April Challenge

Unfortunately Gents I am out, but will pull myself back up and continue to strive to stay free for the rest of month.

Best of luck to you all!


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We have reached half-point (15 days).
Many of our comrades have fallen.
For those of us still in the game,
let's focus all the way!


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I am going to make it, I am cheering for everyone. Also, the brothers that fell, back at it men! :)


April is almost over. XD  Raise your hands, if you made it!

Woot Woot!


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Congrats to everyone who took the April challenge regardless of whether you made it through or not!!

I think we wound up about 15 and 5?? Not bad guys!!

If someone wants to run a May challenge I would be in!


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Oh I didn't even notice April was over!!
Wow I never thought I could make it. This is awesome! ;D
We should definitely do May Challenge.


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so this is what the light of the April tunnel feels like.
Still going and congrats to everyone else as well.