Premature ejaculation (and the prevention thereof)

I'm new to all of this, having just started on the nofap path. I've told myself in the past that I should masturbate at least once or twice a week (although it always ends up being way more, of course) because I'll need it to build up stamina for real-life sexual encounters. I found in my own experience that if I went for prolonged periods of no release whatsoever, I'd get major PE and blow my load almost as soon as I enter a real-life female partner. Very embarrassing, and unsatisfying.

But... maybe there are ways to build up stamina and last longer without masturbating? Are there other, masturbation-free ways to build up one's endurance in the bedroom? Or is being a "minuteman" just something I'm going to have to live with in order to be a no-fapper? What have you all found to be the case?


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Maybe research some breathing techniques or kareeza (I think?) sex techniques. Thats sex without orgasm, it might give you some pointers on how to last longer. or there are of course numbing creams you can apply to your penis, however the numbing effect may also be transferred to her via the cream - not really sure about that. Lastly you could consult your doctor to ask for advice on PE.