Some improvements, but concerned about one thing...

Hey all.

It's been a long while since I've posted on here, and I thought I'd check in with a question on my mind.

So, first off, I would like to say my reboot is going pretty good at the moment. I'm as resolute in my commitment as I've ever been, and I'm starting to see some serious results. There is, however, one area that concerns me a little.

My girlfriend and I engage sexually on a regular basis, and I've noticed that in most of the instances that don't involve the actual sex my erection quality has improved. Whether we're engaging in foreplay or something as simple as cuddling or sitting next to each other, I feel a very strong physical connection with her, the way I imagine people with a healthy sexuality would feel towards her their partners. Yet, when we actually have sex, I still experience a lot of the same PIED related issues I've been dealing with for a long time.

In a lot of ways I'm very confused by this, because we do have sex regularly but not too frequently (about once a week). But to have my PIED improve in a lot of areas outside of sexual intercourse, but still remain troubled when sex does occur, has me a bit concerned. For the record, when I say troubled, I mean things like maybe starting out erect for a few minutes but eventually losing my erection, in addition to my penis shrinking almost immediately after orgasm has occurred.

I'm curious as to how PIED could be improving in one aspect but seems like it's continuously struggling in this one area. Has anyone dealt with this progression specifically or is currently dealing with these circumstances? Did you make any changes to your routine to help speed up recovery during intercourse, or did you continue along the same course, believing that eventually everything would work itself out?

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions to come!