Fed up, Tired, Angry and Sad

I'm getting a bit scared, I think for a while I convinced myself that I had this porn ting under control. But I'ts not the case, its a disease, I need help. I need to make serious interentions. Its so hard and scary because I'm afriad to tell anyone around me, Im scared and ashamed. How to make real change? It starts with you.


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Fear and shame are a normal part of dealing with addiction. I felt very scared to post to this forum for the first time at the beginning of the year, but it was one of the best decisions that I think I've made for my recovery.

This is the place to get help and think through your addiction and recovery in healthy and productive ways. We're here to help! Read some of the other journals, post here regularly, get some ideas and advice and encouragement from the other guys here.

fedupwithporn says a lot. I know the feeling. Let's start moving toward a better and brighter future!


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Hey man posting here is a good first step. Maybe reading up on some success stories and just stick around here. Read articles on your brain on porn.com educate yourself. I and I think almost everyone else here has felt exactly as you are feeling right now. Literally.