My journal

I'm 27 and have been using porn since I was 14. It hasn't held me back too much from what I want to achieve in life; however, it has made me almost totally dependent on porn to get aroused and keep an erection. I have been unable to ejaculate during the few times that I have had sex in my life and it has left me feeling very insecure afterwards.

For the last few years I have been in a stable relationship with a girl who (fortunately) isn't interested in sex, so it has been OK for me. However it has led me to seek out porn repeatedly and hasn't really been able to check my urges. I made the decision last month that I didn't want to be 'that guy who looked at porn' as I do feel shame for what I do.

I have made my first serious attempt ever to reboot last month, deleting all my porn site accounts and files, but I only made it 9 days, then 7 before relapsing. I have been on a 4 day binge since and am determined to beat this, so I've decided to make this journal. Hopefully by recording my progress here on a daily basis, it will make me more accountable and make sure I don't binge.

It is Day 0 to start with today, I have relapsed twice. Tomorrow my journey begins and i will do everything to make sure I succeed.