A mans way to say sorry

I'm a 61 year old man, I have been a porn addict for 20 years. It effected all aspects of my life.
When I finally acknowledged my addiction I went online to start gathering information,,,I was blown away, I had no idea. I told my wife. She had spent years trying to figure out my ED. I found a forum for woman to share their stories, it was a devastating moment, to see the hurt I caused the  person that I loved so much. I have  spent our 10 years together loving and caring for her. There was nothing in me that could have ever have caused her to suffer, I loved her that much.

She is devastated and she has divorced me. My heart is broken at the loss this has caused me. I had no idea.

I write this now to acknowledge what I have done and to share with you that some men will truly see the hurt this causes, they will see.  And if  you and they can heal, if you can believe again, they might spend the rest of their lives making it up to you. To live to their full potential to love and care for you at a level you never had.

I am sorry,,I am sorry


hi old man let's have a challenge berween a young man. and old man i also suffer all you are suffering now i recommend you don't hide anything be honest from base line to anyone who is enough closer to you  the following points going to help you
1. write 3 community groups name which are supportive to you and post all the hidden dark side of life because in dark3 you can see stars
2.write 3 people name who are going to help in your recovery or after recovery you are going to tell i am personally requesting you to honest from baseline if yoi not then a illusion of honesty you feel and it make it mote wors
3. don't try those things which are not work in past have enough confidence to face a new situation don't dare to face a situation no matter what happen you handled it
say no matter what happen i can handle it
all the best