I am frustrated.. Trying for 3 and half years now...!

Phineas 808

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Sorry, brother!

How can you switch it up? Phone times? Internet usage? Where you place your phone at night? If obsessed about looking at something, or in a typical cycle, set a 3 or 5 minute timer?

Deeper, are there emotional issues driving this, like do you need to connect with someone or spend some alone time? Do you need to journal (like on paper), or write some feelings down?

You will do this, you will take back power and control. But always be merciful to yourself.

Do or die

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Phineas actually I am facing emotional stress, so i think because of this I am relapsing. So from today I will try my best
Day 1


It's will be more interesting to tell us how was your journey, your activities, if you were invited to PMO, how you resist from it, what are your plans for do not relapse, what about your relation, if you have some sympt?mes, if you have a question.

It's seems that 2 days is few but 2 is already the plural, and when you will and one more and one more and another, you will see that it will be more and more bigger.

Salutations !!