Is there any need to abstain from sex if I don?t have ED?


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No, natural sex is fine from what I understand. Just don't use it as a substitute for porn. For example, if you're getting hot and heavy and your brain tells you to continue, ask yourself if you really want to have sex or if you feel the need to have sex. Also, don't engage in sexual activity if you feel the urge to look at porn. Another thing: Don't think about porn during sex. Other than that, you should be good.


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Probably not.

Unless you're seeking sex because you're porn starved, and the sex you're seeking is a meager facsimile of the porn you consumed.  An extreme example of this would be someone who looked at lots of "tranny" porn, and then went out seeking that sort of escorts, thinking they need to "get it out of their system", or to decide if that is really what they're attracted to, or whatever.  I've read this scenario in testimonials a few times, so it isn't that much of an abstraction.  I think if you consider it long and hard, you'll know whether you're going deeper into a rabbit hole, or coming out.