Story of Full Recovery From Severe Pied


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Awesome recovery story man!

Well done!!!

I think ill need 1-2 years to fully recover.

Hey bro,

I'm glad you found my story helpful. I just read some of your posts. First of all - congrats on the new baby girl! - I'm glad that she is a motivating factor for you to rid yourself of your addiction.

From other stories I have seen, many guys who had real sexual experiences before porn often recover faster than guys like me that started with porn first. Obviously everyones recovery is different, but there is hope for everyone that gives up porn! Also, I am sure you will find rewiring with your partner to be an invaluable asset in your rebooting process. Just focus on improving yourself in all areas during the journey! Hang in there brother!


Hi Hockey, I always read your story for inspiration and wanted to ask for some advice. I’m about to turn 26 next month and my story of being young and thinking porn was harmless then getting PIED is similar. I’ve had PIED since I was probably 18 and I’ve gone 798 days since I’ve watched actual porn although I have occasionally MO’d to nude pictures which I know is just as bad. I have had three over 90 day streaks with the longest ending a month ago at about 150 days. But the longest I’ve gone without fantasying or M’ing and edging has only been two weeks.

I’ve been talking to a girl this past month and asked if she would like to be cuddle buddies so I can begin rewiring since I haven’t had any physical contact with a girl for a while. She said yes but ever since she has sent me cute pictures and a couple of nudes over snapchat because she wants to have sex with me. I’m hanging out with her in a few days and wanted to ask your opinion on if I should tell her about my PIED or tell her I only want to be cuddle buddies for now. I would rather be honest with her instead of trying to hide my problems from her. I’m not trying to have her be my girlfriend, only cuddle buddies for right now. I’m not super attached to her so I would be ok if she did not want to talk to me anymore although I would be disappointed. I have no idea when I would be able to have sex again although I have to be somewhat close especially if I begin rewiring with this girl. Any advice that you can give me on how to handle this situation would be great and I would really appreciate it.
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Thank your for sharing your story. Very inspiring and helpful for me to see there can be a path forward without porn use.


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Hey hockey.
Your post inspired me a lot. I have totally same symptom as yours. One day I suddenly couldn't get it up for my favorite porn, after that It became unable to get an erection, no desire to watch porn and masturbate. It has been 11th month since my reboot. I can get it up with80percent erection during blowjob and ejaculate since month5,even though sometime with delay ejaculation. withdrawal symptoms also very bad,but recently my dead dick symptom became more less,I've been in and out of flatline every month, I have libido someday,the other days my libido is zero and dick dead. I still can't have sex now because I can't maintain erection during foreplay.
I wonder have you experienced mild flatline that you have a near full size dick but slight libido during this period and when did your libido start to come back.
Thanks buddy.
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