women's day


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Well yesterday was women's day. I was really surprised by some of the things I saw on woman's day. I had numerous experiences where I observed women judging each other based on looks, clothing, ect.

My take away form all of these things, just a feeling I had was a lack of support from women. Why do women try to tear each other down? Why are we objectifying each other? We get it enough from men. I try to encourage and speak out about objectification when I see men do it, but honestly its hard to encourage change when we women are doing it to each other. I have even seen other girls size up my daughter in that manner and she is 8! She already has this awareness of how her looks matter. That is heartbreaking. There are a few girls in her girl scout troop who are chubby and already they are the smart/ strong ones. People have already stop calling them beautiful. Why? I would encourage us to build each other up! We should be building all people up, not tearing them down. There is no reason why it is necessary to tear anyone down.

This isn't towards any women here, more of a generalization and overall awareness that was occupying my mind yesterday and I wanted to share it. Thought I would run it by the people here to hear your take. I have decided my goal is to communicate positive affirming things in the people I encounter throughout my day for the next month. I wonder how that will impact my reality?