This is way worse than quitting smoking or marijuana, NEED HELP



After the 4th night of not getting any sleep at all I'm just completely drained. I feel like I have the flue, I have constant headaches and I can't do anything because I'm too tired. The symptoms are actually physical, I never experienced anything like this!!! When I quit marijuana I had a really hard time sleeping and cravings of course, but not much more. For smoking it was just cravings and irritability that I had to resist. BUT PORN!! These withdrawal symptoms are something I never could have imagined, it feels like I'm a crack addict recovering. I know this is best for me, but it feels like my body is telling me like I'm doing something really bad for it!!!

I'm really scared that the withdrawal symptoms are gonna fuck up my job as well. The past week I already noticed that I had nearly not patience with the customers and nearly got mad at them. How can I manage my intense irritability? Please help, I didn't know it would be this hard!!!


My worst withdrawal symptom is the anxiety which develops during abstinence. I relapse and become myself again for a short while until I hit the flatline. During that stageI literally lose my shit especially with people I barely know.

I think it has to be a way of your brain telling you how awesome it was that you found a mate and reproduced ( even if all we did was to beat our meat to pixels ) and how much it sucks that we no longer have that ( even if we never did ).

But thats just a personal observation I made during my last big streaks now I am just a few days in after a great binge and I notice that my anxiety is getting on the surface again.

It was one of the reasons I consciously decided to start using porn again some days ago, boosting my mood for a while until I ended up in a much more psychologically ruined state than before.


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Yeah the withdrawal symptoms are fucking nasty mate. Way worse than nicotine withdrawal I think.
I remember in the worst part of my withdrawals I would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and not be able to go back to sleep!
Basically, as bad as the withdrawals feel now, if you get back into porn youre gonna feel worse. The withdrawal symptoms are temporary.
Youll feel better soon, just hang in there a little longer. Youre winning!


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I think I know what you're meaning, as I had nasty withdrawal symptoms as well, when I started nofap with the willpower method. Really painful headaches, irritability, moodswings, etc.

Years later I stumbled upon this
and this approach is much much nicer and without painful/physical withdrawal pangs.



my first attempt to quit, i didnt sleep for like two weeks then just relapsed. Absolute hell. I think its a severe addiction, but over time and with repeated attempts, my withdrawals became progressivley less severe- except cravings are still horrid. So a slip back into porn, although it sucks, isnt a full defeat, I dont think. I keep picking up where I left off. I dont care if i have to keep attempting for 10 years, im not just submitting back into porn. Im keepin in the fight. Fk porn. Its the worst. Its like free crack just floating in the cosmos, free accessible, ruins lives.


Porn and masturbation addiction has been, by far, the hardest addiction I have ever faced.  And I am a recovering alcoholic.  I am going on more than 100 Days sober of alcohol (and counting) without much problem.  My best against porn was my most recent streak of 42 days.  Just keep at it, brother.  We will all get this in the end.


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First of all, you need to understand that it is more mental fight than physical. If you stopped smoking any shit, that’s good and when you stopped, just forget about it forever. One thing that I can only recommend you for better sleep and to reduce your madness is CBD oil. It is an extract from the hemp plant, it contains no THC. Also it may help with anxiety or depression, and to reduce a physical pain, in this article you can read more about CBD oil But first of all, you have to be sure in what you’re doing, any doubt, just look forward and be confident, it is a mental fight with your brain.
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