Any NYC folks open to co-attending 12-step groups?


(re-posting in this section with the permission of a mod)

Wondering if anyone here lives in NYC and would have any interest in co-attending some relevant 12-step groups, at least for a bit? I have attended a handful of SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) and SCA (Sexual Compulsives Anonymous) groups and always got the impression that they had a lot to offer, but also got the impression that the community that has formed around these programs is rather different than the community that exists in these online spaces, and frankly I think I identify with the online communities a lot more. These programs from what I have seen just skew a lot older, and tend heavily towards people struggling with addictions to actual sex, or at least whose initial addiction was to actual sex. Its not necessarily a deal-breaker but it would be real good to hear some stories from/connect with people who are in a little more of a similar boat to myself (growing up with high-speed porn and with PMO and PIED as a primary issue).

This is not an accountability post per se, we wouldn't have to exchange contact info or meet up beforehand or vow to support each other in any way beyond just going to the same meetings (obviously those things COULD happen, it would be great if they did, I'm just saying I'm not asking anyone to commit to that in this post). I mainly just would love to be able to go to a meeting and hear some shares I actually relate to, and maybe even connect after to the extent that people are open to that (no pressure tho!)

In Short: let's infiltrate the 12-step community! lol

Please let me know in a private message if you are interested, and we can work out some particular meetings to co-attend. Also, if this idea sounds appealing to you but you aren't sure you would have the confidence to share in front of a group about this stuff, that is fine, I am still interested in getting you into the mix if you are interested :)

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! I really do think 12-step might be just the sort of structure and community I need to make progress with this stuff, and getting some fellow rebooters into the mix could be a huge help to me personally with making the commitment required.