quit for good


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So the time has come. i am now going to enter the final stages of my recovery and that is to do the next 90 days without the aid of reboot nation. I have came here everyday pretty well for a few years I am exteremely happy with my progress and new life. The goal has always been to kick porn and leave it behind without having to come here for constant support of help. if I get through this stage I will declare victory. I feel this is a necessary step for me as much as there were many here who offered extremely valuable support and insight, there are some here who have at times made my recovery difficult. Its now time to live without the support as well as the hinderances

Cheers to all and good luck see you in 90 days

Post often it helps me it helps you


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Wishing you the best of luck. We all have to head out on our own at some point. I don't plan on being here forever, but we'll see. Right now the journaling is helping.