Norwegian, 22 and on the first day of the rest of my life!


I can't believe im writing this, but i actually look forward to noPMO.

Ive been struggling with ED for about 3-4 years now (This is the closest thing to telling anyone about it). I can no longer count on one hand how many girls ive gotten to bed with, where i failed to get an erection. And of course, ive been watching alot of porn( I never mastrubate without) And probably haven't more than 10-20 times my whole life.

Tonight was one of many attempts too google my issues. I stumbled upon yourbrainnoporn and it was like a Hallelujah. Ive been reading and watching videos for the past 2-3 hours now, and at last, it all makes sense!

Ive searched for answers in my native language, but for some reason porn-related ED is not a very known issue in Norway. I found alot of guys asking for help with similar problems and experiences as myself, but no one drew the connection too porn.

I must have tried everything. Squeezing-techniques, herbs, i even got convinced into thinking i was not mastrubating enough(which i clearly was, around 5x a week). For a period i even thought i was gay and i actually searched for gay porn once. NOTHING worked and for a while now i was starting to picture my life with no wife, no kids etc. So just reading about your experiences and successes have given me a huge boost already!

I apologise for typo's and wierd sentences, just scream out if i need too elaborate.

PS: I got a few q's and storys to share, but i gotta start somewhere.

Im really eager to start this!


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Welcome aboard!
I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't any information on reboot in my country (Korea).
The no-fap movement has only recently become a trend in the internet.
I was oblivious of this epidemic just 3 months ago.

Anyways, best wishes to your journey!


Welcome to the Nation!

I also haven't found anything about the porn addiction and the causes it makes in my native language (Poland). But I've seen many comments of [I guess not too clever] guys who say that the addiction is bullshit and the problem may lie in food, air, girlfriend. After reading all the articles, watching conferences and finally stories of all "rebooters" I am sure that those guys were wrong and the only way to be a real man with no penis disfunctions nor mental illnesses is to stay out of porn and masturbating forever.

I wish you all the best and don't break down! The battle is really worth fighting.