Sissy porn.


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I just need some advice and a little support from anybody else whose addiction led them to sissy porn? If you don?t know what it is, don?t let your curiosity get the better of you. Do not look for it!

If you have escalated to the use of this disgusting genre, have you managed to rid yourself of its pull?

During your reboot, how did the cravings subside?

Do you still have any cravings or does the idea of it just disgust you now?

It was when I started watching sissy porn that I knew that I was ill and that I really had to quit. In a certain sense, if it hadn?t been for this genre perhaps I?d never have acknowledged the severity of my compulsion, although I wish it had never got to this point.

I?m still having flashbacks of this kind of porn. Most of the other stuff I watched doesn?t seem to have the same lure and seems easy to avoid. However, this filth seems to really have infected my consciousness.

Any advice or observations are welcomed.

Psyc Ops

Let's start with defining success for a porn addict.  For a porn addict "success" is quitting watching porn, completely, forever.  The first step is, for most, the hard 90, 90 days hard mode, no porn, no PMO, no MO, no O, no sex, no sexual thoughts (or minimizing them as much as possible).

I think you will find success more likely if you don't think of it as porn, sissy porn, or any category of porn.  We call it "porn addiction" but thatterm was created before we understood that what is addictive is the brain reaction following exposure to porn, and because porn causes hypersexual thoughts.  It is oversimplification to call it a dopamine high, but, that is OK, addicts benefit from oversimplifications. 

You are not addicted to sissy porn, or any type of porn; you use porn to obtain a dopamine high.  That is the only reason any of us watch, like, or perceive liking, porn. The dopamine high is what we chase.  We get that reaction from good, old fashioned sexual thoughts, it is just that porn allows us to have more sexual thoughts than life without porn.

As for your category, most addicts end up at a category way outside the category they started with (usually vanilla or just all American sex).  It takes addicts a while to reach whatever fucked up category they end up at.  This is due to sensitization, desensitization, and escalation. As with any drug, take the same thing in the same amount all the time, and we desensitize to it, meaning, it ceases to get us high, and to reach the high we got from it in the beginning, we need more or different or both. Same as in drugs and porn. 

So, it is not that you "like"that category, it is that you have desensitized to less shocking categories you watched in the beginning,  and you need something shocking to get your dopamine high.  This is common in porn addiction, it is not just you; it is every single addict.  It will be helpful for you to think of it in these terms.  You don't like a category of porn, you need a category to get your dopamine hit, because all the categories you watched before you have desensitized to. You are not addicted to porn, you are addicted to a dopamine rush that porn makes getting very easy and efficient.  Sexual thought are rewarded with that dopamine high, so, during the reboot, you are not merely avoiding "porn" you are avoiding the thing that gives you a dopamine reward; sexual thoughts themselves.

When you talk about cravings, it will be helpful if you understand what you crave.  You crave a dopamine high. You will, probably, until the day you die like dopamine highs.  If porn had never been invented, you would still crave a dopamine high. Before porn was invented we liked dopamine highs.  All of us.  Humanity.  That is because it is nature's way of encouraging reproduction.  Not just in humans, but in all mammals.  It has worked well since the human brain evolved to its current model.  It is just that, through porn, we figured out a way to amp that up to unnaturally intense and prolonged dopamine highs, higher even than we can get with sex.  Once you have rebooted, if you do it the right way, you will still like that dopamine high, but your brain won't miss getting it through porn, not nearly as much as it does when you first start quitting.  When you first start quitting your brain punishes you for taking that hit away.  Those are the withdrawals.  Those eventually lessen and go away, and if you do it right, one day you wake up, and don't miss it at all, don't think about it. Then you will be free.  Avoid the button, avoid the high, and many report feeling much better after 90 days hard mode.  You can do it. 

Don't panic, don't freak out.  You need to conceive of active porn addiction, of using porn daily, for years, a bit differently than you have.  You need to understand that addiction does not "just happen." We do it to ourselves.  It takes time and effort.  You need to conceive of using porn all those years as training.  You trained your brain to become addicted.  Of course, no one thinks of it in those terms at the time, but that is exactly what we are doing to our brains.  There is a reason there is a picture of a brain between Reboot and Nation at the top of the page.  Gabe understands it perfectly.  Quitting porn, like training our brains to become addicted, takes time and effort, also.  You have to train your brain back to normal.  That starts with the hard 90.  Denying yourself that dopamine rush, which in the beginning you have to do about 400 times a day, is where your training starts. You can do it. 


I googled ?what is sissy porn? and based on description I think more of a hypnothisem than porn. You need to use guided meditation to alter it beside never watching that again. Then again my taste never went as far and I stocked to handful of videos so I don?t have first hand experience lol


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Hi Psyc Ops

Thanks for taking time out to write the lengthy response. I actually on day 257 of my reboot. I haven't looked at porn for the whole 257 days and have only masturbated a handful of times.

I was just curious if anyone who had escalated to this type of porn had recovered to a point where it never entered their minds again. The last couple of weeks has seen a real increase in porn cravings for this kind of porn in particular. I thought I was out of the woods as my porn cravings had weekend and didn't really pose any threat. They have been as strong as these last couple of weeks as they were at the start of my reboot. You are absolutely right when you say I don't like this kind of porn. I detest it! I know that desensitisation led me down this route.

Hi Mroctupus

Fortunately, I understood the dangers of the hypnotic videos and so I mostly avoided them. That's not to say that I wasn't exposed to the still images which included highly suggestible comments.

Thanks for your comments. They're much appreciated.