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Refocus, retool (if necessary), and 'relax' into your reboot.

You got this, GeminiMan!
Thanks for the encouraging words @Phineas 808

I know I am beating myself to death here .
It shouldn’t be that way .

I see your point . I am not enjoying making those wise choices . They should be making me happy not make me feel deprived and frustrated.

Never gonna reboot that way successfully!

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Day 8 today

The addictive voice inside me is not happy .
I have been irritable and edgy over last 24 hours . Last night I woke up in the middle of sleep and almost autonomously picked up phone and logged onto chat room and then after a while I did convince myself and put the phone aside and went back to sleep .

All these are withdrawal symptoms .

Just need to observe these unpleasant feelings in my body and mind and keep myself from acting out the next few days as I focus on my day to day family vocation and work .

I will endure these moods of sadness(yes feeling sad is another symptom I am seeing) and irritability and move on to the next plateau of my streak .

all of you guys have been so kind in leading me up until day 8 . It means a lot !
Day 9 here. We're here for you.


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This time the cause of relapse was extreme stress and feeling of overwhelm combined with a feeling low .

that weak moment is when I picked up phone and turned off firewall and chatted to MO .

so it is important to manage your emotions and mind in times of higher stress/overwhelm situations .

My current relapse cause highlights the dire need for mental well being in modern day life .

do whatever that calms you down and refreshes your mind each day without fail for your mental health. Kill stress . Be peaceful and present and aware!