I will have sex in 1 month


Hi guys,
I'm 20y and watch porn since 14y and I have PMO problem since 16y.
I've been tried reboot since last year but I was to depressed to stay way with porn. But this time I have a goal, in 1 month (in July) I'll have sex with someone (I already "have" sex with her in 2016 but it doesn't work so well, I couldnt have a good erection). I'm very excited about it and I want to avoid what happened in the last time, so I started reboot again and I'm in 7th day. I want to know if I'll be in that phase called "flatline" in 1 month, and what the best strategy to me.


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Dont get your hopes up on a full recovery in a month.  You beem doing this for years... take it day by day stop porn and masturbating. When you see her, let your body tell you your ready your will know.  If it doesn't let you know when you with her. I wouldnt even try, i would step back and you make the best decision you can on what to do next.