Just started, trying to figure out if this is my problem


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I'm 24 years old and I've been struggling with ED for about a little over a year now. I've looked at the tests offered here for helping to determine it but I'm having trouble considering the results anything but inconclusive. I think a timeline would be the most appropriate way to get my confusion across. I've been masturbating since I was 11, beginning with just mental fantasies.

I began masturbating to porn when I was around 13 probably, which continued pretty much unabated (every day at least once) until I went to college (I was still a virgin at this point).

While I was in my first three years of college I only masturbated on the weekends and then only to porn.
My final year of college I began having sex with my girlfriend on essentially every weekday and experienced no problems. During this period I would continue to masturbate at home to porn.

The following year I continued to have sex with her around twice a week, masturbating on every off day to porn. We broke up in the Summer, following which I did not have sex for 8 months.

During those 8 months I started dating a new girl. During those 8 months we never had sex and she never really stimulated me to climax (I essentially masturbated every day during this time). We would spend a lot of time (hours) dry humping, during which I would be hard the entire time. After which I would go home and masturbate to porn (I began noticing that I would come very fast when I would do this and it felt a little different and stronger). There were isolated incidents after a few months where she would be drunk and wanting to have sex and it would feel almost as though my erection would soften right before we're about to have sex or do anything, really.

We now have sex on a semi regular basis (once every week or so) and I experience this problem some, but not all of the time. Sometimes I struggle to get hard and have to use lube or something, which often will get me semi hard, enough to go in her. But sometimes I can't get hard and I just climax before I can reach a full erection. Sometimes she can use her mouth and this will often get me pretty hard, but it sometimes has the same affect wherein I'll just climax before getting fully hard. When this happens it doesn't even really feel like an orgasm.

However, I don't seem to have a problem with getting hard randomly. Generally, especially if I'm not thinking about it, I get hard just from touching, kissing or feeling her. Sometimes I'll get hard like this, but when I know we're about to have sex I can feel like weakening, and this is what has always led me to believe it was anxiety induced, but I came across this recently and it let me to wonder.

I stopped masturbating (to porn or even at all, I no longer touch myself) maybe a little over a month ago. In that time span I've had three sexual experiences with my girlfriend.
    The first one was after maybe one or two weeks of not masturbating when we were in the shower together and she gave me a handjob and I didn't really experience any dysfunction here
    The Second one was maybe a week and a half later when we had sex. I was giving her oral and became very hard (which hadn't gotten me that hard for as long as it did in a while) after which we had sex with no dysfunction, this time was very good
    The third time was maybe four or five days later (today). I went down on her again and was very hard pretty much throughout (which, again, didn't always happen before), but when I was done and about to go in her, i got softer. She started giving me oral and I was getting harder, but before I was going to get a full erection I could feel myself about to climax. I had her stop for a little while, after which she gave me a handjob and I came without achieving a full erection (this is generally how it goes when it doesn't go well).

Anyway, I was very excited about possibly solving this problem which has given me incredible amounts of stress and anxiety but was disappointed when our last sexual encounter didn't go as well as the ones previous. I suppose I'm just trying to ascertain whether or not anyone thinks this sounds like PIED or whether it just seems like it's anxiety induced (I have problems with anxiety). I apologize if these answers are available in the FAQ, i spent some time trying to sort through it, but I thought maybe it would be more helpful to hear from some people familiar with these concepts.

I really appreciate any help anyone can offer me regarding this and I apologize if it was too long winded.

I suppose I'm just not sure if this is really my problem. I used to use porn every day and I felt like I did it more compulsively than anything. I haven't really had any trouble stopping porn or masturbation in the last month and a half or so. Also I don't seem to have trouble getting random erections which often feel very strong. I'd appreciate any help or insight anyone can provide here
I'm sorry I'm no expert at this stuff dude but I am kind of the same way. I'd get random erections here and there, get em while kissing and touching or sometimes even when spacing out. Sometimes I'd lose it before penetration or not get hard at all, other times I'm rock hard all the way. I'm only on day 20 and I know for sure quitting porn only gave me positive results regardless of other problems I may or may not have. So at least we got that going for us, eh?