Canadian Film Production Company is Casting for a Feature Doc on Porn Addiction


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May Street productions is a film production company based in British Columbia, Canada. We're currently developing a feature length documentary about the impact, experience, science, and treatment of porn addiction.
In order to explore the far-reaching effects of online porn on communities, we are looking for people willing to share their experience on camera. We deeply understand the challenges of sharing a personal experience sensitive in nature. It's our wish that anyone interested to acquire information about our project will remain anonymous until their choosing.
We're looking for young individuals (18-mid 20's) based in Canada ideally in British Columbia and Alberta, to join our three other participants, and are willing to speak on camera about their experience with porn addiction.
Our documentary will not only look at the social impacts of porn addiction but will also share ground breaking scientific research to help explain and de-stigmatize the issue.
To give you a better sense for the production company, May Street Production has 20 years of experience and has produced over 120 hours of prime time television and documentary programming for CBC, APTN, and more.
If interested in sharing your story please email [email protected] and note that your correspondence will be entirely confidential.