Erotic Fiction as a way to fire the imagination - Good, Bad or Ugly?

Hi everyone,

Been a long while since I've posted here, and in that time I've had various successes and failures as a sufferer of PIED.

Something that occurred to me recently was whether or not reading erotic stories as a means to improve the imagination (I personally found that whilst suffering PIED my ability to become aroused just by my imagination was zero), or, on the flip side whether it's just another "unnatural" way of becoming aroused.

Does anyone have any personal experience with using erotic fiction as a tool to recover, or whether it had the opposite effect?
I've searched the forum for existing articles but can't seem to find any.

Thanks in advance.


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I would avoid erotic fiction.

I rebooted successfully few years ago, started reading erotic comics which just led back to porn use and severe PIED.

During your reboot avoid all artificial stimulation.

During my reboot I've suffered period where I had no libido and no sexual thoughts. It's a blessing, believe me. How long have you been rebooting for?


Erotic fiction = porn, stay away from it. Anything that's not a real physically present woman is porn.


Instead of trying erotic stories, do meditation and mindfulness and get back to your body.


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Any form of artificial stimulation is detremental to the reboot, it should be avoided .
mousemat1 said:
During my reboot I've suffered period where I had no libido and no sexual thoughts. It's a blessing, believe me. How long have you been rebooting for?

Thanks for the feedback everyone. My initial thoughts on it were that it would be ok, the same as masturbating to my imagination (not recalling previous porn episodes) should be ok once I'd rebooted fully.

As for the question over how long I've been rebooting....well I first discovered what PIED was on I think 4th January 2013...on reflection I'd been suffering with it for at least 10 years prior, on and my initial reboot started more or less at that time and it was fine. As I understood what the cause was and how to fix it, I felt empowered about getting it done. It was a success, and by about the April time I was dating and successfully having sexual relations with no issues...however, by around the November of that same year I had gone back to watching porn, whilst still maintaining said "real sex"....after after that I guess I've been rebooting on and off ever since.

Had some sex but not much, was in a relationship with someone for about 6 months and sex was sometimes ok sometimes a failure.

The reboot was much much harder (no pun intended) the second time round (well, maybe the 10th or 11th time if you could all of the relapses).

So this year has been my most successful since January 2013...I thought I was OK come the end of last year, hadn't used porn for a good few months, was able to become aroused purely by my imagination, but had a sexual encounter in December which didn't go great, and I had to use what was essentially a Viagra equivalent to get it was good to have sex, but felt like "cheating"...I've been pretty good since then. Think I went about 170 days with no porn, just using my imagination.

Something I have found though is that some weeks all I can think about is sex....and than in itself causes me to have issues with arousal, just with it being on my mind all the time. Luckily, if I manage to stop it for a few days to a week, everything goes back to normal.
It's like thinking about it all the time causes mental fatigue and my mind can't get turned on as it's exhausted with those thoughts.

Had real scare 20 days ago (I know because I reset my "day counter")...I wasn't able to get it up just using my imagination and self stimulation, so I disabled the Web Protection software I use and started old habits, the usual shit, which let's face it, really is shit...I really take very little pleasure in viewing porn, it's the same cycle of looking for and failing to find that "perfect" scene which doesn't exist, and once you've done what you had to do you're back to square one. Even "during" it's shit, just because I've been there and done it so many times before and know the outcome.

Anyway, I thought I was back to square one. Limp dick syndrome, but I resigned myself to not get too bothered by it, and just let's see what happens.
So luckily within a week of managing to avoid anything sexual in terms of thoughts and avoiding touching myself, magically I find that my hardons are the best they've been in years. Like randomly sitting on toilet in work, when for example my penis touches the toilet seat I started getting a semi out of the blue.

Sounds weird, but that was an awesome feeling.

Every day is a school day, and I guess I've learned that everything should be done in moderation.

Just need to find myself a woman now (easier said than done!).