soaking in hot water would help very little. During middle school I was already 180 cm tall, now I?m a senior in high school but still haven?t gained much in height. I didn?t use to have acne but these years I?ve had a lot of acne. Long-term masturbation will turn one ugly. Many people have commented that my appearance has changed. Back in high school, there were a couple girls that were interested in me, nobody is interested in me today. Masturbation also causes one to lose confidence and makes one lean towards darkness. After prolonged masturbation, eyesight will decrease, the brain would become sluggish, ears unable to clearly hear sounds, it?s not the fault of the ears but the weakness of the kidneys.

Case 3: I?m an 18-year-old 2nd-grade high school student and have started to masturbate since the 1st grade of middle school for 4 years. I have the following symptoms: low energy level, sleepy during class, poor concentration, feeling of IQ slipping lower, black eye circles, dull eyes, dully yellow and rough skin, feeling of turning ugly (I was very handsome before), rhinitis, lack of willpower in normal activities, easily angered, hesitant (previously I was outgoing, clever and filled with sunshine). Now I?m absent-minded, perform activities with hesitation. May I please ask all people to my senior, can I still recover my old ?self?? Please give me some advice, thanks.

Case 4: I?m only 18 and already I have masturbated for over 2 years. Previously I did it once every day and even 3-4 in a day. Not only am I less healthy now but also my appearance has changed, there is no doubt that masturbation leads to ugliness! In the past everyone commented on how adorable I was, now my head is big but my body is small and I look like as I haven?t slept. My skin would turn yellow, memory decrease and an ever increasing sense of self-inferiority.

Case 5: I have turned ugly because of masturbation, also I have developed psychological barriers, resentment!!! Instead of experiencing a bright lifestyle I have self-degenerate sadness. I vow to change!

Case 6: Somebody once asked in the forums if masturbation would cause one to turn ugly? Regarding this question I have intentionally made a comparison, I took the photos of myself from when I was 15, 16 and compared to my recent photos, it?s as if looking at two different persons! One is handsome, innocent and beautiful, the other with a swollen, lifeless face, compare for yourself if you don?t believe me (don?t look in the mirror, it is most obvious in the photos). From the evaluation of other people, the best description is that I have ?grown handicapped?.

Case 7: When I was small I could be considered handsome, but since middle school, I have always masturbated, now I?m turning uglier by the day! Those that were less handsome but didn?t masturbate have become ever more handsome, I?m depressed!

Case 8: I really have lots of acne on my face nowadays, also I have lots of grey hairs, the first is from before I started to masturbate, the second is from after, there is no doubt I have turned uglier! (Translator?s note: it is possible that I?m lacking photos in this PDF version of the author?s book. ?The first? should be referring to the first photo that I assume is attached to another version of the book). It is all too late now! I regret being ignorant, I long to return to the past and become a new person. Now I?m a murky juvenile, masturbation has destroyed my life. The promising old self with a bright future has turned out like this.

Case 9: I have masturbated for 10 years, already a walking zombie and haven?t accomplished anything, all this is a consequence of masturbation.
I have never had a girlfriend and no girls like me. I?m cowardly without a backbone, not manly, this is also caused by masturbation!

Case 10: Since opening my previous thread it has been more than 90 days, although I haven?t completely cut out masturbation during this time, I did manage to greatly reduce the frequency which I consider to be a small success. However, my body continues to decay. The previous handsome self-continues to become uglier, every time I think about it breaks my heart. Once again I open a thread with the vow to stay clean for 100 days. I have no way back and need to persist at all cost. I believe that my body will slowly recover, my appearance will slowly become solemn, my studies and career will bear fruit, I will find a girlfriend. I also welcome all brothers to join me in this struggle.

The 23 forms of ugliness that is linked to masturbation:

    Balding and grey hair
    Decadent and full complexion
    Black eye circles
    Sunken eye sockets, raised cheekbones
    Spiritless eyes, messy eyebrow
    Disorderly teeth, easily loosened
    Yellowing and frizzing of hair, oily skin
    Large skin pores, poor complexion, loose skin
    Lots of wrinkles, thickening of lips
    Wretched expression, eyes becoming smaller
    Hunched back, asymmetrical body
    Change in facial shape (swollen or skinny look)
    Change in eyelids (double eyelids turning into single eyelids or multiple eyelids)
    Turbid eyeballs, the appearance of blood vessels
    Greyish tint to facial color (a ghostly look)
    Apparently aged look
    Thin and small bones (issues in development)
    An evil glint in the eyes, unsteady in the gaze
    Depression in the solar plexus and in the Adam?s apple
    Specks on the face, moles
    Dirty look on the face (very difficult to clean)
    Marked decline in the aura of the person