First succes, severe PIED, 35 days off PMO, 24 off MO


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Hello there,

it s not a success story yet, but it s a hell of a success for me so I wish to share it with you. here's a quick background:

_ healthy sexual life until at least 21 years old ( M currently 29 ). I would masturbate, watch photos, some porn but very soft and not tubeporn. Back then, I could have good longstanding erections, fuck anywhere, have an orgasm and keep on fucking.

_ At least 5 years of PIED, but I was blind to it, and it was only partial. I m a widow, so I would blame my ED on some psychological cause. So i kept on PMO while having PIED for at least 5 years.

_ Firts reboots by mid may 2014: by this time, I would even PMO with a flaccid penis, I had DE and condoms were out of the question.  May and June were dedicated to decrease PMO use but I kept on MO almost everyday. By July I started to decrease Mo as well and by August, the real reboot started.

As my counter indicates, today I MOed, after 35 off PMO and 24 off MO, and absolutely no rewiring. I ve been horny for the last few days because m surrounded by hotties ( m on holidays) but I could control the urges and today as well. But I decided to give it a go, but within certain conditions:
_ no hands, only rubbing against a very confortable pillow
_ condom on
_ I fantasized about real partners and real simple situations.

the erection was very good, I didn't need to use my kegel muscle, and even when I did to check if there was any difference with or without using it, the difference was minimum, even though still noticeable. In the beginning, I spent like 2 minutes trying to  open the condoms' box, so i partially lose it, but I got my erection back very quickly. No problem to put the condom on, or to keep it, and I came very quickly and without losing the condom and even 2 minutes after the orgasm, I still had a pretty 80% erection.

The sensations were awesome, even with the condom on, and no numbed brain after the orgasm, as I used to have. Actually my brain seems even less foggy than during most time of my reboot. And the orgasm was like the best one I ve had in years.

So in a way, its lame " what ? a success ? with a pillow ? u gotta be kidding me, did you try with a donkey ? ", there is still a long road to follow, specially about how long I could last but boy: no DE, condom on, solid erection and which lasted longer than usual. There is definitively an improvement.

What worked so far for me:

_ A progressiv reboot, I didn't go right ahead for it. I saw it was a drug and as I was on my own, I decided that I couldn't quite just fair and square and that I had to go trough a period of threshold, decreasing the use a little bit more each time.

_ Daily icy showers for 10 minutes. It s awesome for your general health (and especially for blood pressure and circulation which can't be bad, considering our situation), and it makes you hard as fuck and help you to deal with uncomfortable situations.

_ getting a routine: daily weight lifting, socializing, or planing my week ends to socialize during my free time.

_ getting convinced about the process by browsing on this forum and on the yourbrainonporn website. I needed to believe to do it and to give up porn.

_ Some kegel exercices, but not that much, only when I think of doing it, mostly when I ve got nothing to do.

I ve been mostly on a flatline since the second week off PMO, and even now, I don't feel any urge to MO again.

Thanks to you all !