Video on P-addiction on mainstream media


Staff member

Interesting to see that mainstream media is now picking this up as a story and more people are coming forward to admit how it's messed with their lives. Maybe the tide is turning and this problem is becoming more visible and recognised. Very disappointing that the only psychologist they interviewed is not convinced that Porn can be an addiction! His reasoning is idiotic. He says because sex is a natural drive people have and sex is something people do, it can't really be an addiction.  ::)  Despite this, the people in the video are quite adamant about what porn addiction has done to them. I wonder if the psychological community is one of the biggest problems in getting the message out there. A lot of them seem sceptical or in denial about it - that can't be helping. I think it will be one of those things that has a tipping point and so impossible to deny, and then almost every psychologist will offer treatment for porn addiction.