I am frustrated.. Trying for 3 and half years now...!


I can relate to this my brother over a year porn free but the urges were to strong so i give into it . One of the bigges mistakes of my life . Hold on we can defeat it i believe it .
wowww man you are doing soo good i have been trying from three months now and my max is 4 days guys like you give me hope!!! you are not alone in this!!

Do or die

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Day 1 started with headache and mind fog. I need to be on track again.its important for me.i don't want to lost again.

Phineas 808

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Keep swinging at this thing, Do!

It's inspiring to see you never give up!

Though you say, 'Day 2'- and it may be, but always keep in mind your bigger goals and accomplishments. It may be 'day 2', but I bet within the last year or more, it's only a lapse here or there in a sea of 100's of days of sobriety.

You got this...

Do or die

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Thanks Phineas. relapsed today also. From tomorrow I am just stopping to write days.i will check my progress in months.and from today I will completely leave this addiction.and from tomorrow I will work to restrict the porn sites

Phineas 808

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Yes, that could be a good change-up, tracking it in different ways.

I have every confidence that you will beat this thing!


That's something that I've seen happening to a lot of us, including myself: We build a good longer streak, pushing hard through the hard days, then we relapse but our willpower is depleted and we relapse again after only a few days or relapsing multiple times in a day our a few times in a few days. I've been through this a lot. It's very important to keep pushing hard when the streak gets longer because it's very difficult to restart. Mentally speaking.
Hey just a thought, apart from pointing that you are starting again from day zero what if you also take a note of total number of days you succeeded.

Keep working on it. You will get through  :)