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Here's another one Mr S:

Be kind to your self...you are not your addiction (or for that matter your thoughts).

Good to see you writing like this.


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Some good pearls here, Mr. S. Your words of wisdom will live on long after you've emerged victorious from this fight and will continue to inspire/help others. Do your future legacy proud and beg, borrow, and steal your way to a clean day today. Take care.

Phineas 808

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Hi, Mr. Slurps, it's nice to meet you!

I like your pearls of wisdom for beginners, that will be an awesome post someday if you compile them all together!

I wanted to encourage you that you recently went 9 days without your habit, that's awesome! Whether you lapsed or relapsed, no one can take that away from you! Don't take it away from yourself. Your next challenge (to yourself) would be, to go beyond 9 days next time, and do 10 or more...! You can do it.

Rooting for you.

Chris Oz

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mr.slurps said:
Can you guys post a good site or page for someone in my precarious position.

Well, I have one recommendation. It's a book I currently am reading. It promises 95% recovery rate. I know you'd probably scoff at this as I probably did. But just read it man. If anything it will strengthen your resolve and debug all the brainwashing porn has led you to believe.

I'm not done yet but I'm already feeling super. I haven't had even one single withdrawals pang since I started reading it... But the funny thing is while I'm reading it info get boners and stuff when I recall all the things my episodes has done to me. It's like it's rewiring my brain and massaging out all the wrong notions.

It mental stuff, but I swear it's very very helpful. And the best part of it is that the process promises instant recovery and a relatively easy approach. Just read it man that's all I'd say.

The title of the book is - The easy peasy way to quit porn, forgotten the author. You can go download it at b-ok.org

One last thing, I don't want you to put your faith in any book. Ultimately, you have to believe in yourself and trust that a higher power will reward your efforts and rid of this sickness we all have come to know.

For me, I have chosen to put my faith in God. He governs every action I take. He is my light

Remember this my friend

You are not alone, never forget that.

Also, We've all been there, so don't feel ashamed. You are not among foes but friends. We are here to push you forward and lend a helping hand when you fall.

It's not about how many times you fall but how many time you can get back up and keep pushing. Yeah, fall seven times, get back up eight; that should be your mentality.

The difference between winners and losers is that the winners decided to learn from their mistakes and add up on their experience. They keep adding and adding until one day they realize they've surpassed their former limits and struggles and are now better equipped with experiences to surpass that challenge.

Losers on the other hand, mope around and lose sight of the lesson, accepting that their loss is final.

Remember this, there no victory without effort and no effort without error.

You are a champion!

Keep pushing back