doubt on hard mode

Hello ! I have one question and i would like to have your opinions please,
I am on day 25 of no PMO, after too many relapses, this one is the time i am abstaining more time away from porn. I am quite proud, and i have found here with your stories a big support.
My question is that i have some friends that are quite hot, and now in the quarantine we are doing videocalls, and when i do videocalls with these friends and friends of these friends that they are also hot, i feel that i ejeculate some semen but without touching me at all. Just talking with them. Not so much semen but you know, it s kind of weird xd
so I would like to know what do u think about that, i feel comfortable talking to them but damn they are hotties in pyjamas . Idk if that issue could be delaying my reboot so... In that case i would stopping doing videocalls with them.
Im glad to hear from you guys, and i am sorry bc of my bad grammar, english is not my primary language


I would avoid video calls with hotties in pyjamas. That is badd reboot activity  :D

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I know this is a really difficult thing.  You have to do what you think is best and really stick to it.  If you feel as though you are leaking semen during these may be that your mind knows it isn't porn...but yet, they are girls on a screen, and your body treats it as porn anyway.  So, this may very well further ingrain those porn pathways.
I think you should certainly keep your emotional supports and connections during this tough time, but all the same you are probably better off using some different means of communciation.
Good luck
Thanks so much bro :) :). I cut videocalls already, bc it was making the abstinence more difficult... im on my 1 st month streak of no PMO  ;D ;D ;D As the days pass, i am feeling greater and greater!!!