PIED without the P?!

Hi all,

Not been round for a long time (thought I was in the clear, but possibly not!), so hope no-one minds me jumping back in without having contributed much over the last year or so...at the very least there might be some learning to be had :)

So, I've been more or less clear of porn for almost a year. Had one bad day about 100 days ago where I used, but no lasting effects (if anything, erections were better after a coupla weeks of making sure I avoided any stimuli).

Masturbation consisted of using imagination, and also when I got bored, looking back over conversations with old girlfriends that involved us talking sexual.
Have probably been doing the latter more so than the former tbh, without issue, and without really considering that there might be any negative outcomes.

However, as of a week last Sunday, I seem to be pretty much flat. Weirdly, I had an erectio fine Sunday afternoon, but was unable to climax. but later that day could not at all get it up.

Ever since I've felt "flat", kinda like there's no life in the old boy. More or less flat lined, but with some effort I can get a semi.
The best way I can describe this i that usually, when I am "OK", with minor stimulation, I can get  reaction from my penis, e.g. a slight tough, or just with the power of thought, I can get it to engorge with blood slightly, it responds to mental encouragement, or touching.
Whereas now, it very rarley does that at all.

Scared the death out of me, given I've been porn free but for the relapse for 9 months.
Only thing I can put it down to is the use of the e-mails and messages I've exvhanged with past girlfriends to stimulate myself (no pics in these messages btw).

Any thoughts?
A coupla times a week, not much as I find lack of sex frustrating and whilst erections were no issue up until the above Sunday,climaxing was (likely due to the anti-depressants I've been on for 10 years. Historically these have only led to issues with orgasm not erection).

It's just highly weird it was so quick. Fine Sunday afternoon...but could not climax. Sunday evening and beyond little to nothing.

Fitness is very good at the moment. Font smoke. Was drinking too much...like 5 days a week but have cut that back since the start of the year.