Gaining control of Compulsive Masturbation


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Wonderful man. Let's keep up the support of each other to escape this addiction. Watch out for triggers.
Wonderful man. Let's keep up the support of each other to escape this addiction. Watch out for triggers.
Triggers yeah buddy, I was triggered by a simple boob from a lady friend. I was greeting her, then she turned as she was turning my eyes just went to her cleavage area it wasn't much but my brain couldn't stop thinking about it! Will bounce back.


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Day 0

Pmoed twice for an hour this morning! Will fight back again, I guess not keeping my body busy with manual labour seems to cause to have extra energy for not so productive habits like pmo. Will continue with the garden tomorrow!
Moving forward with hope!
Hate to see a fellow soldier go down! The first step is realizing you're not in control, and take it back. Let's go get that challenge together. IT's a real battlefield out there.


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Don't feel disheartened.
Are you practicing mindfulness?
Also read some self-help books and books on habit formation and breaking like Charles Duhigg's " the Power of Habit". Or Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". Excellent books that changed my perspective for the good.

Also listen to personal transformation videos on Youtube. You can watch Robin Sharma, Dandapani and many more. Dandapani really gives good concentration tips. These can help a lot in the reboot process.

Another thing I would suggest is: If your professional work is not computer-related, avoid turning on your computer in the morning, and avoid seeing your mobile phone in the morning (no matter what notifications or calls have come). Till at least 9 am or till you reach your office. What work are you doing now exactly? Are you still working at that insurance company?

I have gone through all your pages. I have made one observation. It appears to me that you have not really replaced the porn habit with something meaningful in your life.

Simon Sinek said it very well in a Youtube video. If you tell a pilot to avoid the trees, he will end up crashing the plane into a tree.
If a skier while going on the snow is told to avoid trees, he will hit a tree sooner or later.
Conclusion: If giving up porn is what you think of everyday, the mind is still focusing on porn. You don't want to focus on porn.

You want to focus on something else, so that everyday when you wake up, you want to do that activity or job and watching porn is no longer on your mind. You dismiss porn, not because you want to get rid of it, but because you have something good to do in life!

In your case, I suggest:
You are working as a salesperson in that company. Tell yourself everyday: " I will become the best salesperson in this company".
You will pray to God everyday in the following way: " Dear God, help me in my journey to become the best salesman of this company".
You will not say " God make me the best salesman of this company".

YOU will make the effort. God helps those who help themselves.

Second step: meet a successful person in the insurance business in your area. Don't ask him how he became successful.
You will ask him: " Can you guide me on how to become the best salesperson in my company?"
Then whatever tips he gives you, start implementing those in your daily work.

Try this for a few days and I believe your life will start turning around.


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Day 33 no PMO
Day 3 no P or CAM girls, decided to watch and not touch myself about 30 days back. Before that 14 days, before that another 7 days, and finally before 9 days. I'm grateful for having managing to resist the edge to watch.

Day 59 in a relationship, I told my GF about my PMO habit and she's been super supportive.

Day 35 of no M, decided to let my dick get used to being touched by my GF instead of my right hand. I think the relationship has helped me get clean.

After 58 days of a relationship and a number of dates we finally had sex yesterday. I told her not to have high expectations before we started, only to surprise myself about how good it went. She wanted more, but I explained to her how risky binging on sex might be for someone like me.

So grateful for having made it this far, hopeful for a better tomorrow.



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Day 0 no jerking off,
Day 4 no sex,
Day 0 no CAM girls.

Since Saturday the 25th I have lost a bit of control over jerking off, masturbated to CAM girls way 5 to 7 times in 3 days. The worst was last night when I couldn't fall asleep, decided to blow one load so that I can sleep. I did sleep.

I want to get back on the horse!


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Day 3 no jerking off,
Day 3 no porn or CAM girls,
Day 10 no sex with my girlfriend,

Instead of rubbing my dick while watching porn or CAM girls, I decided to just watch. Last year it worked for 105 days, hope it works again!



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Day 0 no jerking off
Day 0 no CAM girls
Day 17 no sex with girlfriend, she went to work abroad!

It's been a hard couple of weeks since my girlfriend left the country, I miss her.
Planning to get my control back. I came up with the plan of not blowing a load during the week, if there's a slip let it be during the weekend. The cost of blowing a load during the week just makes me less productive at work.
No jerking during the week.

Moving forward,