I partially relapsed..

I spent the whole day determined not to masturbate...
About an hour ago, I went into the bathroom and started looking for porn and jerking off.
I did this until I was close to orgasm (which I consider my biggest problem).... And I just couldn't do it. I don't know how to feel about it...


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Been there, done that.
If you managed to stop yourself then consider it partial victory.
But if you keep doing it you will relapse for real.
And if you keep edging and don't O, then you might risk getting infections on your dick. (many people have had this...)

So my advice: Think about penis infections every time you start edging. That helps.  ;D

Wanted to add something:
I spent the whole day determined not to masturbate...
This might be your root problem. When you think about not viewing porn and not masturbating, you really are partly just thinking about porn and masturbating. You want to get them off your mind. Replace them with something else, something positive.