story thus far at day 54


Hi there. I have been here for 54 days now and have stayed away from the porn and wanking. Never have I managed to do that for so long. I was at the stage at age 50, of being unable to get fully hard, of spending hours and hours looking at shit online trying to find that elusive picture or video that would make my life complete. Doesnt that sound rediculous, as if a picture or video will make our lives complete. I found this wonderful site which has been a true god send for me. I can now get hard, really hard like i was a teenager again. I actually want to go to bed with Mrs Little179 and have sex, not avoid it and be back where i was, preferring sex alone with the laptop and tissue box......My porn habit had taken over my life, my thoughts, my every waking hour. Whenever i saw a girl i would imagine her nude with me or another girl. I started to think all girls were bi-sexual, that they found me attractive and wanted me. And then I got bored with looking at girls, then looked for Lesbian porn, then got bored with that, started to look at trannie porn and then I knew, my god i am out of control here. This isnt me, but i kept going, hours and hours of chatting, watching, sharing pics and vids, thinking i was some hugh hefner or something, pathetic. My live was wasting away in front of my eyes. My first marriage fell over as there was no affection, no love just existance for the kids sake. Thankfully (now i think not then) my then wife ended it. I was alone at 38 and thinking we,, i fucked that up. And i did, i blame no-one but me and my illness/addiction. ANyways, met a new lady about a year or so later and fell in love, i still am, love her madly. But my porn habit continued until i found this site and realised what a waste of space i was. I now walk heaps, lost weight (needed to i think!!) i get stuff done around house, i feel happier and more useful. I achieve now, not waste away. Fill your life with something, something you havent done before. I walk heaps, try to keep active, that is my answer. But mostly, beleive in yourself, seek help here, you will find what you are looking for. You are on the way just being here...............keep going is so so so worth it......


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Very inspiring. Congratulations on losing weight that in itself is a challenge that i think is equal to NoFap.

Brooklyn Jerry

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I was going to post something similar to your post this morning. I am 64 and have to say this no fap works. It's been 50 some odd days that I haven't M and things are working again. I thought I was having erection problems, I would get hard but would last to long before going limp and not being able to cum inside my lady. I went to a dr and tied Viagra and injectables.They worked to keep me hard, but caused DE. The needles were not to good as they on a few occasions caused an erection that lasted way to long,almost made a trip to the ER but fortunately some sudafed and warn washcloths het it down.The Dr never asked about my masturbation habits, only if I got hard during sex or M. Never mentioned porn or now many times I mastubated in a week.
  I hadn't had sex in a week and last night everything worked fine, I was temped to take a Viagra,but decided not to. During the day my SO texted me and asked" wanna fuck tonite" and I got a hard on. Went for dinner came back and we had a great session. Took her home later and came back to my place. For sure if I wasn't on this program I would be PMO now figuring it will be a while till we are intimate again so what the hell. Now I know it's is better to wait and recharge myself for,the next I me.itmsure is worth the wait.