No morning wood and weak erections still after six monthz


Can anyone help, being doing nofap for about 6 months now, 4 relapses to peeking at porn but nothing else, still only getting weak erections with my girlfriend and if they stop getting stimulated they dissappear. Sometimes it works great but most of the time it just goes.

I also never and I mean never get morning wood


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Relapsed 4 times in six months? Before this how often were you PMOing? The damage could be so extensive that even the smallest amount of PMO, however far apart, can set the withdrawal symptoms raging again


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If you have weak erections. See if you can take a break from all: Sex, Masturbation, Porn and Orgasms. Then slowly reintroduce sex only when you are horny. If you Orgasm, take at least a week to heal before having one again.  Never Fap or watch porn for life.


Definitely staying away from porn.
Trying not to orgasm during sex as it feels it puts me in a flatline again.
My issue is my girlfriend has a high sex drive, wants sex every night!
I orgasmed 3 night ago. I've not Pmod for as long as I can remember now but still no morning wood and erections with girlfriend are about 80% only, can't get erect on my own
NoFap is not the only thing that you should do. You gotta take care of your health too... Going to gym, stop eating junk food, etc... is some of things that will help you out from this situation... you got to look for things that will boast your testosterone levels .... etc...
the main cause of your ED is your porn use, but you need further than just stopping masturbating, you need to start having a healthy life style...

that's what I'm doing, and my morning wood has returned...
I am also experiencing weaker erections in the last 5-ish years. I never did lose my morning wood, that I noticed. I have it pretty much every morning. Now that I know its important I?ll have to start paying a bit more attention to it. I strongly agree with other replies. I think its time to stop living in the confines of your mind. Time to get your mind and hands busy with all sorts of healthy activities and hobbies.

When I was in my early 20s I battled a very serious bout with depression and anxiety attacks. During I would say 90% of my conscious waking hours sex was just totally not on my radar at all. No arousal, no erections, no nothing. In that 9-12 month period I only worked up enough courage to have one encounter and it was bad. REALLY BAD. Very weak erection. I was only 20! Previous to this episode of depression, I had been in a very healthy loving relationship with my first girl friend of 2 years and had NO issues becoming aroused or erect at all. Long story short. In this case at that chapter of my life porn hadn?t screwed me up yet. My general overall mental health was just having a field day keeping me from having any kind of gratifying sexual experiences. Even M+O had lost its appeal.

I?ve read some of your posts in other threads. Don?t give up man. Get out there, enjoy life and all its wonders. There comes a point where dwelling on a problem becomes worse then the problem... I have hope man. This is the most natural thing to humans. Yes we?ve fried our brains with some pretty potent junk. But 1000s of years of evoultion to natural sex is on our side. Stop thinking, start living. Nature is bound to take its course at some point.