Hello! introducing, Congrats, sharing and help with porn blockers. Thanks!


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Hello Again!, I am Santiago From Argentina, sorry about my english is basic.
I want to congratulate everybody on this site, and Your Brain in porn, because the moment I knew this web pages i recognize that i have the adicction, before that i was always giving excuses to mysel or thinking that is a normal thing to do. There are some spanish web sites about porn, but this one is far more complete. i am really thankful.
I am Forty and I have been watching porn or similar since adolescence.
I started assuming i need tools and real responsability about Fap a month ago. 15 days ago I started the plan of 90 days without porn. Yesterday i consume, but I think it was a real good begining.
Now i am here sharing and reading you, another big tool.
In my experience i found to big tools so far, I share with my psychologist everything i write in my agenda and we talk a lot about it, first I had to educate him about this adicction, I show him this websites, we were both amazed about all the information.
In second place , I wrote a poster by my bed that says: " PMO had probably ruin all your relationship with couples and others areas as well, Do you want to continue ?. Lots of nights after reading this, i take a book and go to sleep peacefully. Of course I live with my pets.

I d like to ask for help with porn blockers. I install some porn blockers but the problem is that if i open an incognito window, porn is still there. Do you know how can i fix this?, i read something about K9 , I am going for it after writing this.

Thanks again, i am really happy to find you and the tools you share and the possibility to share my experience with you, Good life and Strengh to all of you!, we are brave.


Hi Santiago,

My name is Tyler and I am from Massachusetts. This is my first day finding and looking at topics here on Reboot Nation and your topic of add blockers stuck out to me. A few months ago I learned how to disable incognito/private browsing on Google Chrome in order to deter me from using. Im not sure which browser you are using but here are some directions I used to disable incognito. There are many other pages that come up in searches for doing the same on MACs and other browsers.


I hope this helps!

Kindly, Tyler
I'm using Cold Turkey Blocker, the Pro version. It's a time-based blocker, you create a block-list, and add websites to it. There are many ways of blocking (there is Pomodoro mode which means you do 40 mins of work and then have a 20 min break). I usually lock my block-lists, this means that I cannot disable the block until the time runs out. I created a block-list for porn and set the lock for 12 months, of which 9 months remains as I'm writing this. So be cautious before activating longer blocks as there literally is NO WAY of disabling it. Sure, you can circumvent it, but not by "attacking" the blocker itself. Bear in mind that there is a 1000 website limit, so you can only have 1000 websites blocked on one block-list. You could create another block-list for the rest of the porn websites, but according to the developer, having more than 1000 websites blocked at any given time will slow your browser down. The block-list that was included for porn, had around 500 sites so I added all the rest by hand. If anyone wants, I can share the block-list that that I created for myself. It has pretty much all the popular sites and also the less popular porn sites.

In my opinion, Cold Turkey Pro is the best blocker and I've been using it ever since K9 Website Blocker was discontinued.

NB! I'm not affiliated with Cold Turkey Blocker in any way, shape or form.


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Hello Insomniacfapper,

I read your post about K9 Web protector being discontinued? I didn't know this. Do you know since when this happened and why? Thanks.

Because Blue Coat got merged with Symantec (the one that makes Norton antivirus). The merger happened on Aug 1, 2016 according to Wikipedia. But I bet the program is still operational, should you have the installation file. I don't know whether it's being updated or maintained, I doubt it is.

EDIT: Never mind, I see you prefer "Ironman Mode" and not using blockers, which is completely fine. For me personally, I sometimes have a moment of weakness, and it's good having an obstacle between me and a relapse...