Hi, guys.

Following a topic I posted earlier, I faced another problem in my addiction : I can't exceed a psychological limit of around 10 days without porn. I would like some advices to achieve more ambitious goals. Thank you in advance.



First of all, i think you should get rid of all your internet connections, this was a main problem for me... what did i do?? closed all my social networks (except whatsapp cause i need to speak with family and friends), also dating sites...

Eliminated all my wifi connections, i only access internet in my job ... blocked my phone for internet navigation (only whatsapp as i said) ... then i do more exercise, cold showers, etc....

One key point to overcome this limit you say... it's to think ''okay, i'm living this day, and just for today, no PMO, this urge-sensation-thing will be gone, as everything bad... i know it's difficult but you can try....

with this i was able to do 113 days without PMO, but i relapsed unfortunately... no i feel stronger to achieve my goal (120 days)...

you can do it!!! cheers!


Okay there are two essential approaches for a successful reboot in my eyes.

Spiritually - Not giving up and having answers to the annoying questions along the way.

Physically -  Ways, tips and tricks for you to apply so you will have an easier time on the journey.

I will share with you some of my Spiritual knowledge and also Physical.


* You will need to keep a little journal in which you will type about your journey and your process.
* In the journal you will keep reminding yourself why you started this journey and your goals.
* You need to meditate on a daily basis (Make this a habit). Must keep the anxiety away.


* When you feel an urge , Laugh out loud.
* Flex all your muscles real hard when you're about to get an erection due to fantasizing on an urge.
* Do push-ups when urged.
* If you haven't noticed by the way I have OCD, a good physical trick that help people with OCD is doing something immediatly when an urge strikes.
{Example: Urge strikes, I pull out my harmonica and start playing, I get lost in the music, even if the urge stuck around you must keep playing and this works like magic, trust me.}

I would've also said cold showers but the friend here preceded me.

Anyways man this is just out of the top of my head if I'll remember more of those I'll come back.

Good luck mate and you got this.


What helps me deal with intense urges is changing the place, going somewhere else and doing something. Staying in the same place and trying to negotiate with the addiction has led me to failure many times. It could get tricky though when it comes to going to sleep. I am in my bed, trying to sleep, but I'm bothered by porn flashbacks, craving and urges. I can't keep going somewhere else all night and not sleeping at all. Sometimes I can't even sleep because of this shit.


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thanks guys for all the helpful posts.
i just wanted to say that i feel in a very similar situation as you OP with some kind of psychological threshold.
was wondering how are you doing until now? have you tried anything? has anything helped you?
have you got over the 10 days mark? thanks in advance for answering.
Hi Bandegave,

Since I started a journal to be assisted in my task, I have managed to exceed this threshold by reaching a new record which is 16 days without PMO. Among what I was advised, there were things I already applied and other tricks that I didn't necessarily know.
For me there were 2 primordial things which helped me to exceed this psychological threshold. The first is to focus on the day and tell yourself that you have to stop PMO at least today. Thinking about weaning over the long term always ends in relapse. Then the second is rewiring. For me the most effective way to fight against PMO. I still think back to yesterday going out with my girlfriend to shop. Impossible for me to think of porn in these moments.
Hopefully these tips will give you the strength to go beyond this limit imposed by your brain.